McConchie Joins Gasser at Start of First Major Road Project

Algonquin Township Commissioner Andrew Gasser explains what is happening on East Crystal Lake Avenue to State Senator Dan McConchie.  The street sweeper was sold by former Road Commissioner Bob Miller to Island Lake.  Since the new one he bought just before leaving office will not be delivered until August, Algonquin Township borrowed the old one.

East Crystal Lake Avenue runs along the boundary between Algonquin and Nunda Township.

Nunda Township cares for the western part of the road, while Algonquin Township takes care of the eastern section.

Today Algonquin Township’s Highway Department began work on its portion of the road.

Work on repaving East Crystal Lake Avenue.

Coming out to join Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser was State Senator Dan McConchie.

Retired public works administrator Scott Pippin told me that most municipalities contract out repaving or belong to a cooperative that share equipment.

The Algonquin Township Highway Department owns its own equipment for the job.


McConchie Joins Gasser at Start of First Major Road Project — 11 Comments

  1. Why doesn’t McConchie put in a bill to banish Booby Miller from Illinois for 25 years, that should do it

  2. It’s a good thing Gasser won , McConchie’d be takin’ his life in his hands if he got in front of Booby Miller’s township rigs like that!

  3. Gasbag had to ride in passenger seat because he certainly does not have a Commercial drivers license

  4. Is that Supervisor Chuck Lutzow and Ryan in the background on the Kabota dumping bankers boxes full of documents?

    Shouldn’t be doing that with public records………

    Oh, chuck what have you done?

  5. Gasser’s work boots look new.

    It’ll be interesting to see whether he scuffs them up for future photo ops.

  6. Steel toe Walmart work boots?

    I’m pretty sure they scuff easily.

    I wonder how much work he actually did out there? P

    hoto op does not constitute work.

  7. Unless I am mistaken, the road commissioner does really not have to do any physical labor.

    His office is strictly supervisory and keeping records of what the township has done to its roads. The township supervisor is actually the treasure of the road district so he is the one who keeps the financial records in order .

    In the smaller townships the commissioner usually does quite a bit of work, but in the larger ones I’m sure it’s just being the boss .

  8. The struggle is real in Millerville when the trolls have to go after Gasbag’s boots. Bob Miller could not walk a mile in those “boots”. Maybe Cal can find the picture of Robert J. Miller filling potholes in loafers?

    Ask any of his former colleagues on the county board and they will all tell you Gasbag marches to the beat of a different drummer.

    At some point all the rumors and fear mongering of the former regime will come to light… and we will all have to thank the Gasbagger for it.

    Thank you Gasbag.

  9. Isn’t it a shame some of you focus on the wrong stuff.

    Anyone note that Miller sold off equipment the taxpayers bought and the township needed just before his departure to be spiteful?

    And as a result new equipment had to be bought, additional expenses for the taxpayers?

    Wake up.

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