GOP Seeks Applicants to Fill Gasser Spot on County Board

Sandra Salgado

McHenry County Reublican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado asks those who wish to replace District 1 County Board member on the County Board to submit the following to her:

Resume and brief summary of political participation outlining involvement over the past four years to:

[email protected]


GOP Seeks Applicants to Fill Gasser Spot on County Board — 24 Comments

  1. Almost guaranteed to get a RINO if the notice was only sent to Precinct Committeemen.

  2. I will walk against any boardmember who supports the appointment of Bob or Anna May.

  3. I will personally lobby PCs to oust Sandy if she advances Bob or Anna May as the preferred replacement.

  4. It goes without saying that the pitchforks would come out if there would be any mention of any Millers. But, then again, our county board is made up of insouciant turnip truck louts.

  5. I get that everyone is afraid that the dead will rise again, but even the most shameless RINOs in the county wouldn’t have the gall.

    They’re self-interested cowards, and they know that if the Miller Machine can be toppled that they will get steamrolled.

  6. Is that Mike Tryon’s district?

    I am wondering because word is Pam Althoff is running for County Board next year?

    Might as well have all the former State candidates on the board.

    Bring back Barb Wheeler for that matter.

    The Republican Party is in disarray in this county.

    We shall see who the strong leaders coming forward over the next 6 months.

    Wonder if Salgado has a chance of uniting the party and if not who will it be?

  7. It’s a divided party simply because there are Republicans who run and behave true to the platform and those that don’t.

    Those that don’t may as well be democrats.

  8. Maybe Bob Miller sold the trucks because Andrew doesn’t have a CDL and can’t legally drive them.

    BTW, are you all as outraged about the nepotism in the Trump White House as you were about the Millers?

    Asking for a friend.

  9. Whackamole:

    The trucks in question do not require a CDL to operate.

    The trucks were sold in spite.

  10. Whackamole …. unlike the Miller gang, are the Trumps being paid?

  11. OldMan – You’re dodging my question by asking another one.

    Can I assume that your answer to my question is “No?”

  12. He actually answered your question, but I guess you are too stupid to understand that.

  13. Cindy takes the time to chime in. Is Alex Jones on commercial break? Got to compliment you Cindy on “insouciant turnip truck louts.” Is that original?

  14. Yes, it is whackamole. I actually talk that way. It is not an affectation of my writing. I have stated many times that I cannot stand Alex Jones. His voice makes me cringe. This does not negate the fact that he is often right about a great many things; but I do not follow him at all.

  15. The comments on April 28th at 7:12AM & 7:35AM were from another Mark.

    An agitator strategy.

  16. That’s funny, Mark; because people really liked those comments!


    We like that Mark better than this one?

  17. Anna May Miller and Terence Ference were the two Republicans defeated by Tom Wilbeck and Yvonne Barnes in the March 15, 2016 Republican primary for McHenry County Board District 1.

    Candidate – Votes – Percent of Total Vote

    Tom Wilbeck – 4,484 – 32.33%

    Yvonne Barnes – 4,370 – 31.50%

    Anna May Miller – 3,583 – 25.83%

    Terence Ferenc – 1,434 – 10.34%

  18. People in District 1 DO NOT want ANY Miller!


    Jack Franks, Sandra Salgado?

    Are you listening?


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