Bob Miller’s Township American Express Credit Card Statement for 11-27-14

Yesterday, in the article about the suit newly-elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s filed against his predecessor Robert Miller, his wife Anna May and newly-elected Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, I printed the part of the suit’s attachment concerning the purchase of a purse.

With tax, shipping and handling, the purse cost $384.52.

Below you can see the entire attachment:

Bob Miller American Express credit card statement for November 27, 2014.

The credit card bill for the $329, purse, plus tax, plus shipping and handling.. The dates 11/7/14 and 11/9/14 appear on the statement.

The $329 purse, whose total cost was $384.52.


Bob Miller’s Township American Express Credit Card Statement for 11-27-14 — 33 Comments

  1. Levenger does not sell purses.

    They sell briefcases, business bags and writing instruments.

    Stop being fools, check their Web site

  2. Doodie…..get your head out of the sand!!

    Are you saying Anna needed a new purse for her 90k secretary job to hide all these receipts?

  3. If you look at the search date, it shows The search was December 9, 2014.

    That means someone has been watching the Millers dig and waited for the opportunity to stick it to them.

  4. Gasser’s proposed budget cuts look even easier now that Joe Taxpayer isn’t paying to feed and dress the Millers.

  5. The search date could be relative to the document as it appears with the name “Miller” scrawled on it.

    Is it safe to assume that the document is relative to the time the bill was paid?

    Was it the backup for payment?

    In other words, it has nothing to do with ” waited for the opportunity to stick it to them.”?

  6. Mark, it’s plainly obvious that we’re different people from our posting styles. I provide insightful trash talk. You run Google searches and vomit those results here, as if the people who care to know it are incapable of using Google.

  7. I wonder if Mark number 2 would start posting under the name of “Another Mark” to avoid confusion.

  8. I love the charges to “Around The Clock” and “Cary McDonalds”.

    He is at Around The Clock at least once a week.

    Have we been paying for all of these meals?

    How can any meal such as this be justified?

    Now all the Miller lovers will be trying to justify these illegal purchases.

    Where are ya Nob?

    Can you defend him?

  9. Cal, perhaps your IT guy could restrict names on your blog so each commentator would have to have a unique name.

  10. This is truly unbelievable…

    1. The Business Platinum Amex charges $450 annual fee, I guess the tax payers eat that as well.

    2. What did Bob Miller do with all the points from said Platinum card??? More gifts for the family?

    3. Why does anyone in a government body need a credit card?…and if there is someone who needs a card, it should be the person in charge of finance or accounting?

    Thankful we finally have someone who ended the reign.

  11. Yet another agitator playing games.

    The same name is used when I haven’t commented much or haven’t commented for awhile.

  12. Relative to Mark number two refusing to cooperate with the owner of the blog – Ban him / her!

    For the most part this is a friendly blog used to discuss primarily local issues.

    The new Mark apparently does not want to “play nice” in the sandbox.

  13. Banning free speech sounds a little like the progressives snowflakes that can’t stand anyone else’s opinion. Are you sure you want to think like that? Whatever happened to “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”?

  14. shame shame shame,your friens list is getting alot smaller,shame on you Bob,shame on you derick,shame on you rebecca,

    honestly how can you live with your selfs???????

    the whole county is talking about your fall from grace,

  15. Asking commenters to comment under a unique name does not inhibit free speech.


    The tote is black / grape (reversible) leather.

    Reversible means the outside can be pushed in to be come the inside….flipped.

    That would be for someone who sometimes wants a black tote, and other times wants a purple tote.

    It is pretty to identify an item that large with a purple color.


    A tote is used when more room is desired to tote around items.

    For instance a smaller purse, laptop, etc. can fit inside a tote.


    For the cost conscious, totes can be purchased at Marshalls, TX Maxx, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

    And instead of leather, faux leather can be purchased.

    Levenger is a higher end office supply retail store and mail order catalog.

    Their Illinois retail store is on the first floor of the Macy’s store (State / Washington / Wabash / Randolph), a few blocks from Grant Park.

    Levenger is a step above Office Depot, Staples, the former Office Max (purchased by Office Depot), etc.

  16. What was the code assigned to the purchase in Township accounting?

    Office supplies?

    If so, was the tote used only in the business?

    Was the tote left at Township offices when not in use on official business?

    If the tote was used even partially for personal use, it would be a taxable fringe benefit, on which the user would owe Federal income tax (as a taxable benefit in the year received).

  17. True! This is a friendly blog. Or not? Welcome to the parallel universe of McHenry county compassionate conservatism. That is why this is universally known and acclaimed as the sunshine blog. 2018, why is it taking so long? tic, tock, tic, tock…

  18. If there is a Township Employee who has knowledge of misfeasance by government officials, that employee can access Whistle blower protection.

    It is understandable when a government official is under threat of her job, or retaliation against her family,that she may fear to go public with knowledge of misfeasance by her colleagues or supervisors.

    Not only do Whistle-blower Laws offer protection to the party disclosing erroneous behavior within the organization, the Whistle-blower is eligible for big money rewards on recovery of illegally obtained funds.

  19. The web of deceit will continue to grow. This is the same guy that Cary’s Mayor Klownick praised as being the person who has helped Cary more “than any other” during his campaign. Tic toc, the curtain is falling…

  20. I cannot even begin to imagine why the Township would buy a lunch or breakfast from a local restaurant much less a $300 tote/purse/attache case/suitcase.

    In a private business that would get you fired at the very least.

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