Andrew Gasser Asks Injunction Preventing Destruction of Algonquin Township Road District Records

At Sheriff Bill Prim’s fundraiser, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and Algonquin Township Road Commissioner-elect Andrew Gasser had a long talk in the back corner.

In a suit filed yesterday, Andrew Gasser, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner, sued Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, plus former Road Commissioner Robert Miller and his wife Anna May, who served as Miller’s Administrative Assistant.

The new Highway Commissioner is seeking a court order restraining the three “from destroying any records rightfully belonging to the Algonquin Township.”

Gasser, noting that “no electronic records” for the Road District “are known to exist.”

“There is not a single e-mail in the records,” the filing by attorney Robert Hanlon states.”

Although the records were requested from Miller by Gasser, “to date, Miller has turned over absolutely no substantive records” of the Department.

“Miller used a private e-email account to conduct…business,” as did his wife.

Cover page of the “Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

The cause of action points out that there are “no correspondences between Business Agents of the international Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150 and Miller exist in the records of the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

Neither are records pertaining to the bargaining with Local 150 found.

The suit reveals that upon Gasser’s taking office, “Local 150 began issuing grievances related to a purported labor agreement.”

The statement of facts then veers in credit card by Miller, revealing that there are “no expense records” to be found.

Then comes information which will probably raise eyebrows:

On or about May 30, 2017, an anonymous package arrived at Algonquin Township addressed to ‘Highway Dept., c/o Andrew Gasser, 3702 N.S. Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, IL 60014. The return address was the Algonquin Township offices.

Anna May Miller

Contained within the package were various records of credit card purchase on a Capital One credit card and an American Express Platinum Business Credit Card.

The total balance shown on the respective cardholder statements were expensed to the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

However, numerous purchases were for women’s clothing (including but not limited to Prada, Lands’ End, Levenger, and Orvis, another retainler of high end quality women’s fashions.

The American Express statements “are addressed to Algonquin Twnshp Hwy Robert Miller.”

Purchases, for which credit card statements are attached to the suit, include

  • $384.53 – Lavenger Catalog/Webdelray BCH, dated 11-7-14
  • $329 – a purse

It’s hard to read, but description of the item purchased is “Your Bag, Your Way Tote  Grape/Black  Levenger Gift Card $50GWP.” The credit card bill for the purse is $329, purse. The dates 11/7/14 and 11/9/14 appear on the statement.

“The stack of credit card charges and invoice documents link specific charges to specific items of women’s clothing based upon UPC codes and item numbers,” the text continues.

The $329 purse.

Over 200 pages of statements and identified purchases “suggest financial misconduct at Algonquin Township via the use of Miller’s credit card as well as other schemes and artifices.”

Bob Miller endorsements for Algonquin Township office.

Next the suit moves onto Township Clerk Lukasik, who ran on a ticket with Miller.

It says newly-elected Clerk Lukasik “has articulated that she intends to destroy various records of Algonquin Township, presumably included records of Miller’s use of official credit cards for personal use.”

Revealing another angle is the assumption that gift cards purchased “were in turn used to purchase personal goods unrelated to the business of government of Algonquin Township.”

Attorney Hanlon suggests there was “a scheme…to received additional compensation beyond salaries as well as ‘bonuses.'”

The suit suggests “the pattern and practice of the use of credit cars as described herein extends many years into the past.”

The documents in the package, however only date from 2012 to December, 2016.

Gasser asks for the documents “to ascertain if the amounts charged to the Algonquin Township Highway Department served any lawful purpose.”

He also says that getting the e-mail records of the two Millers “may aid in the investigation of potential criminal conduct (i.e. the misuse of government money).

Without the injunction requested, Hanlon argues that “there is no adequate remedy at law to prevent “the People of Algonquin Township, including plaintiff,” from suffering irreparable harm, as well as “undermine the rule of law and create a threat to the enforcement of the right of the People to open government.”

Also noted is state law requires the delivery of records, but enforcement is up to a judge.

The case has been assigned to Judge Michael Chmiel.


Andrew Gasser Asks Injunction Preventing Destruction of Algonquin Township Road District Records — 39 Comments

  1. If there is Criminal wrongdoing, shouldn’t the state’s attorney be involved?

    I’m guessing Chime will have to recuse himself. Given his past history with the Millers.

  2. There is no good reason for the township clerk to destroy public records.

  3. When private email is used to conduct public business, the private emails are subject to foia.

  4. This is going to get good…….

    Millers are going down.

    If this of this is true.

    Can you imagine all the shady stuff that went down on tax payer dollars???

    I’m getting my popcorn ready.

    Go Gasser!!

  5. Lukasik was on Facebook awhile back taking about how her office was going to destroy some old records.

    Shady shady!!!

  6. Question…if Lukasik succeeds in destroying the records despite a later court order…the consequences are?

  7. I remember her saying that.

    She stated that there has never been a destruction order of records through the state.

    “That is one thing on my list of things to do as keeper of all records. One of many of my firsts orders of business.”

    Sounds to me like she’s on a power trip and wants to cover up for her buddy Miller.

    Next you’ll have Melissa Victor posting about sunshine and unicorns and whatever falsehood of the week she chooses.

  8. Her chief hubby posted a link about the records destruction too.

    How it’s a common thing after aonmany years.

    She totally is covering for her friends.

    This is going to get good.

  9. Time for a Grand Jury.

    Let’s hope our new States Attorney get’s it going before all the evidence is gone.

  10. There is a prescribed record retention period for nearly all public records and an obligation y the official to keep good records.

