Recycling Saturday at Algonquin Township Hall on Route 14

Saturday, June 24th, Algonquin Township will be accepting items to be recycled.

Paint is specifically excluded.

Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser explained the event, which will run from 8 to noon:

We are partnering with the McHenry County Conservation District (MCCD) which has allowed us to attempt a new traffic procedure which we hope will alleviate backups on Route 14.

People will enter through The Hallows entrance and turn to the right to enter into Algonquin Township property.

The traffic pattern will be marked with cones which will allow traffic to buildup on township property.

It is important to note that the main entrance into the township will be an EXIT ONLY.

This will also ease congestion on Route 14.

We will also have volunteers helping to direct traffic to specific recycling stations.

We will not be accepting paint.

The Algonquin Township Highway Department (ATHD) does not have not have a written agreement with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) that we are active partners in the IEPA Waste Paint Recycling Program.

Moreover, we have 55 drums of despoiled paint on the property from our April recycling event that is still awaiting pick up.

This also does not include the over 2,000 cans of paint dumped on township property in May.

Until the ATHD has an agreement in writing that we are a certified partner we cannot accept more paint.

If anyone is needing to get rid of paint you can go to Ziggler’s Ace Hardware in Crystal Lake to have it disposed.

There is also the McHenry County Green Guide which has other businesses that will also dispose of paint. The website address is:

Finally, we have a new Facebook page and we are asking people who utilize Facebook to like and follow our page so that we may better communicate and serve our constituents who live in Algonquin Township. The Facebook page can be reached at:


Recycling Saturday at Algonquin Township Hall on Route 14 — 3 Comments

  1. Will they accept a DEMOCRAT(s) or would that be considered hazardous materials ?

  2. There isn’t enough and timely info on the change in brush drop off.

    Problems Houston!

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