Jack Franks Tries to Avoid the Heavy Lifting in Budget Cutting by Forming Still Another Special Committee

The following was written by former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster:

Resolution establishing an ad hoc committee to reduce taxes by 10%

Jack Franks’ campaign sticker says he will cut property taxes by 10%.

During the campaign leading up to the 2016 general election, then candidate for County Board Chairman Jack Franks promoted “his plan to reduce county wide real estate taxes by 10%.”

At the very first County Board meeting, he said he would submit his plan.

However, under agenda item “chairman’s comments,” he reniged on his campaign promise to provide “his plan” at that meeting, instead challenging the County Board members to find ways to reduce these taxes by 10%.

Four months later, at the April 18th County Board Meeting, Andrew Gasser was lauded for having been instrumental in drafting a resolution to establish an ad hoc committee “…to reduce the aggregate total of all property taxes levied by the County of McHenry, Illinois during Fiscal Year 2018 by (10) percent), or $7,934,407, from $79,934,407 in Fiscal Year 2017 to less than $71,409,671 in Fiscal Year 2018 by abating any levy decrease back to the taxpayers; and…”

The ad hoc Committee will include:

Franks – ad hoc Committee Chairman
Mike Skala – ad hoc Committee vice chair (chair Finance & Audit)
Michele Aavang – member (chair Law & Government)
Larry Smith – member (Chair Planning, Environmental & Development)
Bob Nowak – member (chair Liquor & License)
Yvonne Barnes – member (chair Internal Support & Facilities)
John Jung – member (chair Human Resources)
Chuck Wheeler – member (chair Public Health & Community Services)
Joe Gottemoller – member (chair Transportation)
Chris Christensen – member at large
Jim Kearns – member at large
Craig Wilcox – member at large

After a great deal of discussion, most of which, at the very least, was incoherent, the vote proceeded with one lone vote in the negative.

This, despite of the fact the resolution’s attached Schedule had no comments or direction for the project.

Donna Kurtz said, “No.”

Her rationale was: “…there was no plan to achieve the goal.”

What the other members thought they were voting for is a mystery of gigantic proportions.

Also of interest was the point that no one questioned the resolution statement “…in Fiscal Year 2018 by abating any levy decrease back to the taxpayers; and…”.

It is understandable that new members would not grasp the history of tax reduction effort by previous county boards.

But, it is highly questionable as to why members who served in these positions over the last 4-5 years have forgotten that, year after year, all departments had already been pushed to the limit to reduce their budgets.

It will be interesting to see how the majority of this ad hoc committee handles any efforts to reduce the budget without hitting, head-on, the real problem.

Goals are fantastic, however, without a plan, goals can be illusive.

With the majority of this committee already having demonstrated their willingness to do the Chairman’s bidding, how will they handle this objective when employees and special interests really begin their assault on their efforts to reduce costs?

Most enthusiastic opponents will be union members as they defend their positions.

Unions, and their members who poured many thousands of dollars into the chairman’s campaign.

This could be a great side-show if it were not so serious and that it is our tax dollars at stake.


Jack Franks Tries to Avoid the Heavy Lifting in Budget Cutting by Forming Still Another Special Committee — 45 Comments

  1. The County Board does not list the ad hoc committees on the county board website.

    So how are the taxpayers supposed to learn about ad hoc committees?

    The best source is McHenry County Blog.

    But the county blocked the McHenry County Blog from county wifi (is it still blocked?).

    That recent action occurred after Jack Franks became County Board Chair.



    Under Jack Franks as County Board Chair, ad hoc committees have become more prevalent.


    Here are at least some if not all of the ad hoc committees.

    Some may be mothballed at this particular moment.

    – Committee on Committees (this has been intermittently present prior to Jack Franks).

    – Committee on Government Accessibility

    – Committee on Government Structure and Consolidation

    – Committee on Tax Reduction

    – Temporary Rules Committee.


    Ad hoc committees provide Jack Franks with more power and control over the county board legislative process.

  2. The Ad Hoc Committee on Tax Reduction meets today, May 16, 2017 at 5PM at the County Administration Building, 667 Ware Rd, Woodstock.

    The only agenda item with any notes is:

    III. New Business:

    1. Continued Discussion on Levy Reduction Ideas & Options.

  3. I can see why the county blocked this blog.

    It is not designed to impartially report the news.

    Cal is not a journalist.

