Judge Michael Caldwell Orders Current and Former Algonquin Township Road Commissions & Wife, Township Clerk and Supervisor Not to Destroy Records

Andrew Gasser

Bob Miller

This afternoon in Judge Michael Caldwell’s courtroom, five attorneys were on the clock in Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s suit against predecessor Bob Miller, his wife Anna May and newly-elected Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.

David McArdle, representing Clerk Lukasik, asked the judge to prevent the destruction of  records by Gasser and Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow, mentioning specifically security camera footage.

McArdle asked specifically that “Chris Welky of Ace Security Works or any other independent computer technician to make copies.”

This was modified to appoint Joe Gottemoller to hire someone to make copies of the security disk and those of copy and scanning machines, turning them into the court for distribution.

Commentary while waiting for an attorney reported to be representing Anna May Miller, revealed some other interesting information.

Lukasik was said to have walked into the office on May 5th (after the election, but before being sworn into office) and seen a cabinet full of documents.

On June 1st those cabinets were empty, McArdle revealed.

An unidentified third party was reported to have been seen on May 12th and 13th removing boxes from Algonquin Township offices.

McArdle convinced Judge Caldwell that “everybody will be served by freezing the evidence.”

Robert Hanlon, representing Gasser agreed that “preservation of records is paramount in this case.”

He suggested that “there has been misconduct.”

Hanlon objected to the hiring of the security service which had been providing the cameras and video recording, explaining that it had “refused” to provide “passwords” when requested.

Disneyland castle.

Hanlon read from the stature that tells of the duty of every person going out of office to leave public records, the definition of which includes “digitized electronic material.”

He added a mention of the purchase of purses and “trips to Disneyland.”

Thomas Gooch, representing Miller, pointed out the Gasser’s case “assumes my client has access for records.”

“I don’t know where this Disneyland charge came from.

“My clients took no records with them on May 12th.”

Gooch said he did “have a problem with ‘all persons'” being in the Temporary Restraining Order.

He said there was no allegation that Bob Miller took township records.

“He took no records and there is no allegation that he took any records.”

Hanlon immediately brought him emails.

“Not a signal email was left.

“They were not present because he kept them in a forum outside the township,” Hanlon stated.

Bob Miller’s private email account (bobmiller@mc.net) is found on this official document relating to Algonquin Township.

He then cited the case in which the Chicago Tribune sued Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for access to his private email account, which was used for official business.

Caldwell concluded, “If we are going to restrain one party, we should restrain all parties to the case.”

Gooch argued that if his client was gong to destroy records, “they would be long gone.”

Jim Kelly, representing Supervisor Chuck Lutzow, then raised privacy issues regarding General Assistance recipients and Social Security numbers of employees.

Judge Caldwell agreed that should be in his court order.

The final attorney was Mark Gummerson, also representing the Township Clerk.

In other news, Judge Michael Chmiel, who was originally assigned the case, recused himself, the result being that Judge Caldwell got the case.


Judge Michael Caldwell Orders Current and Former Algonquin Township Road Commissions & Wife, Township Clerk and Supervisor Not to Destroy Records — 43 Comments

  1. Lot of heavy hitter lawyers in this one, Hamlin and gassed gonna have their work cut out for them on this one and Algonquin Two gets to pay everyone.

    I heard Gooch who generally sues other lawyers charges over 700 an hour!

  2. My client took nothing?


    Back to what the meaning of “is” is.

  3. May 12th and 13th video seems to be pivital… If it’s a Miller minion then wow… If it’s a Lutzow minior then wow…

    Either way wow…

    Something is rotten in Algonquin.

    Good thing Gasser has dropped the Miller tax from Algonquin Township.

    Should be enough to cover everyone lawyers and STILL
    Pass along savings to residents.

  4. Gasser didn’t bring this latest action, don’t be so fast to thank him.

    As a previous post says these are big dollar lawyers, Gasser and Lutzow started this and got an equal and opposite reaction.

    It will be a sh!t storm before it’s over.

    Get your popcorn…..

  5. First we hear expensive leather tote, gourmet food, women’s clothing, gift cards and now DISNEY WORLD!?!?!?!? WTH?

  6. Why would the Millers remove records and then anonymously send them back?

    Sending “proof of misconduct” to someone who hates them?

    This smells allright.

    Amateur detective the Mrs thinks someone in Gassers camp took the records and mailed to the Township to create an illusion of missing records and great discoveries.

    Just like Comey I sure hope there are some tapes

  7. M-I-C. See we now know what Millers did.

    K-E-Y. Why because – the millers were untouchable, above everything, arrogant, in control, and did lots of “favors”,


    Mickey Mouse…..

  8. Cindy. He said they took nothing on May 12, 2017.

    But what about the rest of the 24 years.

  9. So Doodie, are you saying that it’s no big deal and we should just turn a blind eye to the possible illegal use of tax payer money?

  10. Disney?????


    they could have fed a family in need for along time instead of spoiling them self’s to a trip and god only knows what else.

