Barb Wheeler Has Pam Althoff Bill to Prevent Weighted Voting in Party Caucuses on House Floor

After signing in, folks milled around before the McHenry Township Caucus began.

State Rep. Barb Wheeler is sponsoring State Senator Pam Althoff’s Senate Bill 666 in the Illinois House.

It would lessen the power of political parties to make rules with regard to voting in party caucuses.

Today, she pulled in back from final consideration after seemingly not being able to answer questions satisfactorily.

Undoubtedly stimulated by the weighted voting used by Republican Precinct Committeemen in the McHenry Township GOP Caucus, the bill would require that each person attending a caucus have one vote.

McHenry Township Republicans gave elected Precinct Committeemen the number of votes cast in their precincts, minus those constituents attending.

Non-Precinct Committeeman received one vote.

Althoff’s allies did not win the caucus, but, his Township Supervisor and Highway Commissioner favorites won the General Election running as Independents.

If you are interested in the primary election option exercised by Algonquin and Nunda Township Republicans this year, you can find the background here.

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In my freshman year in the Illinois House, I sponsored House Bill 666.

It required members of Boards of (assessment) review to pass a test showing they knew something about the process.

On a lark, I took it one year and got about a 90% grade.


Barb Wheeler Has Pam Althoff Bill to Prevent Weighted Voting in Party Caucuses on House Floor — 14 Comments

  1. Regarding Boards of Review passing a test. someone listened.

    They do have to attend a course and pass a test developed by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

  2. McHenry Township

    February 28, 2017 Primary Election

    No primary election was held for McHenry Township Republicans.

    Instead a caucus meeting occurred, in which reform Republicans surprised incumbent Republicans with a “weighted voting” maneuver described in the article.

    The result was reform Republicans were listed as Republicans, and the incumbent Republicans were listed as Independents, on the April 4, 2017 consolidated election ballot.

    The consolidated election in odd number years is the equivalent of the general election in event number years, i.e., it is traditionally Republicans v Democrats.


    April 4, 2017 Consolidated Election


    Steve Verr – Republican – 3,385 votes – 49.37%

    Craig Adams – Independent – 3,471 votes – 50.63%



    Dan Aylward – Republican – 3,281 votes – 48.19%

    Judith Gottlieb – Democrat – 1,547 votes – 24.19%

    Marsh Nelson – Independent – 1,881 votes – 27.63%



    Mary Mahady – Democrat – 4,835 votes – 100%


    Highway Commissioner for Township Road District

    Steve Koerber – Republican – 3,364 votes – 48.99%

    James Condon – Independent – 3,503 votes – 51.01%


    Trustee (Top 4 prevail)

    Bob Anderson – Republican – 3,152 votes – 12.07%

    Mike Rakestraw – Republican – 2,949 votes – 11.29%

    Bill Cunningham – Republican – 3,116 votes – 11.93%

    Stan Wojewski – Republicans – 2,895 votes – 11.09%

    Mary Ellen Shine – Democrat – 1,659 votes – 6.35%

    Sue Miller – Democrat – 2,019 votes – 7.73%

    Robert Beltran – Democrats – 1,372 votes – 5.25%

    Luis Eric Aguilar – Democrat – 1,361 votes – 5.21%

    Neal Schepler – Independent – 1,575 votes – 6.03%

    Gary Barla – Independent – 1,679 votes – 6.43%

    Craig Wallace – Independent – 1,957 votes – 7.49%

    Sue Draffkorn – Independent – 2,377 votes – 9.10%



    Republicans (reform Republicans): Clerk, (4) Trustees

    Independents (incumbent Republicans): Supervisor, Highway Commissioner

    Democrats: Assessor



    McHenry County > County Government > Departments A – I > County Clerk > Elections > Elections Canvass Reports > Consolidated Election Summary Report 04/04/2017 [PDF]


    McHenry Township is 1 of 17 townships in McHenry County.


    The section of the McHenry County website devoted to Townships erroneously lists Leon Van Every as the Highway Commissioner for the McHenry Township Road District.

    The McHenry Township website lists James Condon as the Highway Commissioner.

  3. Legislators in Springfield have successfully ‘neutered’ the annual Township town meeting with various changes to Township law – now they want to neuter the position of committeeman!

    Recruiting committeemen is already a challenge – removal of the OPTION to use weighted votes at the caucus will make the challenge of recruiting committeeman even more difficult.

    Fix the damn pension laws!

    Fix the budget!

    Fix Workman’s compensation laws!

    Fix the Prevailing wage fiasco!

    Thank the Lord Althoff is moving on!

    Does Wheeler need to go also?

  4. At the McHenry Township caucus, the RULES as determined by the Central Committee were given – a motion from the floor to change the rules by removing the weighted vote was DEFEATED – THAT ACTION WAS ONE PERSON – ONE VOTE!

    We do not need Springfield screwing with the Caucus rules!!!

  5. Pam ran unopposed, problems Houston!
    No true Conservatives in that district?

  6. Since when is stifiling the opinion of Republican electors a conservative value?

    What happened in McHenry Township was a horror show.

    Hey Republican voters… F U… Signed The Republican Party.

  7. How can the government dictate to private political parties how they operate?

    What’s the point iof parties anymore?

    Why should anyone bother to run as a precinct committeeman?

    Why is Wheeler doing Spam Althoff’s bidding?

  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    Message to Wheeler and her master Althoff:

    The caucus saved over $38K.

    The stupid changes they promote could doom the GOP bc democrats and other libtards can simply flood a caucus.

    Caucuses aren’t general elections they are purely party matters …. didn’t the mooks think about that???

    GonnieGooGoo=Jim Condon, Township do-nothing and scarcely-seen TOI-vampire

  9. Ricky- so you believe that we should caucus for county board, county officers, state and federal offices too and take the voters out of it?

  10. Old man- the $38K in savings is legit.

    This law doesn’t do a anything to outlaw a cuacus as an alternate to a primary for Township elections.

    The ‘Libtards’ (thanks for making us all seem stupider) could flood the caucus but only if they went to great lengths to establish themselves as Republicans per the law…

    But there isn’t any reason they couldn’t flood a primary either so your argument.

    As to Wheeler being subservient to Although… get real.

  11. What a goofed up system.

    It’s sad that McHenry Township GOP had no qualms about giving ordinary people a single vote and PC a weighted vote.

    How much more crooked can you be than letting some people vote once and others vote hundreds of times?

    It’s also sad that people who introduce bills don’t do a little bit of research so they can answer questions satisfactorily.

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