    Instead it is used to publish the views and hatreds of its owner and to attempt to create sensationalism.

    Hardly impartial.

    So why shouldn’t it very blocked.

  4. Of course the tolerant left, like Doodie, only believe in free speech when the opinions match their own.

  5. There is movement on the county board to reduce property taxes, yet because of personality problems we get negative posts that under cut the process?
    Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce.

  6. Perhaps Franks has chosen to use a more collective decision making process, since he has learned that collective decisions have a better chance of moving forward.

    Cal continues to look foolish when he tries to make a good thing look bad.

    He is no journalist.

  7. If Jack issues a plan – Cal calls him a tyrant.

    If Jack works for a bipartisan solution – Cal accuses him of shirking heavy lifting.

  8. Jack did not do, what he said he would.

    That is the whole point.

    Jack said he would issue a plan on his first day in office.

    He did not do so.

    So what is Jack’s plan?

    Tell us that Moderate.

    To let other people develop a plan?

  9. Jack called it HIS plan before the election.

    Now AFTER the election Jack’s plan is to let other people develop what he called HIS plan before election?

    Jack takes ownership of a plan BEFORE the election, of a plan that he said he would release on his FIRST DAY in office.

    What day did Jack release his plan?

    Exactly what is Jack calling HIS plan?

    Now months after in office, HIS plan is to create an ad hoc committee of people HE chooses and on which HE sits, which will make recommendations to the County Board.

    Exactly what else does the Jack Franks plan consist of?

    And that’s just the County Board.

    What is HIS plan for every other property taxing district in the county to reduce their property taxes 10%?

    Jack has never taken ownership and said explicitly, here is my plan.

    Apparently the Jack Franks plan is implied by creating an ad hoc committee and using what he calls the bully pulpit….but where is that bully pulpit, bullying the other property taxing districts?

  10. “Obey the government, for God is the one who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power.” (Romans 13:1) I did not know God was a communist liberal. 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Why is Aavang on this Ad Hoc committee?

    She calls in to meetings on a regular basis.

    Are her many call-ins compliant with the Open Meetings Act?

    personal illness or disability;
    employment purposes or the business of the public body; or
    a family or other emergency.

  12. Here is the McHenry Times Article from the comment above.


    McHenry Times

    10 Percent Property Tax Cut Coming in 2018, McHenry Chairman Vows

    by Glenn Minnis

    May 15, 2017

    “Fellow council members recently joined him in his quest by approving the proposed measure in a 23-1 vote.

    Franks acknowledges that he doesn’t know all the details about how the board will go about reaching its goal, but he vows that compromise will not be frowned upon in his administration.”



    The 23-1 vote was the County Board “Resolution Setting a Goal to Reduce the 2017 McHenry County Fiscal Year Property Tax Levy by 10 Percent” taken at the Regular County Board meeting on Tuesday April 18, 2017.

    That Resolution is found in the meeting’s Agenda Packet.

    The meetings are located in the McHenry County Meeting Portal.


    The ad hoc Committee on Tax Reduction was created in the same resolution.


    As mentioned in an earlier comment, the ad hoc Committee on Tax Reduction has a meeting open to the public at 5PM today at the County Administration Building at 667 Ware Road, Woodstock.


    The 2018 budget is to be presented to the full County Board for a 30 day Public Review no later than October 17, 2017.

    How will the County address underfunded pensions, any OPEB, any bond debt, and deferred maintenance in the proposed Cut 10 budget?

    Sustainable tax cuts require full transparency of those items.

    Cutting corners in those areas are common methods of obtaining short term budget cuts that are not sustainable at current tax and service levels.

    So it is not simply a matter of what is in the budget (what they are telling you) but also what they are not telling you.

  13. Mark brings up great questions that the board as a whole will address as opposed to one person forcing a solution.


  14. How about an ad hoc committee to look into Lyin’ Jacks’ corruption …… that will take many years to unearth it all. Start with his union sleaze-handouts.

  15. This is a classic.

    Political strategy for dummies.

    During the campaign say you have a plan to cut property taxes 10% for every property taxing district in the county and will release the plan your first day in office.

    Once elected, wait 5 months to release the plan.

    After those 5 months advocate that a board resolution be passed to cut property taxes and form an ad hoc committee to work with administration to accomplish that goal.

    Be the chair of the ad hoc committee.

    The culmination will be the county administrator will, as always, present the proposed budget to the full county board.

