Algonquin Township Recycling This Saturday, Minus Exotics

Recycling of common items, e.g., paper, cardboard, aluminum, etc., continues on a daily basis.

Recycling continues at Algonquin Township on a daily basis.

The last Saturday of the month recycling of special items like paint, televisions, other electronics, batteries, etc., will no be accepted this Saturday.

“There was nothing left in writing concerning the recycling of these special items,” newly-sworn-in Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser said.

“We are also working to make it safer so people are not lined up waiting on Route 14.”


Algonquin Township Recycling This Saturday, Minus Exotics — 4 Comments

  1. Nothing left in writing… Except a union contract to protect two people and put a thumb in the eye of every taxpayer in Algonquin Township.

  2. And I hear one of the newly elected Trustees (Melissa Victor) is passing around false information all over FB that the recycling program has been canceled permanently.

    Spreading mis-information should be punishable, and you should not trust a word she says.

    Hopefully a one termer.

  3. Melissa and the new clerk and her frg police chief hubby are passing fake info

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