Man Shot a Block from Woodstock Square Identified

McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski has identified to man shot and killed near the Woodstock Square.

“The victim of the shooting early last Friday morning in Woodstock IL has been identified to be Cesar Rangel, age 41, of Woodstock IL,” she writes.

“No further information from my office is available at this time.”


Man Shot a Block from Woodstock Square Identified — 8 Comments

  1. Is Woodstock/Harvard/Marengo the new Belvidere?

    McHenry/Wonder Lake the new Waukegan?

    Cary/Crystal Lake, the new Park City, IL?

    Algonquin/Lake in the Hills the new Carpentersville?

    Sure seems like it!

    SAD our county is mirroring other undesirable and unsafe places.

  2. Ridiculous anti-minority questions like these are what makes our sunshine blog so special; the pride of McHenry county. Is McHenry county the old Louisiana? The old Mississippi? The old South Carolina? Just asking…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. The majority of the Hispanic community including the undocumented workers are decent, hard working people.

    Bit please spare us the bull####.

    There are also many very serious problems.

    We are tired of those leeching off the rest of us and people like you crying foul when they’re are pointed out.

  4. it’s the obama admin’s section 8 bs regulations…
    that has brought in the trash.

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