  11. Let it go? Let it go? These people belong in jail. They need to make restitution. Who the hell do you think you are to say, “Let it go”? Rules and laws are only for SOME people?

  12. Is this the same Thomas Gooch who used to be the Cuba Township Highway Commissioner?

    Does anyone remember when he became temporarily (in)famous for complaining to the judge about the big boobs of his opposing counsel’s paralegal/wife?

  13. How about ordering an investigation of Miller toady Judge Schlemiel?

  14. Gummerson? Wasn’t he and Rebecca Lee partners in a law firm? Why does the clerk need 2 lawyers?

  15. Let it go.

    Miller is gone it is over.

    Only the lawyers will benefit.

    He won’t go to jail.

    He will say it was an honest mistake he just grabbed the wrong card.

  16. No one in Grafton Township ever went to jail even though lots of illegal things happened.

    This will be the same.

  17. Doodie, you should blame the Millers for the cost it’s taking to get to the bottom of their out-of-control, unethical spending and trying to keep the records which should not be destroyed!

  18. ‘Not the assessor,’ No I don’t think he will be let off for ‘an honest mistake’.

    Ignorance is no excuse and it didn’t happen once or twice.

    This is a lifestyle with the Millers that everyone else should pay for everything.

    Govt is undergoing a positive transformation in this county.

    The people are sick and tired and taxed to death due to flagrant govt. spending and disregard for who pays their salaries and overpays for everything!

    The people won’t be letting this go.

    Any Judge worth their salt, should prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

  19. FedUp, are you high? READ!!!

    It says: ” Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s suit against predecessor Bob Miller, his wife Anna May and newly-elected Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.”

  20. Time for change?

    You didn’t understand my comment at all, did you?

  21. The misinformed family and friends that are chirping “Let it go” need to understand that this is how you drain the swamp.

    Things are different these days.

    Good men are NOT going to stand idly by and let injustices slide.

    NOT anymore!

    People are waking up to corruption and graft everywhere around them.

    They will no longer stand for this disgusting behavior.

  22. Drain the swamp is fine when talking about gov officals, elected and many of the appointees.

    The regular employees just doing their jogs as ordered not at all.

    There is a shining example of the need to be more specific when using that slogan, Alg twh regular employees unionization.

  23. Bob B

    Not high at all, the court date for Gasser’s case was set for August 31, not Thursday afternoon. It would be helpful if the article was a little more detailed about how this went before a judge on Thursday.

    Maybe publishing a copy of the court order?

  24. The nob would like to include all folks that are “just following orders” because they are not elected or appointed in his excuseable offenders.

    You did see how well that worked out in WWII, did you not?

    Drain the swamp means get rid of alligators.


  25. Officers and non commissioned officers, the people giving the orders paid the price in WW2.

    You need to research more luv.

  26. You are an idiot, nob.

    How truly stupid you are.

    No one has paid the price (that we know of – unless you have some way to see into Hell).

    I wonder what kind of an officer George Soros was.

    He sold out all of his friends and family.

    The people that fomented that war (And financed and made money off of it) never were called into account. Yet you think someone paid.

    This is what you have to look forward to with your simplistic mind set.

    And stop with the name calling.

    It is not becoming!

    Do NOT EVER call me luv or any other belittling, mealy-mouthed, condescending, pet names.

    I am NOT your pet!

    Your disparaging remarks show your level of intelligence (which, as I have pointed out many times is extremely low).

  27. Well,hope that Caldwell DOES DO the right thing here.

    ‘Good men are NOT going to stand idly by and let
    injustices slide.’ per Cindy.

    WILL Caldwell let it go & slide ?

    For those of us in Algonquin Township we will be
    watching, because someone needs to be holding the
    Millers & Karen Lukasik accountable BESIDES Andrew G.
    & Chuck L.

    Gooch & Gummerson will push back hard in a variety
    Of ways.

    Caldwell needs not to be swayed by them and have a
    backbone for the PEOPLE in the township.

  28. Sadly it’s kind of funny to watch somebody deal with payback!
    Cindy you started and continue to call me and others names.
    “Your disparaging remarks show your level of intelligence.”
    Look in the mirror and lead the way of decency.

  29. “I wonder what kind of an officer George Soros was.”
    He was born in 1930, war started 1939 and ended 1945.
    To young to be in the military or a gov official.
    OK payback would be some kind of sarcasm about intelligence and name calling.

  30. I have never name called. I point out the truth. AND you used the word to instead of too, once again proving you are incapable of learning anything. Pointing out that you are an idiot is not name calling. Your posts show the truth in that.

  31. Let it go?

    Let it go?

    Because something something George Soros!

    I thought I’d seen the depths of hypocrisy but this thread might too it all.

    Don’t want to know how much, or why, or who. Felony, shmelony.

    Let it go!

    Folks this is what happened when someone (or a family of someone’s) gets too comfy in the government chair.

    We need to know what happened.

  32. Patience is a fine attribute.

    Don’t let your drummed up hate for either side cloud your brain cells.

    Games are being played , wait till you know the rules before your play begins.

  33. Nob, I think Cindy really likes you too, have fun you two. LOL

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