    And why was this “plan” not released on during the campaign or on day 1?

    Was the “plan” not ready on day 1?

    But this is only 1/10th of the plan, as county property taxes are about 1/10th of a property tax bill.

    Where is the other 9/10th of the plan?

  16. The Cut 10 / ad-hoc Committee on Tax Reduction resolution passed April 18, 2017 states how those items work within the budget process.

    What is the aversion to posting the final FY 2017 Budget (only the draft budget is posted)?

    And in addition the taxpayers deserve a summary of changes between the draft and final final budget.

    Final final budget is not a typo.

    The final budget has already been revised and that revision is being called the final final budget.

    Neither the final budget nor the final final budget have been posted.

    Will there be a final final final budget?

  17. What is surprise another lie from Jack Frank’s!

    Very typical say whatever it takes to get elected and then do nothing

  18. AFTER the board passed the resolution to Cut 10 & form the ad-hoc Committee on Tax Reduction, THEN the Jack Franks cheerleader states that:

    – underfunded pensions,

    – OPEB,

    – bond debt,

    – deferred maintenance

    are issues the board as a whole will address.


    During the campaign there was no mention the Cut 10 plan was to let a board committee and the administration figure out how to have sustainable finances and cut 10 for the county.

    In terms of the county property taxing district, cut 10 is cut 1.

    The math works like this.

    100% (overall property taxes) x 10% (county only) = 10% (county portion of overall property taxes).

    10% (county only ) x 10% (10% reduction of county property taxes) = 1%

    Where is the plan to Cut 9 (the other 9% that was promised in Cut 10).

    That math works like this.

    10% cut in overall property taxes – 1% cut in county property taxes = 9% cut in property taxes other than the county.

    The only apparent plan to Cut 9 to date is to to use the county board chair as a bully pulpit.

    And how much have we seen that Jack Franks bully pulpit used on all the other property taxing districts in McHenry County (school districts, cities, villages, park districts, library districts, etc.)?

  19. I glad to see Republicans and Democrats work together to being property tax relief for citizens of McHenry County.

    I’m not concenrned if it comes from a Republican or a Democrat. I just care if it will come – period.

    It’s pretty sad to see someone like Donna Kurtz got against cutting taxes. I think MANY voters should question her loyalties

  20. I’ll believe in Cut 10 when it actually happens.

    Until then, it’s political pandering.

  21. The Jack Franks supporter cares about what promotes Jack Franks.


    Pay attention to organized labor during the levy reduction process and Jack Franks’ tenure with the county.

    Labor unions have contributed over $1 million dollar to Jack Franks political action committees (PACs).

    Another new labor union local was certified in McHenry County government on December 9, 2016.

    The employer is the Chief Judge of the 22nd Judicial Circuit (McHenry County Probation and Court Services) covering 40 consisting of:

    – Administrative Specialist III

    – Legal Administrative Specialist

    – Probation Officer I

    – Probation Officer II

    – Probation Officer III.

    The labor union is the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 31 (AFSCME 31).

    The Illinois Labor Relations Number case number is S-RC-17-020.


    The resulting collective bargaining agreement will almost certainly result in hiked costs for McHenry County Probation and Court Services.

  22. Another example of organized labor in McHenry County.

    The successor agreement between Valley Hi Nurses (a component of county government) and the SEIU Local 73 labor union which expired on November 30, 2015 was approved by the county board on February 21, 2017.

    The new 4 year agreement covers December 1, 2015 – November 30, 2019.

    The total cost increase over 4 years is $348,310.09.

    The board approved the Cut 10 / ad-hoc Committee on Tax Reduction on April 18, 2017.

    The only way the county can renegotiate that $348,310 hike, is if the labor union agrees to re-open the collective bargaining agreement, which is doubtful.

  23. Here are the thirteen labor unions present in the county unit of government.

    An attempt to form a bargaining unit in the Recorders office failed; unsure of the current status.


