MCCD Acres Examined

Comments from Cary Grade School Board President Scott Coffey on the McHenry County Conservation District:

This relates to my post in Part 7 regarding the excessive number of acres under management by the County.

McHenry County Conservation District Performance Measures

The (shrinking) population of the County cannot afford the operating cost structure necessary to support this 70% increase in acreage.

It should have probably stayed at its 2001 level of 14,902 acres.

The County should begin to look at divesting itself of a lot of its excess holdings in order to reduce its operating cost structure that exists today and use the proceeds to abate and/or defease the outstanding debt that currently burdens the taxpayer.

That debt service burden currently stands at $11.7 million/year.

The County should begin the process to force-rank its properties based on marketability and value.

The secondary benefit would be the longterm incremental property tax revenue that would come with any new development from the divested property.

The County should work with the local municipalities/school districts/etc. to formulate a plan

McHenry County Conservation District properties.

regarding each targeted property and its potential effects on each community.


MCCD Acres Examined — 5 Comments

  1. The MCCD budget and levy is close to $25,000,000.

    That divided by 25,000 acres is $1,000 per acre.

    Am I wrong?

  2. The McHenry County Conservation District extension for tax year 2016 was $19,507,874.

    The performance measurement chart in the article states, “Total P-Tax Levies 2015” excludes debt.

    The bond debt extension was $11,711,678 (that’s included in the total extension listed above).

    $19,507,874 – 11,711,678 = $7,796,196.

    Per the final McHenry County Clerk Tax Computation report dated April 11, 2017.


    The MCCD extension for tax year 2015 was $19,572,804.

    The bond debt extension was $11,882,682.

    $19,572,804 – $11,882,682 = $7,690,122.

  3. MORE land should be held and protected by the District not less!

  4. Prairieburner may want to consider moving to a county under total communist control to observe the final result – latest evidence?


    With more and more land controlled by government bodies we are rapidly moving toward a totalitarian state (communist) but we are not there yet.

    As evidenced by another poster on this blog who uses the term tic toc, Charlotte Iserbyt’s prediction is coming true.

  5. Maybe Prairieburner can buy some acres and then contribute them to MCCD, wouldn’t that be wonderful and the rest of us would not have our taxes go up further. Then, again, maybe the MCCD should just decommission their police force and pay down their huge debt.

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