Huntley Fire Protection District May Have Hot Meeting Tonight

Making sprinklers mandatory in homes first popped up around here in the Barrington area.

Tonight at 5:30 there will be a discussion of the subject at the Huntley Fire Protection District meeting.

Huntley Fire Protection District Annex Building.

It will be held the Annex Building, 11118 Main Street,

Willow Hill lot owner Chuck Harding will address the Board on the subject of mandating sprinklers.


Huntley Fire Protection District May Have Hot Meeting Tonight — 2 Comments

  1. Word is (from an interested party) that the good folks at the fire protection district postponed the discussion.

    More troubling is the report that one of the good folks said “we’ll talk about this later”.

    Let’s all hope this means at a public meeting.

    There’s enough of the other kind of of conversation to make even a Chicago Democrat blush.

  2. Would this ordnance (if passed) be retro-active, or for new construction ?

    How many home fires are there in Huntley each year ?

    How many lives are lost due to house fires each year ?

    How will this affect my homeowners insurance ?

    Most homes built in the past 20 years or so already have sprinklers over the furnaces/hot water heaters, isn’t that enough ?

    Who’s friends will be getting the “kickbacks” if residents are forced to retrofit their homes ?

    Will the HPD conduct surprise inspections and issue citations/fines if the home is not so equipped ?

    Will the home owners be allowed to sell their home if it does not comply with ordinance ?

    Will fire extinguishers and inspections be made mandatory ?
    So many questions, so little time.

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