Rauner Says No Income Tax Hike Without Property Tax Freeze

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner, written before the Senate vote.

Governor: Any budget agreement must include property tax relief 

Calls for real property tax relief as part of budget negotiations 

As Senate Democrats prepare to vote on a bill to permanently increase income taxes, Governor Bruce Rauner today announced in a video on his Facebook page that he will not sign off on any budget agreement that increases taxes without real property tax relief.

“The biggest issue that now stands in the way of us reaching an agreement is resistance to freezing your property taxes, and giving you the ability to control whether your property taxes go up or down in the future,” Governor Rauner said. “We will always stand on the side of taxpayers and homeowners and make sure we get an agreement that is fair to you.”

Property taxes have emerged as the biggest issue in negotiating a balanced budget.

Property taxes in Illinois are the highest in the country, and the Governor has long advocated for a freeze to provide homeowners relief. He believes if state lawmakers are going to ask for more in income taxes, then homeowners deserve relief from rising property taxes. In January, the House of Representatives passed a property tax freeze that granted local voters the ability to control increasing or decreasing their property taxes.


Rauner Says No Income Tax Hike Without Property Tax Freeze — 7 Comments

  1. When is Rauner and lawmakers going to get it….

    Property Taxes are NOT a Springfield issues.

    If you want to freeze property taxes, just engage with local taxing bodies.

    Just this past week, in lil ol Lake Villa, 1000 residents showed up to say no to the Township’s desire to spend $750K on buying a golf course.

    Only WE have the ability to freeze property taxes.

    If Springfield is talking about freezes, it is only PROPAGANDA.

  2. The level of ignorance displayed by the voting public is of great concern.

    Charlotte was spot on.

  3. Illinois has the power to enact a Statewide property tax rate cap as many other states have done.

    2.5% property tax rate cap would save us.

  4. No matter, as it will not stem the tide of people and businesses fleeing
    the kleptocratic state of Illinois.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT/RINO you see today.

  5. Thank DMAC, your local democrat.

    School districts are bound by union contract and mountains of accrued pension debt.

    I think there is very little some districts can do because of the mandates and backroom deals done in Springfield.

    It starts there

  6. Has everyone seen the story about Pritzker getting the assessment on his other house next to his primary residence reduced 80%?

    Double standards cannot be better illustrated than that.

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