Women’s Clothing Paid for by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Office Credit Card

There are a number of purchases of women’s clothing that were paid for by Algonquin Township Road District dollars.

What you see below was billed to Highway Commissioner Bob Miller’s American Express Premium Credit Card.

“A long sleeve ‘v-neck’  Merino cardigan sweater and Colorbook Merino Turtleneck”

“Print Drape Ballet, a Drop Shoulder Tuck and two more sweaters”

“Prada Living described as ‘men’s’ Women clothing”

“Womens’ Classic Cashmere Jacquard Cardigan Sweater, Supima Stripe Pocket Cardigan Sweater and Women’s boiled wool coat”

“Purchase of another Levenger bag”

“Orvis purchases”


Women’s Clothing Paid for by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Office Credit Card — 43 Comments

  1. Disgusting.


    What didn’t Bob buy with his platinum card?

  2. As I read through this crap that Bob Miller ALLEGEDLY did, I was at first outraged like many of you.

    Then I became fascinated with the sheer stupidity and gall displayed by his actions.

    As this goes on, however, and we see more and more of this, I now am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    While it’s still stupid of him to commingle these charges of a personal nature and thus expose himself and his office to this sort of criticism and suspicion of felonious conduct (if that’s truly what he did, that’s what this is and he deserves to be prosecuted and upon conviction, lose his pension under IMRF), there is at least one explanation that could earn him a pass – at least in this viewer’s eyes.

    What if the records of the road district reflected a payment each and every month, contemporaneous with the payment of these bills by the township road district, from Miller’s personal checking account.

    I mean, it’s still stupid of him, but if, for instance, there are $875.34 worth of AMEX charges that appear to be for his or his wife’s personal benefit, and before those charges are even approved by the township trustees for payment, there is a check payable to the township or road district from Miller in the amount of $875.34, where is the harm?

    I’m not talking about a check compensating the township that arrives a month or two later, or one that might arrive now in the midst of this sh*t storm.

    I mean payments made by Miller before these bills were paid.

    Would that have the slightest affect on your thoughts in this matter?

    OTOH, there are still fertile fields to plow here.

    I notice that many of the items are “ticked off” with a check mark.

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a moment.

    Those may represent the charges that he considers personal in nature and for which he did write a check to cover them.

    What then do we make of the charges (several hundred dollars worth in this one statement) from SiriusXM or, say, Google – Minecraft (a video game application?)?

    Does that mean that we’re paying for premium radio service in his Lincoln SUV (that was the last “official” vehicle I read about him driving)?

    Anyway you care to slice this pie, it stinks and, as Desi Arnez often said to Lucy, “You got some ‘splaining to do!”

    If a reasonable explanation to justify these charges is not forthcoming, perhaps rather than writing anonymously to this blog, we’d all be better off writing to the state’s attorney, the attorney general, the FBI and, let’s not forget to include the “gift that keeps on giving”, the Internal Revenue Service.

    Failing that, let’s get out the pitchforks, torches and rope and find him!

  3. The Amex Platinum Business Card has the highest annual fee of their business cards($450/year), but it also has the most generous rewards program.

    It would be very interesting to see what the rewards points were used for.

  4. OK- now show me your PROOF that HE didn’t pay the CC bill for these items.

    THEN you have a story.

  5. AZ supporter it’s a government credit card.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Hanlon will tie it together for people like you.

  6. Who in the check is the Audit Firm that did the annual audit for the township and how on earth did the Trustees not question these bills for payment.

    They too may be complicit.

  7. @AZsupporter

    Even if you pay the bill immediately, it’s illegal in Illinois to use a government credit card for personal use.

    The Mayor of Pekin, Illinois was found guilty of three counts of official misconduct for obtaining cash advances for gambling with his city credit card.

    He paid the bill immediately and without being asked, so it wasn’t a case of him stealing the money. The fact that he misused the City’s credit was enough to convict him.

    The case went all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, and they based their decision on Article VIII, section 1(a), of the Illinois Constitution, which provides that “public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes.”

  8. Billy Bob, personal use will not be the talking point.

    A perk like all the other road dist employees get, a closing allowance.

    Within the budget there is a line item for that.

  9. If you come across any Victoria Secret purchases, please don’t post.

    The visual of Bob or his wife in one of their offerings, would be too much for my brain to process.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Those with an Entitlement mentality, never think anything they do is wrong!

  11. Two things:

    1. Before making all this public, did anyone confirm that reimbursement to the township did not occur?

    2. Will a judge throw all the evidence out because the case is being tried in the court of public opinion before even a hint of an official charge has been made?

    This is Illinois and the unexpected has become the expected.

  12. Well then how about this .. pay for these items with your own personal credit card.

    AZ supporter -as usual- ok with fraud and politicians being crooks.

    Always defending the worst.