    Unit of Government – Labor Union – Department in Government – labor agreement expiration date

    Conservation District – FOP – Conservation District Police – March 31, 2017

    Conservation District – IUOE Local 150 – Land & Facilities – March 31, 2017

    County – AFSCME Council 31 – Probation & Court Services – new unit, agreement being negotiated

    County – FOP Unit 1 – Deputies in Sheriff’s Office – November 30, 2018

    County – FOP Unit 2 – Corrections – November 30, 2018

    County – FOP Unit 3 – Civilians in Sheriff’s Office – November 30, 2018

    County – IUOE Local 150 – Division of Transportation – June 30, 2018

    County – IUOE Local 150 – Building Department / Facilities Management – November 30, 2018

    County – MAP Chapter 15 – Circuit Clerk Office Employees – November 30, 2018

    County – SEIU Local 73 – Animal Control & Kennel Techs – November 30, 2018

    County – SEIU Local 73 – Coroners Office – November 30, 2018

    County – SEIU Local 73 – Valley Hi Nurses (RN & LPN) – November 30, 2019

    County – SEIU Local 73 – Valley Hi Support Staff – November 30, 2019


    Most of the collective bargaining agreements expire after the FY 2018 budget is to be presented by the County Administrator to the County Board for a 30 day Public Review no later than October 17, 2017.

    The collective bargaining negotiations can last years, with negotiations complete any time prior to the expiration of the current agreement until a few years or more later.

    So after Cut 10 for the FY 2018 levy, holding the line in FY 2019, FY 2020, & FY 2021 budgets will be more challenging (the county fiscal year is December 1 through November 30 and the Conservation District – a component unit of the county – fiscal year is April 1 through March 31st).

    So what will be the solution if Jack Franks stays for the full 4 year term as County Board Chair, through December of 2020?

    Sell Valley Hi?

    Drag out collective bargaining negotiations for years?

    Depart prior to the completion of his 4 year term to another endeavor?

    A progressive state income tax hike is passed with increased throughs to local, allowing local to hold the line on property taxes?

    Lots of options.


  24. Labor unions are good for this country. Thank God Almighty for labor unions. 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock..

  25. Political pandering works and always will.
    Those that want a lower property tax shouldn’t be fighting this for political nonsense reasons.
    There is also legislation to allow us to vote on tax levies.
    We should support that big time.

  26. Any form of power can be abused and in Illinois a combination of Federal laws, state legislation, local policy, US and state constitutions, and opaque transparency regarding labor unions has resulted in big problems.

    It is not a matter if labor unions are good or bad.

    The issue is does the result of the above items result in a level playing field between labor, management, and taxpayers.

    In many cases labor and management are in cahoots in Illinois, with board members uninformed, misled, or also in cahoots.

    Of course Mr. Llavona is a proponent of the current system.

    Where else can an English as Second Language (ESL) teacher can earn $132,635 in his 22nd year teaching in 2016, and this years compensation is even higher.

    If he works a full career of 35 years of service, what will be the resulting ending salary and beginning pension?

    The starting pension will be well over $100,000.

    Years of service includes unused sick days exchanged for years of service credit, and in Illinois that can be up to 340 sick days for 2 years of service credit.

    Just as Bob Miller could be the rallying cry for Township reform, Angel Llavona could the rallying cry for teacher pay and pension reform in Illinois.

    Unless Maine Township High School District (Maine West, Maine East, Maine South) has merit pay, which is doubtful, the highest rated and lowest rated teachers working the equivalent years and achieving equivalent college credits and performing the same stipend duties receives the same pay in that near north suburban school district covering areas of Des Plaines & Park Ridge … has nothing to do with quality of the educational service delivered or educational outcomes of the students receiving the services.

  27. Here’s a thought to illustrate a point (it is not a proposal, would never work for various reasons).

    What if it were possible to catch all the Illinois bound Hispanic / Spanish speaking illegal immigrant children and their families before they entered the United States.

    Let’s take the Mexico border for example.

    In Mexico, the State of Illinois pays Mexican wages to teach the children to speak English.

    The families of the children receiving the services do not have to pay for the services.

    Wonder how much money that would save.

    What is the cost to pay a Mexican for such services, compared to Mr. Llavona?

    Remember to include pension contributions from the local school district and state, current benefits, retiree healthcare, workers compensation and overhead and building costs.

    How many Mexican ESL teachers can we hire for one Mr. Llavona?

    How many ESL teachers are in Illinois teaching such students to speak English?

    Maybe the savings would be big enough, we could teach whole family to speak English, not just the children.

    The point being, in collective bargaining, ESL teachers are not compared to Indiana ESL teachers, Mexico ESL teachers, or even ESL teachers in smaller districts in Illinois.

    ESL teachers are compared to ESL teachers in benchmark / similar districts.

