Jack Franks Did Not Live Up to Requirements of Economic Disclosure

Jack Franks

Last week, McHenry County Blog published the Statement of Economic Interest filed by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, along with the Addendum required by County Ordinance.

An expert has examined the filing of the Addendum and concludes,

“He does not name the law firm or company in which he owns stock as required by the form.

“He also fails to identify the nature or percentage of his interest in the real property or either of the businesses, also required by the form.”

Just in case you would like to look at the Addendum more easily than clicking on the link above, you can find it below:


Jack Franks Did Not Live Up to Requirements of Economic Disclosure — 25 Comments

  1. The form above also has no indication that Mr. Franks provided an answer to 1C:

    “The property’s permanent real estate tax identification number.”

  2. How dare anyone question the action of the “round mound”?

    Oh, I forgot, “he wears no clothes”.

  3. An “expert,” eh?

    Sources say noted ‘expert’ is still disgruntled from losing to Franks in the last election.

  4. This is pathetic that you follow franks around with such petty criticism don’t you have better things to do

  5. I believe the point was, this elected office gets to direct significant amounts of County taxpayer money toward projects such as, for example, I90 interchange in Marengo.

    If the PIN numbers are available, citizens may know whether the elected official and his family are being personally advantaged at the expense of others by power of the elected office.

    Perhaps there are choices as to which properties are condemned for on/off ramps, vs. which other properties may be wholly preserved for lucrative commercial development. For example.

  6. If my sunshine blogger quotes an expert, I must believe him. That’s what serious journalism is all about. Or not? 2018, was that you? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. I guess no one here has read “Animal Farm”.

    No one gets the point being made that some pigs are MORE equal than others.

    No one seems to get core values.

    Just commenters on feelings. {sigh}

  8. Food for thought: Franks is on the board of a bank. If he wants to fund a project for the real estate venture that he has stock in, it’s probably easier for him to go that route than trying to use county funds….

    This is just more Cal finding petty reasons to rag on Franks.

  9. Moderate, you have missed the point.

    Directing County funds to a road project which serves to escalate value of real estate holdings in that area is one example of the power an elected official has to reward himself or friends at the expense of enemies/all other taxpayers to whom he is indifferent.

    While I am not suggesting this is the case with Franks, I am arguing this reason, among others, supports requirement for public officials divulging economic interests with all the specificity demanded by law.

    I do not understand the non-emotional basis of your objection to enforcing this legal requirement.

  10. The property address for his farm is on the disclosure….. there’s your ‘non-emotional basis.’

  11. Also, it’s a ‘non-emotional basis’ to consider that county funds would not be used on a road project when it involves Grant Highway – that’s overseen by the state. So, your argument is further null.

  12. Mr. Franks also did not indicate the instrument of ownership in the farmland.

  13. Wrong again, Mark.

    Sec. 1-115. “Instrument of Ownership” means deeds, common or preferred stock certificates, rights, warrants, options, bills of sale, contracts, interests in proprietorships, partnerships and joint ventures, and beneficial interests in trusts or land trusts.

    Franks says he has an interest, but does not know if he is part of a trust. He probably didn’t have to state that in the disclosure.

    Do you have any other BS to air out, or is this it for today?

  14. Stop it with the facts already! Would you please rely on the expert? Remember, in the sunshine blogger we trust…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  15. He doesn’t know the instrument of ownership in the farmland in which he knows he has an interest?

  16. I read on earlier post that several million county dollars are committed to I90 interchange at Marengo, was I mistaken?

  17. If you haven’t figured out by now that Jack Franks doesn’t care about Board Rules or any rule that the Board has come up with.

    He circumvents them and he could care less.

    What is the Board going to do throw him in Jail?

    The rules don’t matter to him.

    It’s not a law and if it is not a law then why bother.

    So what if he didn’t fill it out they way he is suppose to?

    What is the board going to do force him?

    Force him or what will happen?

    Nothing because the rules that govern the board don’t matter!

    They are suppose to be followed but what happens when they are not followed?


    So understand this is where the Board fails because every time they allow him to do something it just makes them weaker and weaker!

    Good luck County Board because until you start showing some backbone you don’t call the shots to your own board!

  18. Pretty sure the county portion of the I-90 / Route 23 interchange is $8M.

    There is no indication Jack Franks has an interest in any of that land, but Jack has never said that, and no one has has surfaced that has done the research either.

    The Franks family owns multiple properties in McHenry County (he, his father, mother, brothers, and the 777 LLC company he has an interest in.).

  19. Moderate: Regulation O of the Federal Reserve Board puts specific guidelines on banks and their extension of loans or credit to officers, directors, etc.

    Not that it would be impossible for Franks to obtain such an instrument, but he’d have to document the crap out of his request and why exactly it was necessary.

  20. Actually, I’d like to know if McClellan is going to fine him $1500 for not being compliment with the Statement of Economic Interest?

    Like she did to one of the board members who was late with their’s.

    Or is Franks a special friend’ of hers that will get a pass?

  21. Not only should she make him pay that fine; but she should also make him wear a dunce hat for being a numbskull.

  22. Based on discussions above, would you trust the “round mound” as your attorney?

    Maybe the quickest way to get the “round mound” to step down would be to boycott any business he is involved in.

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