  13. AZsupporter/anonymous coward- “proof” of not paying if proof of a negative, which is a logical impossibility. I

    ‘m a single male, but would not be able to “prove” that I am unmarried- for example, there are US jurisdictions that treat marriage licenses as confidential documents- Tulare County, Califormia is one example.

    If Mr. Miller had written out personal checks to cover personal expenses on a municipal credit card- he would have mentioned it in his one weak statement that he put out to the public; the best he could come up with was the first $300 purse he bought for his wife was actually a “gear bag” that was still at the township office.

    That’s funny right there.

    And, if he had written out personal checks to cover personal purchases on a municipal credit card- he still committed a crime.

    Hey, “AZ- did those 5 Department of Defense Kawasaki dual-fuel Kawasaki KLR650s that the Walrus and your Missouri cock holster buddy give away to their friends ever turn back up?

    The FBI sure as fuck is taking their time on it.

  14. Your chance to do something positive. Flood that email with your complaints over this grievous assault on the good people of this county. I voted for Mr. Kennealy to clean up this county. Let us challenge him to do just that.

  15. Nob,

    I just looked at the Highway Dept’s budget, and there is no line item for a clothing allowance.

    There was an expense entry of about $3k for clothing and protective equipment listed under “commodities” in the maintenance section of the budget, but that is not the same as an allowance.

    Anna May was not in that section in any case.

    Her salary and expenses are listed in the administration section.

  16. Perhaps a reward of say ten percent be allocated from the recovery and resale of said “stolen” goods.

    I’m sure someone who worked there knew ALL of the shenanigans occurring.

  17. Billy Bob, I dont know how or where clothing allowance are listed, but it’s about a $1k per employee.

    Uniforms and safety equipment it maybe listed under.

    I think we’d agree the way budget items are listed isn’t always the most easy or logical way.

    Lawyers or elected, hard to know which to blame for complicated forms.

  18. Semper Fi? Looks like you are right. Just look at his last post. He just proved you are right.

  19. Yes I was my Marine pal.

    Quit over a year ago so there was no conflict and I was busy building a new house.

    Also was ex Army, School Dist, Municipal for 30 years, and another Township.

    I’ve even offered to have my pension cut 5% instead of taxing pensions.

    Seems logical to take less from the pension fund than have the $$$ lost in the general fund.

  20. Is there any difference between buying personal items on a government credit card and political patronage hiring by the “round mound”?

    Both R.O.B. the taxpayers!

  21. Providing safety equipment for use on the job and providing a clothing allowance are two entirely different things, and they must be accounted for differently.

    I’m not sure how legal it is to just dole out an allowance that isn’t budgeted.

  22. And the hits just keep on a coming as Illinois residents keep on a going … out of Illinois, that is.

  23. Townships have to have balanced budgets.

    The purchase has too be in there some where.

    Board approved it.

    The attitude about perks changed after the economic turn down, closer to 10 or 11.

    Some still suffer from doing things the old way.

    Wait most, only has been like two election cycles.

    Washington and Springfield stink of it.

    Change works for me.

  24. You are using the wrong to again. It makes it extremely difficult to comprehend what you are saying when you can’t use the language correctly. Your sentence reads as…”the purchase has also be in there somewhere.”…; (although you separated the word somewhere for some unknown reason). (Oh, yeah, you’re Army. They don’t use the English language.)

  25. I’m sure all the Army vet’s love it when you put them down Luv.

  26. You are an idiot, nob. That’s what we Marines do when we meet Army. It is the jocular way we always address each other. (Unlike you, who condescends every single time with your wornout luv crap.)

  27. So you were a Jar Head or married to one.
    Whoever was thanks for your service.

  28. this crap just gets deeper and deeper, hand cuffs would be a nice compliment to the attire, please send a message and put these entitled spoiled scumbags in jail, take the pennsion

  29. Viet Nam Tet Offensive. I will pass your greeting on to the Old Marine.

  30. How much of a clothing allowance is Sandy Getting as a clothing allowance at the county.

    Where’s the outrage?

  31. This is getting to the point of absurdity.

    Google Minecraft (video game).

    Satellite radio.

    etc. etc. etc.

  32. Fed-up get real.

    Cashmere sweaters have no public purpose whatsoever.

    Neither do airline tickets for people who are not employees of the township.

    Application of the law yields a single result.

  33. I do agree that a clerical position at the County (Sheriff’s office and all other offices) should NOT be entitled to a uniform allowance.

    It appears to have started under Nygren and Prim should have stopped it(imo).

  34. I have met Anna May Miller on several occasions outings, board meetings, out and about town, I have one question , who is Bob buying all these elegant , and fashionable outfits for?????

    she has always appeared more like raggedy Ann than fashion lady, who is the mysterious other woman that has cost us tax payers large amounts of money???

  35. LOL local. You have put everyone’s thoughts into a politically “correct” type of comment.

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