McSweeney Calls Out Republicans Contemplating Voting for Tax Hikes

David McSweeney

State Rep. David McSweeney issued the following statement:

“Raising taxes will kill jobs and hurt families.

“Any Illinois Republican who supports a tax increase is a tax collector for government bureaucrats and the Cellini family shady warehouse lease.

“We need to stop the madness and cut spending, NOT raise taxes!”


McSweeney Calls Out Republicans Contemplating Voting for Tax Hikes — 6 Comments

  1. Raising taxes will drive more families and businesses out of Illinois
    and in doing so, taking their wealth with them while driving Illinois ever deeper
    and faster past the point of no return and into it’s fiscal grave.
    This is how you write a dissenting, hard hitting and focused press release, Dave.

  2. That’s right, and.

    They’re hoping Dems vote them back in.

    The Republicans sure won’t.

  3. Just chest pumping…the tax hike bill is contingent on 12 other bills being signed into law by the Gov.

    Since one of the 13 (Casinos) is still stuck in the Senate Rules Committee, the likelihood of all 13 passing is nil.

  4. DMAC – the linking language in the bills was taking out a long time ago.

    The bills are no longer explicitly linked to each other.

    The Rauner $5B tax increase is real.

  5. Bruce Rauner is hiding his 67% income tax hike on middle class families behind his wall of “reforms,” and hoping we won’t notice.

    Nice to see that McSweeney and Skillicorn, at least, can’t be bought off by Bruce’s millions…

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