    Destruction/disposal of records requires the issuance of a record destruction certificate from the state.if they ever bought anything, they either need the record of that purchase or the destruction certificate saying it was ok to destroy it.

  11. Andrew Gasser regularly gets crucified on this blog.

    This now moves from the court of public opinion to a court of law. Good.

    There are very few people in McHenry County who would do what Gasser is doing.

    Gasser is actually doing what so many people say they would do and then never follow through.

    Talk to the people who are working at the township now.

    The gloom and doom of Miller is gone.

    Yes there are problems but they guys are working for Gasser.

    What once was the land of Miller and their good family name is now being sent to cynder.

    Through their own actions, for whom they can blame no one, their family name and legacy is in autodestruct mode.

    Miller will never be appointed to Gasser’s seat.

    Frankly they should bronze that chair.

    Good to see Judge Chmiel get another bite at the apple.

  12. LOL And the crooks will be exposed as it says in the Bible.

    Still want to back this guy as an upstanding wonderful accoutrement for Algonquin Township?

    Didn’t know we were buying three hundred dollar purses as accoutrements?

  13. On, or about May 30, 2017, an anonymous package arrived?

    2017, what did Gasser order he was in office on May 15, 2017?

    The article says $329 for a purse?

    The item description on the receipt says it’s a tote?

    Looks like a witch hunt…..

  14. This is the tip of the ice burg!

    What lies underneath may include more than purses!

    Only Gasser and Hanlon know the extent of the misconduct, if any.

  15. How soon after Rauner signs the latest Township reform bill will Algonquin Township pass a resolution to hold a referendum to put an end to the position of Road Commissioner in the Township?

  16. Funny…..there is a Facebook post on the Cary political group and not in ifbthe big mouths that bash Gasser daily have said one word.

    They know who they are.

    The Miller ship just hit the iceberg and is going down fast!!!

  17. Fedup?

    This is the stupidity of the lunatics that “support” this type of a public “servant”.

    Oh, my, it’s called a tote, not a purse.

    You can call it a birdcage! I don’t care.

    I didn’t pay over three hundred dollars for that personal item to be added to my tax bill!

    These people are criminals.

    They have stolen from every one of us.

    They have no integrity and no love for their fellow man.

    RThey are greedy grifters that are seeing their comeuppance play out.

    GO ANDREW!!!!

  18. Don’t worry “FedUp”

    If one purse being called a tote doesn’t enrage you, there are apparently over 200 more pages filled with personal purchases.

    I can’t wait till the whole story comes out and what the Miller’s have to say for themselves.

  19. 4 eyes – I’m sure they have only one thing to say.

    “On the advice of my daughter I respectfully decline to answer based upon my 5th amendment privilege.”

  20. Lol Time for change!

    “I’m sure they have only one thing to say.

    “On the advice of my daughter I respectfully decline to answer based upon my 5th amendment privilege.”

    SO TRUE.

    Too bad for Bobby, it’s all comin out anyways.

    Even the fanatical Miller zombies are silent on this.

    Now is a good time to call Jack Frank’s and every county board member to let them know not to allow Bobby anywhere near that board.

  21. You think maybe Bobby bought Anna the purse because it wasn’t big enough to
    Hold the almost 200k they steal from the tax payers!!

  22. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , theft is a crime, why are they not arrested?????

    conversation in the court house is Rebecca has absolutely no respect no more daddy privileges people are sick and tired of this family ,to the purses, trips. house hold goods etc.,

  23. The Miller’s never seem to disappoint … as far as questionable behavior goes.

    Will be interesting to see where this goes. ALL eyes will be on this.

    Does the Township Supervisor sign off on these things or do the Trustees?

  24. I wonder if Karen the new clerk is still going to try and shred documents to cover her buddy Bobs tracks?

    She stated in a Facebook post that was her intent!!

  25. Bob Miller can use tax dollars to hire an attorney even after he is out of office.

    Andrew Gasser will use tax dollars to pay his attorney.

    The cost of a purse is nominal compared to the legal bills to come.

    Just move forward and get rid of the lawyers.

    Why make the lawyers rich?

  26. Arresting and jailing them is moving forward. You are talking about going backward into the swamp!

  27. I suspect some of you should chat with your family Lawyers about what is called libel per second.

    Think your anonymous status can’t be undone?..wrongo

  28. ‘Not the ASSessor’ … hey wake up!

    Crime is crime.


  29. This blog post had so many syntax and grammatical errors, it was truly disturbing to read.

    Based on this post and the one-sided comments approved to be posted below it, it is pretty clear that this blog suffers from extreme bias.

    I cannot, in good conscience, read anything that attempts to come off as “news” but does not cover all angles of a story.

    Any journalism professor in America would be bothered by this poor writing.

    Thus, I would be in shock if this comment is actually approved for posting.

    Fake news only exists to live off of ad money (see the length of the left ad bar?), it also refuses to do any research.

    This is not the “news” blog for me.

    I am going to stick to intelligent bloggers and news sources who care about the quality of their writing and research.

  30. LOL What a load, NoAlternate. That is the MOST arrogant piece of crap I have ever read in here. Now you have me wondering which nitwit you are (thinking you are hiding in your new oh-so politically incorrect name).

  31. What is bias anyway? Nobody insults my friendly blog and my sunshine blogger! Please stop demanding facts and issues affecting the patriotic citizens of beautiful McHenry county. We feel just fine navigating the parallel cyberuniverse of compassionate conservative nonsense in its honorable quest for full privatization and a tax-free world. Grammar mistakes are ok covfefe as long as they help covfefe keep America covfefe safe and make it covfefe great again. 2018, over here please! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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