Judge Robert Wilbrandt Speaking to McHenry County GOP Women Saturday — 9 Comments

  1. Who is in charge of the Republican women I don’t see a Name associated with this group

  2. Is this the Geri Davis group?

    McHenry’s Best Kept Secret is all the Section 8 housing vouchers distributed in Chicago, for demographic change here. Jack Franks approves of it — so, it’s B A D!

  3. Yes it’s Geri Davis, Truth. 🙁 the female RINO Dinosaurs.

    Well at least they’re still trying.zzzz

  4. Went to this. It was a very nice event and included a great civics presentation by Judge Wilbrandt.

    Thank you for putting this together, Geri!

    This information in the presentation should be offered to schools, and to every elected official. V

    Very informative and yet entertaining.

    Thank you, again.

  5. Oh, I guess I missed it …. how unfortunate!

    Did anybody actually attend?

    What was Wil-Brandt’s “Big Secret?”

    The alternate lifestyles of so many RINO politicians?

    The County’s debt?

    Nygren’s extracurricular activities when he was the County’s top ‘lawman’?

  6. Appointed Circuit Court judges have to stand for election the first even year after their appointment.

    The elections are partisan.

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