McConchie to Colleagues: “Get Serious”

Dan McConchie

A press release from Dan McConchie:

Senate in Special Session for 10 minutes, McConchie urges legislators to get serious

Springfield, IL… State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) releases the following statement reacting to the 10 minutes the Senate spent in Special Session on June 21:

“The Governor has called the General Assembly to Springfield for the purpose of acting on a balanced budget, and yet, on the first day back, the Senate spent a measly 10 minutes in Special Session.

“Within that 10 minutes, there was no debate or no action taken on anything regarding the budget.

“That is an insult and a shame.

“It’s time to get serious.

“The people of Illinois deserve better, and they definitely deserve more than 10 minutes of our time when they are paying us to be here.”


McConchie to Colleagues: “Get Serious” — 6 Comments

  1. Seems to be a pissing contest.

    I am sick of the “elected” politicians of this sickened state.

    All of them.

  2. 1) The Senate Dems already passed a balanced budget. McConchie wasnt very interested in helping on that.

    2) Is McConchie take per diems and mileage this week?

  3. Anyone in this County who voted time and again for the “round mound” can take credit for the mess this state is in.

    It is the VOTERS that created and perpetuated this mess!!!

    Now we actually still have local ‘political’ types voicing support for the “round mound”.

    Prior management of the County GOP can also take credit for the mess as they refused to launch / support any opposition candidates for the “round mound”.

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