Local 150’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement” with Algonquin Township’s Road District – Pages 1-3

Thought readers might be interested in the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” that outgoing Algonquin Township Road Commissioner signed with Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

I’ll run a couple of pages a day.

The comments should be interesting.


Local 150’s “Collective Bargaining Agreement” with Algonquin Township’s Road District – Pages 1-3 — 27 Comments

  1. Board has no power over it and no right approve it. Tough darts, suckered, feeling screwed yet?

  2. Have never seen a collective bargaining agreement from a local unit of government that was not approved by a board.

    What is the claim, because it is the Road District, the Township board does not have to approve the agreement?

  3. Township Boards have no authority over the Highway Commission.

    Their only statutory responsibility is to pass the Highway Commissioner’s Budget through a “hearing process” Township Trustees have limited powers and cannot be compared to Village Trustees.

  4. ‘Public body includes all legislative, executive,
    administrative or advisory bodies of the state, counties, townships, cities, villages, incorporated
    towns, school districts and all other municipal corporations, boards, bureaus, committees or
    commissions of this state, and any subsidiary bodies of any of the foregoing including but not limited
    to committees and subcommittees which are supported in whole or in part by tax revenue, or which
    expend tax revenue, except the General Assembly and committees or commissions thereof.”

  5. Here ye hear ye the proclamation that is set forth will be why gasbag pays using Algonquin taxpayer money for his irrational decisions.

    The lawsuit is already under way bend over Algonquin.

    Thanks gasbag for raising my taxes

    3702 U.S. HIGHWAY 14, CRYSTAL LAKE, IL 60014-8204
    7:00 PM – Call the regular meeting to order:
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    Roll Call:
    Approve minutes: Monthly Meeting – April 12, 2017
    Audit of bills and treasurer’s report: Town Fund
    General Assistance
    Road & Bridge Fund
    Equipment & Building Fund
    Public Comments: Speakers are welcome to address th
    e Board for 3 minutes.
    Reports from: Supervisor
    Highway Commissioner
    Old Business:
    New Business:
    Adopt Resolution appointing FOIA officers for the S
    upervisor’s Office
    Polly Crandall #772 Questers of Crystal Lake reques
    t for funding for Lake Cemetery Maintenance
    Adopt a Resolution Relating to Participation by Ele
    cted Officials in the Illinois Municipal Retirement
    Fund as required by the IMRF Board of Directors new
    rule/resolution 2017-02-13.
    Adjourn to Executive Session
    Any other business to come before the Board.
    Adjourn the Meeting.
    Posted 5/5/17

  7. Oh it sure does, another new highway commissioner knowing nothing about the job starting off with a lawsuit.

    We’ll see if he can beat Iron Mike’s record.

  8. All of you nay sayers were quite happy to bend over during the reign of the entitled family. Do you still think they are such a wonderful family? The blind are never thankful for those that have ended their enslavement. They just kvetch and moan.

  9. The rd. Comm. seems to be included in agenda of township.

    doesn’t that imply OMA compliance requirements apply to him as well?

    disclosure of material events prior to public meetings?

  10. We’ll probably bend over again if/when Jack Franks puts Miller on the County board as our District 1 seat.

    The people voted OUT both Millers!

  11. There definitely was not enough transparency to taxpayers in the collective bargaining approval process.

    Whether it was legal or not we’ll see.


    The Algonquin Township Road District (Algonquin Township Highway Department) website has changed in the last few days.

    Only the “Contact Us” tab remains.

    There were previously also tabs for:

    – About Us

    – Department Service

    – Recycling Center

    – Township Roads

    – Private Roads

    – Calendar

    – Links


    Was eliminating the other tabs on the Algonquin Township Road District website a Bob Miller or Andrew Gasser decision?


    Some Township Road Districts have been abolished and the functions merged into the Township or another Road District.

    Some Townships never had a separate Road District as a property taxing district.

    Some Townships and Township Road Districts never had an elected Road Commissioner.

  12. Sounds like an OMA violation if the agreement was done without notice.

  13. The claim seems to be there is no legal requirement for the agreement to be submitted to the board.

    There are some unique aspects of the Road District.

    The Road District is a separate entity from the Township, the Road District has its own levy and extension, the Road District does not have a Board, and the Highway Commissioner is voter elected.

    So, the agreement was apparently never presented to the Township Board?

    The agreement was apparently approved by Bob Miller and no one else?

  14. Which Miller?……..

    I predicted Jacko would pick Anna May way back when Gasbag beat Boobie.

  15. Jack picks either Anna May or Bob Miller the Board had better reject the appointment.

  16. Gass Bags isn’t Half the Man Bob Miller Is!
    Suck it Up You uninformed Voters of McHenry County!!
    Suck It Up!
    Thanks Sandy Salgado You Rino Republican For Jack Franks!

  17. Who was on the labor negotiating team for the collective bargaining agreement at the Algonquin Township Road District?

    Who was on the management negotiating team for the collective bargaining agreement at the Algonquin Township Road District.

    That information is subject to FOIA.

  18. Stand4Truth, so now we’re to believe that YOU are the measuring stick for men in county govt?

    Makes your ‘suck it up’ comment appropo.

    And totally ironic, you blame Sandy Salgado for Franks when you seem pretty happy that we’re stuck with that destructive Madigan Moron, judging by your coziness with him and the fact that you don’t display Republican values!

  19. There was no table of contents included in the collective bargaining agreement?

  20. Section 1.1 Recognition.

    There is no sentence stating that all other employees are excluded from the bargaining unit.

    That is commonly located in collective bargaining agreements.

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