Counseling Offered for Marengo Explosion Victims

A press release from the McHenry County Mental Health Board:

Mental Health Services and Resources Available for Those Impacted by the Marengo Home Explosion

Although the McHenry County Emergency Management Agency is helping coordinate relief measures through the Red Cross of Chicago and Northern Illinois, the McHenry County Mental Health Board and its partners acknowledge that additional mental health resources may be necessary for those impacted by the event.

As the investigation of the explosion is set to begin on Tuesday, June 20th, it is very likely that some victims of the incident may experience additional or exacerbated feelings of grief and stress.

Therefore, local crisis workers will be stopping by the investigation site periodically to offer their expertise and availability.

Speaking on behalf of the local mental health system, Mental Health Board Executive Director Scott Block said “Together, we wish to provide access to any additional mental health counseling services or resources necessary to help individuals deal with any grief and stress concerns that stem from the event.”

If you or a loved one are in need of mental health counseling services or resources to help cope with the aftermath of the event, please contact the McHenry County Crisis Line at 800-892-8900 or the McHenry County Mental Health Board at 815-455-2828.


Counseling Offered for Marengo Explosion Victims — 7 Comments

  1. Here’s my counseling advice:

    Don’t live near ‘neighbors’ who:

    a) started a meth lab;

    b) let their home ‘fill’ with highly combustible natural gas or magnesium filings, whether the ‘filling’ was deliberate or negligent;

    c) stage ‘re-enactments of the Von Hindenburg zeppelin disaster when they are safely away on vacation;

    d) act as records keepers for the Miller Family and/or Algonquin Township Road Commissioner; or

    e) got Tom “DR. Jeyll” Salvi angry at them for real or imaginary reasons.

  2. I would love to know what you have found out about “these people”, swordfish.

    I am positive we never got the real story on this.

  3. Really? I find these comments pretty awful.

    There are so many families that are suffering right now.

    M.O.R.E. P.O. Box 32, Marengo, Il 60152 is accepting financial donations.

  4. Is it just me or do others believe that as we increase the number of social workers in school, government and elsewhere plus offer up taxpayer funded “counseling” at every opportunity, our society becomes more mentally ill?

  5. Constituent? We are ALL suffering. It’s just different degrees. Why do you think the comments are awful? They seem to be very truthful.

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