Sheriff Bill Prim’s Fundraiser Draws Folks from Pretty Much All Factions of GOP

Bill Prim

McHenry County Shreiff Bill Prim made it abundantly clear that he is running for re-election at a Cary Country Club funriser Thursday night.

At his gourmet event in Union last fall, I didn’t stay long enough to hear his talk.

When I asked for a copy, I was told Prim did read a specch.

So, last Thursday, I brought pen and paper to take down his words.

Prim was introduced by David Devane, the Chief Administrative Officer.

He described Prim as “modest all over..not in spots.”

Coventry Republican Precinct Committeeman Rita Heuel talked to State Senator Dan McConchie.

In the last three years, violent crime is down, the Sheriff’s budget is down and jail revenue is up.

McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio and State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally exchanged information.

Prim credited the “people who work for me” with the office’s accomplihsments.

A shot of part of the crowd.

We’ve done the things we said we would do,” he said.

Another view of those attending Bill Prim’s fundraiser.

Those included making friends with the State’s Attorney’s Office and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars through renegotiating contracts.

Those in back of the room.

When he took office, Prim said the jail was losing $3 million a year.  Now it is netting $7 million a year.

Those sitting next to the podium.

He pointed out this is General Fund money, not money spent on the Sheriff’s Department.

More attendees.

Prim re-interated that he didn’t think his political skills were his strong suit, but he pointed out, “You’ll see people who are from area.”

Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe chats with McHenry Precinct Committeeman Geri Davis.

He pointed to “the diverse group of people here that I’m proud to associate with.:

Folks in the back corner.

He briefly summarized what he considered his accomplishments, most of which I jotted down:

  • Curring staff by twenty-five
  • Creating an Internal Affairs Division
  • Creating two youth groups
  • A bronze award in the compettion for The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Democratic Party McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks expressed his support for Bill Prim’s re-election by attending Prim’s fundraiser.

He added that there were some police officers present.

Addition people supporting Bill Prim’s campaign.  Algonquin Township Trustee-elect Rachael Lawrence chats with Cary Fire Protection District Trustee Mark Guerra.

“You’re going to see some police officers here,” he added.

In conclusion, Prim said,

“I asked for your support before and I’m asking for it again.”

Plenty to talk about with potential candidates floating trial balloons. Here McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz and Mr. and Mrs. John Pletz listen.

People stuck around after Bill Prim’s speech.  At left Michelle Courier talks with Nick Provenzano, Congressman Randy Hultgren’s District man, while Assistant State’s Attorneys Dan Wilbrandt and Robert Zalud talk with newly-appointed Circuit Court Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Prim was narrowly nominated for the office in 2014, beating Undersheriff Andy Zinke by 97 votes (14,520 to 14,423).

County Board members Andrew Gasser and John Reinert talk.

In the fall Independent Jim Harrison, backed by the Democratic Party, challenged Prim. He was rebuffed 61% to 39%.

In other political news, Mark Daniel was working the crowd for support in his campaign to be named the next Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party. He was beaten by Sandra Salgado two years ago.


Sheriff Bill Prim’s Fundraiser Draws Folks from Pretty Much All Factions of GOP — 6 Comments

  1. Human flies and fleas attracted to (you know what).

    Prim the ‘Great Unifier’ ……. or Franks’ retainer?

  2. Mark Daniel still trying for chairman?

    Give it up, Dude.

    The county’s going the other way, and for good reason!

    We already have too many RINOs!

  3. Why do all these fundraiser look so cheesy.

    Cheap looking room, cheap decorations and the same politicians yak, yak, yakking.

    Stop partying and start working on cutting my taxes.

  4. Wonder how many Democrat fundraisers in McHenry County that Democrat Jack Franks will attend?

    How many Democrat fundraisers in McHenry County, other than his own, has Democrat Jack Franks attended in the past?

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