Robo-Calls Asks for Calls to Althoff Against “False Birth Certificate” Bill

 Pam Althoff’ in the 2015 McHenry Fiesta Days Parade.

Here’s what I heard from my answering machine when I came home late this afternoon:

Hello, this is David Smith of the Illinois Family Institute.

Illinois state lawmakers are considering a highly controversial bill that would make it easier for gender-dysphoric persons to obtain fraudulent birth certificates — even without surgery.

Birth certificates are historical documents that should reflect biological reality, not subjective feelings.

Please contact your state senator, Pam Althoff, to ask her to vote NO to HB 1785… no to falsifying birth certificates. Her Springfield office number is (217) 782-8000

You can find the organization’s take on the bill here


Robo-Calls Asks for Calls to Althoff Against “False Birth Certificate” Bill — 6 Comments

  1. And of course we see Althoff here handing out candy at the parade along side of Jack Franks’ supporters/walkers.
    Anybody can see what she’s all about?
    A RINO of the worst kind.

  2. This bill passed the House 63 – 43.

    No matter what Althoff does – it is a done deal unless Rauner vetoes it.

    Another step into the societal abyss.

  3. They are tongue depressors, Mark. To see if you have already had your candy.

  4. Ask one of the actual the Althoffs what they think of her …… I did and got an earful.

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