Lakewood’s Summer Celebration Cancelled

A press release from the Village of Lakewood:

Celebrate Lakewood Cancelled

The Village of Lakewood’s annual Celebrate Lakewood event originally scheduled for June 11, 2017, has been cancelled due to limited participation.

There were big blowup entertainment devices at one event.

The event is volunteer run and is also dependent on the participation of the Lakewood business community.

With this being a year of significant transition, we have lost some volunteers and new board members have not had sufficient time to plan or enlist participation from the local business community.

Each of our new board members are looking forward to hosting an amazing event next year, when they have an opportunity to be more involved in the planning process.


Lakewood’s Summer Celebration Cancelled — 10 Comments

  1. Who wants their little kids molested by illegal aliens ….. cops look the other way!

  2. Is this the Lakeside Festival with the taste of Crystal Lake, etc???

    If not, I’ve never heard of ‘Celebrate Lakewood ‘

  3. When will the remaining taxpayers in Lakewood realize that ‘Leave it to Beaver’ America is gone for good.

    And these little feelgood staged events are all part of the long dead past?


    I guess they did by voting with their feet leading to cancellation of the whole lame program dreamt up by kooky town bureaucrats trying to justify their salaries and pensions.

  4. “Leave it to Beaver” was not real; and it was just propaganda anyway.

  5. WHAT! “Leave it to Beaver” was not real; and it was just propaganda?

    Golly Gee Gippers, tell me that is not so.

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