Skimmer Found on Huntley ATM

The Huntley Police Department reports the following:

May 15, 2017 A deceptive practice report was taken at a business in the 12400 block of Princeton Dr.

A skimmer device was found on an ATM.

Commenter “Honest Abe” provides this link that shows what a skimmer looks like:


Skimmer Found on Huntley ATM — 4 Comments

  1. Same goes for 7-11 at Lakewood and Algonquin.

    NEVER use ATMs at 7-11 for this very reason.

    The people that work their don’t pay attention to what’s going on in their store nor do they care and they may even be in on it.

  2. A little light on the details Cal, how about a link to the story source.

  3. That is the information that came from the police department.

  4. Thanks Cal, you’ve got some good connections with the right people – better than those of us who live in Huntley.

    HPD is MORE than a month behind (as usual) with their incident reports accessed via
    VOH/HPD website.

    I guess they don’t want Huntley residents to be informed about crime in Huntley.
    To those interested, how to spot a skimmer at 7-11 video via YouTube … since the HPD doesn’t
    seem to concerned about informing its TAXPAYING citizenry :

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