McSweeney Gets Up-To-Date Illinois Deficit Figures & Projection

The following analysis of Illinois financial situation from the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability was requested by State Rep. David McSweeney:

Illinois budget deficit estimates.

Here is McSweeney’s reaction:

Dave McSweeney

With expected deficits of $6.3 billion in Fiscal Year 17 and $7.7 billion in Fiscal Year 18, Illinois is imploding.State debt is increasing, overall spending is dramatically rising, our bond ratings are being downgraded and our college students and most vulnerable citizens are being harmed.

If we don’t act soon, Illinois will have $23 billion of unpaid bills next summer.

The Governor needs to call the General Assembly into special session every day until we pass a balanced budget without a tax increase.

Legislators should refuse to accept daily per diems for the special session.

Let’s stop the madness and pass a balanced budget now.


McSweeney Gets Up-To-Date Illinois Deficit Figures & Projection — 15 Comments

  1. This man is doing a great job exposing the utter waste and deception from our political class.

    I’d like to see the elimination of all pensions, healthcare for all elected officials.

    I believe it would eliminate the need for term limits and expose the others who leverage their office for their real estate appeals business.

  2. THANK YOU Madigan and all of the other useless democrats.


  3. Doodie (AKA Nick Chirikos/Brent Smith) you can run but you can’t hide from Gasser and Tirio. You and the Millers will need to explain a lot to the taxpayers (purses are just the beginning).

  4. froggy is probably another Bone Head living off a Taxpayer Funded government pension.

    Tinkerbelle your free to leave this state and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  5. Wrong use of the word your. Not awake, or should I just say you’re stupid?

  6. Cindy the name calling spell checker.

    Eliminating health and pensions for elected officials would be a good start, we would be left with wealthy candidates most likely.

    Sounds like a good start.

  7. @ The Mrs.

    I fully agree that health care and all pensions must be eliminated for all whole call themselves public servants.

    When elected I shall take no such benefits.

    While pensions have already been eliminated for County Board member’s, health care costs continue to rise.

    I will take no such benefit.

    As to the likelyhood that such a policy would result in only wealthy persons being elected to office, it should be remembered that the vast majority of people who do attain wealth do so by working very hard or being incredibly bright.

    To me that seems to make them qualified to govern, not to disqualify them.

  8. These figures are all FALSE!

    I’m not trying to undermine/disparage McSweeney, who’s probably the best Senator we have ever had and who can’t be bought off

    (I recall the rotten Klemm calling Fat Al for instructions in my presence one day in the long gone days of yore)…

    perhaps he’s even best in the whole blasted state right now, although that’s not much of an accolade.

    McSweeney got these tricked figures from some state bureaucracy.

    Since our deep blue state never uses GAP, and is far worse off than other terrible, bankrupt states like CA and CT, the true ugly financial picture is FAR WORSE than these totals represent.

    Which is one big reason why IL doesn’t have a budget.

  9. stand4truth: like all libtard trolls, you hide behind a false screen name belying your actual nature.

    Just another type of false pretense.

  10. Doodie and Stand4Truth (AKA Nick Chirikos/Brent Smith) you can run but you can’t hide from Gasser and Tirio.

    Mary, the Millers and YOU will need to explain a lot (purses are just the beginning).

  11. @ Orville, So all those people that are teachers, and teachers pensions that go along with them, that are on school boards are best qualified then.

    Only people that have been working in township roads they are the ones best suited for township road commissioners.

    So since you are on Medicare and have health insurance shouldn’t you just not take a paycheck.

    That would be best don’t you think?

    Public servants right.

    I mean public servants should just volunteer there time.

    Do the County Board Members pay into the health care system just like every other worker up there or is it free?

    How about all the towns and cities?

    I think that it is kind of ridiculous that everyone wants something for nothing.

    School Boards should be paid.

    Why does no one run for them because they pay nothing.

    So you deserve what you get.

    Now I disagree with having lavish pensions such as in Springfield, some cities and towns especially since they are way underfunded.

    Should elected officials get something sure.

    It is not like they are breaking the bank with the small IMRF in the county, cities and towns around here and the healthcare that is offered to elected officials in the county.

    So you save a few bucks but just remember you get what you pay for.

  12. No pay for school boards, no health insurance or pensions for elected officials.

    The moral hazard has proven to great.

    Term limits is a straw man argument meant to drum up partisan support and fundraising but is fundamentally unconstitutional.

    Want to keep alligators out of the swamp?

    Remove the incentives for long term “public service”

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