McHenry County Government Bans McHenry County Blog from Free WiFi Internet Access

Here’s a chuckle for readers.

The image that appeared on a computer screen of a person trying to read McHenry County Blog at the complex of McHenry County buildings.  Note the lack of an apostrophe in the word “Countys.”

Those in charge of keeping dangerous information out of the eyes of county employees and visitors seem to have banned McHenry County Blog through the free WiFi offered at County buildings.

Those wishing to know why could always call 815-334-4000 and ask for extension 4828.


McHenry County Government Bans McHenry County Blog from Free WiFi Internet Access — 30 Comments

  1. Probably because of all the nudity and porn displayed here.


    A little Voltaire in the works?

  2. Uh oh.

    Another of those times I’m thinking like Cindy.

    Yes, if you had porn, they might be more interested.

  3. Can the same people get access to Capitol Fax while using County Wi-fi?

    Maybe Kevin Craver can do an expose on how the “round mound” and his minions are squelching the First Amendment?

  4. Only have that problem when I go to communist countries.

    Now I guess add the Mchenry county buildings to that list.

  5. Maybe they all should be working instead of browsing the internet?

  6. Seriously, public wifi in a public place can limit accessibility only for very limited reasons.

    Libraries tested that, and that is why they cannot filter much.

    Have you requested review of the decision and disclosure of their decisionmaking process documents?

    I’m not exactly a member of the Cal-iphate, but this is wrong.

  7. Perhaps it has something to do with computer problems and ensuing repairs that Cal had done on his computer.

    Just a thought.

  8. Maybe too many employees are online reading the blog about their elected officials.

    This is too funny.

  9. Not really so funny… No law or public entity anywhere in the United States may abrogate the Constitution.

    This clearly is a violation.

    This creates financial liability for the McHenry County Taxpayer.

    The decision making process and people involved in this process need to be discovered.

    These people are potentially both publicly liable and personally liable.

    It is a matter of established long precedent no one may absolve themselves of criminal or civil liability by stating they were “ordered” to break the Law.

    It should be interesting to see which legal minds step forward to ferret out the Law breakers and prosecute them fully for this clear and present danger to the financial, cultural, societal and legal threat to our local government.

  10. Just today in the NWH ……

    “It’s such a transparent process,” Franks said. “Everyone says they believe in [transparency], and now it’s time for them to show they believe it.”

    Is this guya bad joke or what?

  11. Censoring of speech – that’s the beginning and hallmark of FASCISM.

    But then again, this IS Illinois.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT you see today.

  12. The democrats low life weasels that they are do not want the truth about anything told to the taxpayers.

    This shows even one democrat can mess things up.


  13. Sunshine blogger, you are not a hero anymore; I consider you a martyr of low taxes and transparency. Hello? Is it you, 2018? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. When I was stuck on the grand jury a couple of years ago, we spent a lot of our down time using the WiFi to surf the internet.

    This could be something innocent such as the court not wanting jurors to have easy access to local news sources.

    It would be interesting to find out whether the NW Herald is also blocked.

    It could also be a case where they had trouble with another website and banned a whole range of ip addresses.

    There could also be a paranoid, power-mad wannabe dictator lurking somewhere in the county’s chain of command.

  15. Billy Bob? Stop trying to paper-over the new world order agenda. It’s real.

  16. I wasn’t papering over anything, I was just mentioning that there are some possible innocent explanations for MCB being blocked.

    It’s entirely possible, maybe even probable, that Jacko had this site blacklisted, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the NWO.

    They’d never let a dolt like him in on their plans.

  17. How about because there is no work related reason to access this site?

    If this was any other site- your minions would be celebrating the Forthright enforcement.

    But because it is this site- they cry foul.

    I like how your new status as a media source some how allows you to replublish the owrk of others and claim it as your own.

    Just like Star 105.5 reporting.

  18. Stop the nonsense! This is yet another attempt from big government to interfere with my freedom to read this sunshine blog whenever and wherever I want to. This sunshine blog is an example to this country, hemisphere, planet and the entire galaxy of how fair and balanced journalism is done. And my sunshine blogger? Simply a martyr of compassionate conservative values and the elimination of taxes and wasteful spending. I enjoy and rejuvenate on relevant stories about feast fights in our high schools; filthy, bad-luck cats in the company of a beautiful shotgun; everything wrapped in a mantra of libertarianism and a never-ending quest for transparency. That explains the daily phone call our sunshine tax-fighter pays to the White House demanding the immediate release of our sexual-assaulter-in-chief, tronald dump’s tax returns. (Did not forget the apostrophe). Hello? Is this 2018? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  19. Angel, your personal issues are really showing themselves today.

    Did you forget any medication you might be taking, or maybe too much of it?

    You are really giving the Educational Establishment a bad name.

  20. Inish: I do believe that we taxpayers are funding County access to the Capitol Fax blog.

    That said, why would the County block access to another blog?

  21. Yes, this indeed a serious attack on OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

    I whole hardheartedly agree with “Priest’s” comments earlier.

    I just saw a newly released youtube about a person living in Oregon fined $500.00 for criticizing red turn cameras.

    Freedom of speech is no longer free if the government can fine you for criticizing laws, or in THEIR opinion, practicing engineering in this man’s case.

    Please inform your neighbor, face to face about what is happening. Don’t forget what happened in Cambodia during Pol Pot’s regime, slowly, slowly, then it happens…then it is too late!

  22. One can submit a FOIA request for a copy of the, “McHenry County security policy,” referencing this post.

  23. So what other websites has McHenry County wifi blocked under Jack Franks?

    What websites has the county wifi not blocked under Jack Franks?

    Has the county wifi blocked the Jack Franks campaign website?

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