    So one district hikes their salary, and they just keep using for each other as benchmarks, it’s as if they are in a little niche vacuum, and salaries go up and up and up (in particular in the Chicago area), which drives up the pension.

    The current overall compensation system in many Chicago area school districts is out of control and will be reigned in one way or another sooner or later.

    Unless people just stay put and settle for higher and higher taxes.

  28. Maine Township High School District does have merit pay…for the Superintendent.

    At least they call it merit pay.

    It’s not really merit pay.

    It is merit pay in name only (it’s almost impossible not to achieve the goals that were reported in the Daily Herald).

    Superintendents seem to almost always achieve what is necessary to receive a merit bonus.

    Based on Open the Books pensionable income records for the Superintendent, that $50,000 merit bonus is pensionable income (is included as pensionable earnings when determining starting pension).

    The Daily Herald article stated his base salary was $210,000.

    2014 – $257,978

    2015 – $260,000


    Daily Herald

    District 207 Superintendent gets $50,000 merit bonus

    July 5, 2016

    “Among Wallace’s goals the board said he met: conduct a school day class schedule review and make a recommendation on a possible bell schedule, and develop a plan to lower student fees by at least 5 percent on average.”



    Sounds like a waste of $50,000.

    Notice the achievement words:


    “make a recommendation”

    “develop a plan”

    That should be part of ones normal job duties, it is hardly performance driven.

    What’s he going to do, find another school district to pay him $260,000 if the board doesn’t approve that $50,000 merit bonus option in his Superintendent contract?

  29. More on the merit bonus of the Maine Twp HSD 207 Superintendent.

    Maine Twp HSD 207 is the same school district in which commenter Mr. Angel Llavona is employed.

    It is a very well paying school district.

    Will be interesting to see the starting pensions of Mr. Llavona and Mr. Wallace.

    The pension system to which they contribute, TRS, is currently about 40% funded.

    Meaning state taxpayers right now owe 60 cents for every 40 cents in the fund.


    Daily Herald

    Dist. 207 Superintendent Gets a One-Year Contract Extension

    July 22, 2015

    by Christopher Placek

    “Maine Township High School District 207 Superintendent Ken Wallace has received a one-year contract extension that will keep him in his job through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

    “Wallace is now eligible for a maximum of $50,000 of additional merit pay per year on top of his base salary if he meets performance goals established in the contract.

    That amount increases $1,000 per year.”

    “Wallace gets 22 vacation days and 12 sick days every year, as well as a $700 automobile expense reimbursement stipend.”


  30. Nice journalism Cal!

    This committee was formed more than a month ago and has met four times, so thanks for providing us with an untimely and uninformed view.

    You’re a credit to the taxpayers funding your pension

  31. Cal writes the blog post and then sets a delayed timer to the post.

    He probably has 3-4 “stories” in the pipeline now that has zero relevance to the contemporary narrative.

  32. I Bet Cal has several stage names as well and comments in alias names.

  33. Summary of the county board process to introduce and pass the:

    “Resolution Setting a Goal to Reduce the 2017 McHenry County Fiscal Year Property Tax Levy by 10 Percent”

    which includes the creation of the

    “ad-hoc Committee on Tax Reduction.”


    McHenry County

    Committee of the Whole Meeting

    March 16, 2016

    The resolution was first introduced at this meeting.

    A copy of the resolution was not included in the Agenda Packet or Minutes Packet.

    The resolution was not an agenda item.

    Mention of a resolution in the minutes packet was limited to:

    “Mr. Gasser leads discussion stating this resolution is not perfect yet and is open to discussion.”

    Mr. Gasser gives some of the highlights and states the support of the resolution and there are dates that hold the County Government responsible.

    Ms. Aavang requests Mr. Austin to speak on the resolution.”


    The Agenda Item under which the topic was covered was:

    “Agenda Item 6. New Business”

    “2. Discussion of Ideas/Methods to Reduce Taxpayers’ Property Tax Burden to the McHenry County
    Government in Fiscal Year 2018.”


    The discussion of the above items is located at the following points of the Audio of the meeting found on the McHenry County Meeting Portal:



    Mr. Skala provides a good overview of issues involved in cutting county taxes in the latter time slot.


