State Senate Rumor

:ast term Michele Aavang sat next to Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board.

It’s that time of year when people start thinking of running for office.

State Senator Pam Althoff has announced she will not seek another term.

This week the rumor mill produced a possible aspirant.

She is McHenry County Board member Michele Aavang.

Aavang is a policy maker for the Illinois Farm Bureau and has served as President in McHenry County.

If she has a Republican Primary opponent, cozying up to Democratic Party Chairman Jack Franks would probably be a negative,


State Senate Rumor — 16 Comments

  1. Has Althoff not been a Democrat posing as a Republican and Aavang is following in her footsteps?

    Both of them are tied at the waist to the “round mound”.

  2. Aavang may be strong in her county board district which has plenty of farmers, but she will struggle to win a senate seat with an urban population.

  3. Thank god schofield is gone she is not missed.

    Chuck, your next!

  4. Now that all her damage is done she can retire, get her pension, and let Illinois residents suffer from the result of her votes.

    Now she can eye the Couny Board and start working on making McHenry County Democrat and spending as much money as she can spend .

    Go away

  5. The Aavang’s are big Jack Franks supporters and have been for a long time.

    Best wishes the Republicans don’t put up a stooge like Gottmueller again.

  6. Either way I think you’re looking at a RINO that’s about to take a bath.

    Conservative Republicans in her district are wise to her.

  7. We don’t need any Schofield’s or Aavang’s in Springfield.

    Aavang misses meetings, or has to call in to attend; she can barely represent us at the county level.

    Not to mention Aavang rarely ever speaks up about any item or issue, and is a follower.

    We need LEADERSHIP in Springfield and McHenry County to turn things around.

  8. Ask if she supports the McSweeney bill to let us vote on property tax levies.
    The answer would be very telling.

  9. From the meeting today where hiring a lobbyist was discussed (and apparently the selection of the lobbyist was not sent through the proper committees)

    Aavang “Roskam and Hultgren a very supportive of us using lobbyists.”

    DUH lobbyists fund their campaigns!

    Franks “God bless Trump for wanting to spend 1 trillion dollars.”


    Aavang also “regrets the implication that I’m doing this in a non-transparent manner.”

    Well then maybe Aavang shouldn’t be doing things outside of committee and on the sly.

  10. Re: “Ask if she supports the McSweeney bill to let us vote on property tax levies.”

    She will likely give you whatever answer you want – after she talks it over with the “round mound” and Pam and Mike.

  11. Will the Democrats have a primary or another closed meeting where party bosses pick the candidate?

    I’m sure voters in both parties would like to have some choices.

  12. Has the time come for required loyalty oaths?

    Should people running as Republicans be required to state unequivocal support for the Republican platform?

    If they are, Aavang would have to cross her fingers behind her back when she did.

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