14-Year Old Arrested for Social Media Harrassment

FFrom the Harvard Police Department:


On 04-18-17 Harvard Police received a complaint regarding harassment on social media.

As a result of the investigation on 04-19-17 at 1031 hrs, a Harvard Youth (f-14 yoa) was arrested for one count of harassment.

The Harvard Youth was also charged with two counts of Aggravated Battery and two counts of Obstructing a Peace Officer.

The Harvard Youth was petitioned to court and subsequently transported to the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center.

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Snapchat is the social media in question.


14-Year Old Arrested for Social Media Harrassment — 6 Comments

  1. Watch out Cal, Fat Jack and the DEMOCRATS may try to use
    the media harassment move on you !

  2. But stand never has a point. They just come in here to harass and harangue.

  3. Wouldn’t doubt it that camp, cindy, oldman and abe are all one in the same person posting here just using different stage names.

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