    Northwest Herald

    March 18, 2017

    Jack Franks wants McHenry County to Reduce Property Tax Levy by 10 Percent

    by Brett Rowland

    “Franks is proposing an ad-hoc Committee on Tax Reduction work with County Administrator Peter Austin to put together a series of proposals by June 30 to make the levy reduction possible, according to a draft resolution discussed Thursday at a Committee of the Whole meeting.”

    “The draft resolution will next go to the Finance and Audit Committee on April 6 before heading to the full board for approval.”



    The board agenda / agenda packets / minutes / minutes packet / audio did not mention the ad-hoc Committee on Tax Reduction by name?

    Or the June 30th date?

  34. Correction, the date of the Committee of the Whole meeting was March 16, 2017.

  35. McHenry County

    Finance & Audit Committee meeting

    April 6, 2017

    At the meeting, “Routine Consent Agenda” Item 13 was pulled and placed on the “Items Removed from the Consent Agenda.”

    “Resolution to Reduce the McHenry County Fiscal Year 2018 Budget and Property Tax Levy by 10 Percent.”

    Unlike the March 16, 2017 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Resolution document was included in the Agenda Packet.

    Audio is available for this meeting in the McHenry County Meeting Portal.


    Northwest Herald

    April 11, 2017

    Resolution to Cut McHenry County Board Levy by 10 Percent Makes Progress

    By Kevin Craver

    “The McHenry County Board this month is taking up a resolution to cut the county tax levy by at least 10 percent next year.

    The resolution going before the County Board was watered down somewhat last week by its Finance and Audit Committee in that it sets the 10 percent cut as a goal rather than an absolute.”


  36. McHenry County

    Regular County Board meeting

    Tuesday April 18, 2017 at 8 PM

    Administration Building, 667 Ware Rd, Woodstock

    On the Routine Consent Agenda under Finance & Audit was:

    12. Resolution Setting a Goal to Reduce the 2017 McHenry County Fiscal Year Property Tax Levy by 10 Percent.

    The minutes and minutes packet has not been posted, so not sure if the item was pulled from the Routine Consent Agenda and placed on the Items Removed From the Routine Consent Agenda for discussion.

    Audio for this meeting is available on the McHenry County Meeting Portal.


    Northwest Herald

    McHenry County Board Approves Plan to Cut Levy by 10 Percent

    by Kevin Craver

    Thursday April 20, 2017

    “The McHenry County Board has approved a pledge to taxpayers to cut its tax levy starting next year by at least 10 percent.

    In a 23-1 vote Tuesday, board members set a goal of cutting at least $7.9 million in taxation, based on its $79.3 million tax levy for this year.

    It also creates an ad hoc Committee on Tax Reduction, comprised of just less than half of the entire board, to develop ways to meet the goal by the end of June.”


  37. McHenry County

    Ad Hoc Committee on Tax Reduction meeting

    Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 10AM

    – Agenda, agenda packet, and audio are on the McHenry County meeting portal website.


    McHenry County

    Ad Hoc Committee on Tax Reduction meeting

    Tuesday May 9, 2017 at 9AM

    – audio is on the McHenry County Meeting portal website.


    McHenry County

    Ad Hoc Committee on Tax Reduction meeting

    Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 5PM

    – Agenda, and the agenda packet is on the McHenry County Meeting portal website.

    Presumably the audio will be added soon.


    As of right now another Ad hoc Committee on Tax Reduction is not scheduled in the McHenry County Meeting portal.

    The Ad hoc Committee on Tax Reduction has met three times.

  38. The suspense is over.

    The Jack Franks plan to cut the county property tax levy 10% (Cut 10) was for the county board to pass a resolution to:

    – cut the property tax levy 10% and

    – create a committee on cutting property taxes.


    For a $10,000 property tax bill, County Cut 10 would result in an approximate $100 savings, reducing the bill to $9,900.

    That’s because the county is about 10% of the overall tax bill.

    (100% x 10%) x 10% = 1%.


    (100 x .10) x .1 = 1


    The county board passed the resolution on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

  39. “Labor unions are good for this country. Thank God Almighty for labor unions” ???? Are you for real?
    They are the reason IL is broke!


  40. The state is broke because legislators, mediators, and judges like to buy votes with tax $$$$$ and can’t say no.

  41. …. to labor unions who exert political pressure on them.

    Because the labor unions are often influential in getting them elected or appointed.

    Labor unions are not the only ones in on this game.

    But they are they are the most powerful special interest group in Illinois politics.

    Obviously there are exceptions.

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