Franks Enters Republican Politics More Overtly Than Attending GOP Fund Raisers

At Sheriff Bill Prim’s fundraiser, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and Algonquin Township Road Commissioner-elect Andrew Gasser had a long talk in the back corner.

Based upon his position as McHenry County Board Chairman, Democrat Jack Franks has the statutory authority to nominate a replacement for recently-resigned Republican County Board member Andrew Gasser.

Gasser resigned to devote his efforts to his new position as Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

State law says Gasser must be replaced by a Republican.

After Gasser’s announcement, McHenry County Republican County Chairman Sandra Salgado asked those interested in the District 1 County Board sent to [email protected]

(For more information, see “GOP Seeks Applicants to Fill Gasser Spot on County Board.”)

Jack Franks at Bill Prim’s Union, Illinois, fundraiser last fall.

Now, Franks is asking applicants to send resumes and cover letters to

Franks has long attended Republican fundraisers of selected Republicans, e.g., Bob and Anna May Miller’s wine and cheese parties and this election cycle’s Bill Prim events.

Republican elected officials have reciprocated, as one can see from this article about his 2013 fundraiser “Host Committee.” 

Now Franks has the chance to nominate the man Gasser defeated for Road Commissioner, Bob Miller to the County Board.

Gasser also played a significant role in defeating Miller’s wife, Anna May Miller, in her bid for re-election.

However, County Board members must ratify any appointment that Franks makes.

There are twenty-three Republicans and one Democrat on the Board.


Franks Enters Republican Politics More Overtly Than Attending GOP Fund Raisers — 8 Comments

  1. Did Sandra’s search produce any Rep names for Jack’s consideration?

  2. How’s the Fat Man in the Bathtub doing on the fifth day in office??
    Anymore Firings?
    Anymore Lawsuits?
    Now that he’s fired his foremen, how does he plan on supervising his scheduled projects that were planned to begin Next Week??
    Again, ClueLess In Cary!!

  3. Any County Board member that ran as a Republican will determine who is and who is not a true Republican.

    Honest Republicans do not serve on Democrat Host committees.

    Miller has supported Democrats for years!

    Why did Bobby hire Chirikos?

    Readers should go to the link Cal provided above and refresh their memory –

    How long before Andrew reduces the Road Commission staff below 10 and requests decertification?

  4. Stand4truth, I’d stick to worrying about your job and your race.

    Funny, You came to mind just as soon as I began to read the title of this article “Franks Enters Republican”.

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