Wauconda Tax Districts Go After Lakemoor TIF Districts

Three local tax districts have taken on Tax Increment Financing Districts in Lakemoor.

Since McHenry County Blog was started in 2005 when I got angry about the Vulcan Lakes TIF District, it seems appropriate to focus attention on local tax districts smart enough to figure out that they will hurt the public at-large.

Below is a letter sent to property owners in the Wauconda School District, the Wauconda Library District and Wauconda Township:


Wauconda Tax Districts Go After Lakemoor TIF Districts — 3 Comments

  1. Using Chronic Flooding as a criteria to qualify for TIF status on land actively being farmed seems suspect.

  2. Is the Lakemoor TIF nothing than crony capitalism intended to get a Woodwards store?

    IMHO we need to put an end to all crony capitalism.

    End all TIFs, end all tax breaks for development, end Enterprise zones.

    Want to see what happens when an economy is based on crony capitalism? Look at Puerto Rico.

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