The Caldwell Court Orders in Andrew Gasser’s Case

For those following the fight between newly-elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner and the man he beat, long-time Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, here’s something to chew on.

Judge Michael Caldwell signed three court order last Thursday.

One was pre-prepared, while the other two were written in the courtroom:


The Caldwell Court Orders in Andrew Gasser’s Case — 43 Comments

  1. Here we go gasbag has not been in office a month and he already cost taxpayers his salary for four years

  2. Should be the last thing your concerned about considering what’s been happening
    It’s called restitution

  3. Reminds me of all the nonsense over in Grafton Township a few years ago.

    The attorneys make out again.

  4. You can’t make a really good omlet without breaking a few eggs.

    The evil must be punished and the guilty exposed.


  5. Unfortunately @algonquin watchdog, there are questionable credit card charges that must be fully investigated.

    If Andrew used these credit cards you would be correct but alas you are not.

    As a “watchdog” I’d hope you agree The right thing to do is for the former commissioner to turn over all detailed expense reports, township credit card statements and private emails used to negotiate township business, such as the rushed through unionization negotiation that saddled the township with significant future labor costs.

  6. Gee Cal trying to rile people up some Hey? Of course thinking that they all will think your a newsman, Eh? All 20 or 30 of the anonymous posters who like to hear you brag about yourself while most of us laugh at you, seeing a tired old man trying to be important

  7. Just move on and get out of court.

    \The lawyers are the winners Every time.

    Taxpayers are the losers.

    Elections are the only way to solve problems.

  8. The road district was audited every year as required by law.

    Did anyone just ask Bob Miller what happened?

  9. Not the ass? Elections are rigged. You are a fool to propound your theory of lawyers making a killing on this issue. They ALWAYS DO. Who do you think runs for elections? Lawyers!!! The judges are crooked, too. The whole system is rigged. Just look around. You have to start somewhere to clean up your swamp. Why would we ask a lying grifter what took place? Have you learned nothing in recent years?

  10. The court order shows that Gummerson has an e-mail address at Zukowski, et al.

    Is he working for them now?

    He’s not listed on their web page.

  11. So does this mean “all persons” means Lukasik, The Millers, Gasser, and Lutzow all have restraining orders against them?

    I am not a lawyer.

  12. Based on what I’m seeing Gasser filed an injunction against Miller, Miller and Lukaski and a court date was set for August 31, 2017.

    Until the court date that injunction means nothing because it was only filed and there was no order signed by the judge.

    Looks like Lukaski filed a counter and an actual hearing was conducted and everyone is prevented from destroying stuff.

    Kudos to Lukaski for having her attorney(s) actually having a hearing and make things happen.

    I’m not an attorney either but there should be a complaint that was filed, I think it would explain how Lutzow became part of this injunction.

  13. What was accomplished with the mess in Grafton? The lawyers got rich! Nobody went to jail.

  14. Lukasik is just a Miller robot.

    First she’s running around stating that she plans to have records destroyed, which seems to be a big reason why she was named in the original injunction.

    Now she’s wasting even more money by countering in retaliation.

  15. I thought she said she wanted to get a destruction order from the State?

    Don’t know that qualifies as “as running around stating she plans to have records destroyed”?

    Gasser may have wasted money filing the original suit.

    You can’t blame someone for defending them self once action is brought against them.

    Did Andrew talk to her to see what her intention is?

    If he didn’t I can’t blame her for her actions.

    I really want to see this complaint, maybe Cal will cover the whole story and post it?

  16. I agree that I am not pleased with us the taxpayers responsible to pay these overpriced attorney fees.

    But then again, I believe it is necessity to get to the bottom of the Miller’s shenanigans.

  17. Re: “The road district was audited every year as required by law. ”

    To repeat what already has been posted: Government body audits are rarely ‘forensic’ audits.

    As such, the audit does not look for or publish any improper / illegal findings.

    The payments that appear to be improper were approved by the Township Board but then rarely do Trustees or Supervisors challenge what is done by the dictatorial Highway Commissioners.

    Let us quickly move to end all positions of Highway Commissioner by 2021!

    Thank you Mr. Miller for fueling the fire to end 1,432 elected positions in Illinois.

    Next step is eliminate all pensions and other benefits for ALL elected officials.

  18. “All persons” includes Lukasic.

    The transcript of court that day makes the order clear.

    Doodie if Cal isn’t news media:

    A) why are you constantly commenting on his articles?

    B) why is it he is several days ahead of the Herald?

    Moreover, why would you be so incredibly rude to attack him for a story that is of public interest?

  19. Just put Judge Schlemiel in charge of everything!

    He’ll see that the corruption will be hidden!

    Oh, I see the Jourdan-approved Judge Caldwell is in charge.

    Everything is A-OK! N O T !

  20. ‘Algonquin watchdog’ is a member of the Miller gang!

    has to be!

  21. For your scorecard: If anyone/everyone that is talking bravo sierra about any of this is NOT a Miller clansman, they would have to be comepletely insane.

  22. I’d vote to lay all the credit card info, missing records, timing of passing on control of records, and missing security video facts all on the table at once so we can evaluate properly.

    This once a week letting out info is nonsense.

    Sounds like Chuck and his little patronage worker got carried away cleaning out the supervisors office.

  23. Nob is probably still evaluating the “facts’ on the JFK assasination.

    If that were possible why would we need investigations?

    What parallel universe do you live in?

  24. If the Township was properly audited each year, we would have heard about the $400 purse/tote/attache/briefcase and Disney tickets long long ago.

  25. Since you think Mossad runs this country, Cindy tell us your evaluation of why you think Mossad is having our lawyers and judges act so corrupt?

  26. Is the complaint going to be published?

    Does anyone have access to it?

    I think it’s realative to this and it would only be fair for the readers to see it.

  27. My opinion was published based on what I’ve seen to date.

    I would like all the facts.

    No waltzing here, Is that a bad thing?

    Looking for the whole story.

    I would like to see the complaint.

  28. FedUp,

    My comment was to Cindy, sorry I didn’t label.

    I’d like to see all the credit card statements.

    This a little at a time is nonsense.

    We are getting fed only bits and pieces, what happen to openness Andrew, a talking point during your campaign?

  29. So let me get this straight.

    A complaint is filed and Lukasic hires Gummerson.

    Gummerson files for and obtains an injunction against his own client while asking to enjoin others?

    Am I reading this right?

    Oh he’s a clever one he is.

  30. McArdle seems to have been the one that did the paperwork, although both he and Gummerson represented Clerk Lukasic.

    The others in the case had only one attorney.

  31. I did a little math here, Cal.

    I think you have a new record.

    The total number of comments on this series of articles is 243.

    Be sure to check my math it may be as accurate as a township audit.

    If Lukasik and Gasser both are asking for the same thing, “don’t destroy any records”, why should there be any real significant expense here?

    Fedup – the Complaint is a public record and you can obtain one by going to the courthouse and asking for a copy.

  32. I believe if you added all the anti Jack comments the total would be greater.

    Depends on when you started with you count of course.

  33. Of all the anti Franks vs Miller over the last year or so the count on Jack comments I’d say is twice as much as Bob’s.

    Where is Mark the Original, he’d know.


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