Message of the Day – A Sign

Here’s another sign I found in Galena.

It’s not really designed to be read from a car, so we pulled over so I could get a photo.

A sign welcoming folks who speak different languages.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 31 Comments

  1. As someone who speaks multiple languages, I am a firm supporter of English only signage in the U.S.

    I do ask, why include Arabic?

    Chinese is the third most spoken language – Arabic is number nine.

  2. It’s just another protest of our President’s promise to rid the Country of illegals and to prevent the arrival of terrorists.

    You can be sure that the promoter of the sign is anti=Trump.

  3. This is snowflake moral relativism shouting out to be heard.

    Where is the Kumbaya propaganda sign?

  4. In Illinois the progressives behind this assault on our national character are as follows:


    Bloomington-Normal, Il (Central Illinois)
    Local pickup form:
    Chicago, IL (western suburbs)
    Kate Sisk
    Email: [email protected]
    Quad Cities IA/IL
    Progressive Action for the Common Good (Bob Babcock)
    Email: [email protected]
    St. Charles, Il
    Andrea Krueger

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way to Europe.

    Their website (if you can stand the smell)

  5. Whyguy? We don’t need a whole lot of the crap that passes for the “let’s all get along” mentality promoted by really stupid people like The Nob. Really sick of snowflakes that can’t get along on their own but are going to teach eveyone else their “values”.

  6. Just more proof of how the Left/DEMOCRATS hate America and the traditional values
    that built and make America the EXCEPTIONAL country that it is.

  7. Explain how a sign espousing a personal opinion on who one welcomes as a neighbor became a political flashpoint.

    If this person wants to welcome folks to their home and advertise it this may be a sign ordinance violation but they are certainly free to welcome anyone they like to their home.

    Good Lord. Are we so divided as a People every little thing offends?

    If one wants to denigrate the “snowflake” culture stop being a living breathing example of a snowflake.

  8. Explain how the promotion of sanctuary cities/counties/states is NOT a
    a personal opinion or political flashpoint.

  9. Promotion of “sanctuary” districts with a suspension of Federal law in favor of local law is NOT a matter of personal opinion.

    This is a matter of long standing established Law with the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans to back it in our Civil War.

    This is clearly a political flashpoint as it is currently being used by the vastly ignorant and painfully traitorous to try to allow the continued denigration and destruction of the culture, society and law of the United States.

    My question stands.

  10. Priest? You are WAY off the rails on this one. You know very well it has nothing to do with being offended. It is about being railroaded into the agenda of these progressives that is at stake. Shame on you for the brainwashing you are espousing.

  11. Cindy honey… I tolerate your conspiracy garbage because you amuse me and others. Confine yourself to the idiotic fare you usually espouse and leave the actual conversation to those capable of real engagement. You are absolutely unhinged and are in desperate need of exposure to a world outside of TV and Internet conspiracy sites. Real people who live in society have opinion. No matter how stupid or uneducated those opinions the only hope we have as a society is to engage and educate. You do not further this end. Be amusing and unhinged but do it without attempting to hypocritically shroud yourself in Christanity, the Bible, the Law or any reasonable science as you embarrass many who now ignore your posts to avoid being angry with a person who only deserves love and pity.

  12. Priest? How dare you remonstrate me with your arrogant falderal! You are a poof on your own pedestal. How dare you try to be the know-it-all of everything! There are people that post here that have quite good opinions. Who the Hell are you to tell them that you are the ONLY high and mighty! You are a fake and a fraud. I never claimed to be a Christian (unlike you the lying Priest!) Take your holier than thou attitude and your imperious jabberwocky and put it where the sun don’t shine. No one here believes you are a priest OR an intellectual. Can’t stand a pompous fake. And you certainly are a huge fake!

  13. Of course it is a personal opinion.

    It is the personal opinion of those
    who espouse and promote the lawlessness of the Left and the disdain of and for
    this country’s borders and the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

    Anyone who agrees with this is naïve and a danger to themselves, their fellow citizens
    and the security of our country.

    It’s really a very simple concept that most intelligent
    people can understand.

  14. I remonstrate you because you are both deserving and backwards enough to prove the point with your very next comment.

    You have the right to your beliefs, comments and opinions.

    No one can or ever will take your right of expression.

    Feel free to do so but you also have the right to know attacking others opinions with proveably wrong statements and ad hominem attacks makes you the, apparently unwitting, destroyer of your own credibility.

    Soldier on sweetheart. We all appreciate you for what you are….

  15. That could be totally true Abe but when the Left can get good people to attack an individual’s right to their individual opinion the argument you espouse loses its bite.

    Don’t let one individuals right to welcome their neighbors define a national existential issue.

    They just don’t equate and it’s an intellectually dishonest trick to try.

  16. Priest? You moron! You disgust me with your honey and sweetheart.You should show a little respect for your elders and quit with the snide sugar baby, honey dearest crap. It truly shows your ignorance. Hide behind your stupid screen name. You are still a pompous fool! BTW fruitcake: nobody attacked anybody’s right to an opinion. We just showed you how stupid you all are that want to defnd pansyism and call it something good. There is no argument here. Truth is truth. You apparently can’t handle the truth; and want to disguise it as something pretty. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Smarten up.

  17. Cindy, sweetie punkin, let’s have a little conversation about “respect for elders”.

    You seem to have zero self respect, zero respect for those with differing opinions, zero respect for those who agree with you, zero respect for history/God/tradition/community or good sense and yet you wish for others to “respect their elders” in reference to you.


    The foundation of respect desired is respect given.

    You… Respect… No one….

    No one of any standing will ever offer you anything you do not offer them.

    You are abrasive, ignorant, narrow minded, filthy and unworthy of any attention so I will stop giving you any.

    Many have attempted to wake you from your fevered dreamworld of conspiracies and hate but you, predictably, resist and then go on some insane(no relationship or touchstone to anything in the real world) tangent which is embarrassing to read.

    We wish you were capable of self reflection, or even reading for comprehension when people try to help, but you are not.

    I apologize to you and all who read these comments for even engaging with your insanity as it is utter futility to make sense of your fevered insane mind.

    Be well Cindy.

  18. Nothing could be more entertaining than compassionate conservatives in a catfight. 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  19. What would we do without our sunshine blogger’s camera? I am glad, it is working fine. No cat pictures, please. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  20. My dear compassionate conservative friends: Please stop telling each other how much nonsense your commentary is. Please understand this undermines the honor and good reputation of the universally read and commented McHenry county sunshine blog. Or is it that both are right on this? Colossally ridiculous, but entertaining for sure. 2018, please do not delay. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. Priest doesn’t deserve a cookie, but he certainly needs one.

    Something has gotten his panties all in a knot.

    Must be that he just can’t handle the truth.

    Never seen him sputter and spout so much.

    Such hypocrites all you progressives are!

  22. Defendamos el multiculturalismo y el multilingüismo contra visiones retrógradas de la sociedad. Estados Unidos es cada vez más diverso y eso es muy bueno. Los pocos que se quejan son aquellos pobres seres inseguros e indefensos ante el avance arrollador de una sociedad cada vez más integrada y tolerante de diferencias culturales, sociales y religiosas. Claro está, su visión de mundo es tan estrecha que les incomoda la presencia de personas en nuestro país que provienen de diversas partes del mundo; pero la sociedad avanza y mis queridos amigos y amigas conservadores y conservadoras, pues ahí quedan en su mundo de cuatro paredes de intolerancia, odio racial e intransigencia cultural.

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