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From State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

BUDGET UPDATE: Disappointing Democrats Pass Income Tax Hike and Unbalanced Budget

Karen McConnaughay

I was quite discouraged this past week as my Democrat colleagues decided to renege on our joint efforts to pass a balanced budget with structural reforms.

Instead, they passed another unbalanced budget relying on the same old policies, which we have seen over the past 15 years have failed to move Illinois forward in job creation or by growing our economy.

Instead of continuing discussions to work towards a bipartisan balanced budget, Senate Democrats decided to pass another unbalanced budget reliant on an income tax increase of $5.4 billion dollars, but which doesn’t pay a cent towards our $14 billion in unpaid bills.

No Republican within the Senate voted in favor of these catastrophic pieces of legislation.

Throughout the past few months, Republicans were clear during negotiations that if there was to be a tax increase, new revenues must be accompanied by structural reforms.

However, once again, the other side of the aisle opted to move forward without vital reforms that would give residents and business owners a financial respite, such as significant property tax relief and workers’ compensation reform

All along, these negotiations had been true and sincere. Unfortunately, my colleagues decided to put party politics before the good of the people of Illinois.

The saddest part is that no one is harmed more by all of this than the residents and business owners.

This past week I read an article in the Chicago Tribune that indicated Chicago was the only major city to lose population in the U.S. between 2015 and 2016. The article surveyed past residents about their reasons for leaving; the number one reason listed was high taxes. One man interviewed in the article specifically cited the high cost of property taxes as an issue.

We need to give residents and companies a reason to stay in this state. However, we are never going to stop the exodus of hardworking taxpayers and companies if we can’t create jobs.

These ongoing policies year after year from the Democrats have not worked for over a decade and it surely is not going to work now.

It’s time for the games to stop and to pass a true balanced budget with reforms that will realistically make it through all branches of our government, which will ensure greater prosperity and stability for Illinois well-into the future.

We are nearing the end of the legislative session and I encourage you to sign up for my email newsletter for further updates. If you need to contact me you can always send me an email at [email protected]. Find more information on legislative matters and the status of the budget on my website


Karen McConnaughay
Illinois Senate
33rd DistrictSenator McConnaughay and Senator McConchie Discuss Income Tax Hike, Property Tax Legislation

After the passage of an income tax hike this week, Senator McConnaughay and Senator McConchie held a Facebook Live event to have an open discussion regarding their opposition to the tax increase. The two also discussed the importance of property tax relief in Illinois. Watch here.

IDOT Seeks Input for Long Range Transportation Plan

Through June 2, IDOT is encouraging feedback with an online survey that will help identify where residents would like the IDOT budget to be prioritized. This could be critical to the future of Illinois transportation, the long range transportation plan is to be released in late 2017, I encourage you to take the survey here.

Senator McConnaughay recognizes SAFE Coalition for Human Rights as ‘Human Trafficking Hero’

This week, Senator McConnaughay recognizes the grassroots, volunteer organization, SAFE Coalition for Human Rights (SAFECHR), as this week’s “Human Trafficking Hero” recipient. SAFECHR is focused on creating Safe Houses to assist survivors during their rehabilitation process. Read more.

“I appreciate the level of engagement SAFECHR devotes to ensure healing for all the survivors they are able to help,” said Senator McConnaughay. “It was a privilege to be their keynote speaker at the 2016 SAFE Conference in D.C. last year, and I hope I get a chance to personally address them again. They fully deserve this acknowledgement for their achievements in fighting this heinous crime.”

Senator McConnaughay Talks Budget Negotiations

This past week, before Democrats voted in favor of an income tax hike and an unalanced budget, Senator McConnaughay was interviewed by Capitol Connection for an update on the budget negotiations between both parties. Watch here.


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  1. So if you are really following this bill, you will know the tax increase is virtually DOA.

    SB 009 Income Tax increase lies in the House “Rules Committee” after coming out of the Revenue and Finance Committee.

    Typically the Rules Committee is where bills go to die.

    With the last day of the scheduled legislation just four days away, we may be able to say we “dodged a bullet”.

    And if you really KNOW Springfield, this is a GAME they play.

    Passes one chamber, people get all spun up, politicians pontificate like this one, but bill is doomed in the other chamber and therefore goes NOWHERE.
    Lots of chest pumping for nada!!!

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