Jack Franks – Gone Fishing

Jack Franks

The annual fishing excursion in Canada for Illinois Democratic biggies is occurring now.

Among those usually there are members of the Franks family, Ed Burke, Jesse White and other influentials.

Jack won’t just be after Canadian fish, however.

Rumors have it that he seeks support for some statewide office.


Jack Franks – Gone Fishing — 19 Comments

  1. Influentials? Nobody more influential than my sunshine blogger. Go fishing-gate? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. The dire economic condition of the state takes a back seat when it comes to
    DEMOCRAT’S time for yet more fun and frolic.

    The Great Exodus from Illinois continues as the state sinks ever further into the fiscal abyss.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT you see today, and remember to pay your property taxes on time.

  3. Remember how much fun republicans had at Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn last winter? Bruce Rauner was there as well as our sunshine blogger; lots of cash flew around. That did not bother my compassionate conservative friends. Oh well, this is our sunshine blog after all…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. This would be a really good time to schedule that special County Board meeting that some of the members have been talking about.

  5. Will he be meeting with his twin / bosom buddy, Justin?

    Birds of a feather?

  6. $5 for anyone that befriends Angel and keeps him/her away from the blog.

  7. Being that most contributions to the Jack Franks PAC come from outside McHenry County, and he regularly holds fundraisers outside McHenry County, it would be no surprise if Mr. Franks ran for a statewide office.

  8. @Gooniegoogoo

    I’ll see you $5 and raise you a hundred 😅

  9. According to Wikipedia, Jesse White was born yesterday, June 23, 1934.

    Thus he is 83 years old.

  10. Goonie and Fierabras? Maybe you can enlist Father Luis Alfredo Rios or Monsignor Daniel Hermes. They already know him quite well. Maybe Ricardo Rosello, too (if he has kept up).

  11. Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE)

    Citizens for Jesse White

    Committee ID 14632

    Quarterly Report ending March 31, 2017

    Funds Available at the Close of the Reporting Period: $353,222.

    http://www.elections.il.gov > Search Options > Committee Search > Search > Committee Name Contains: White

    Many contributors are unions.

  12. Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE)

    Supporters of Jack D Franks

    Commmittee ID 19464

    Quarterly Report ending March 31, 2017

    Funds Available at the Close of the Reporting Period: $500,984

    Many contributors are unions.

  13. Jacko ‘the Little Liar’ Franks imagines he’s another Rahm.


    “As everyone who has not been asleep for the past two years knows, since Emanuel’s arrival in the White House, he has traded on his Jewishness in the casual, shorthand way familiar to anyone who has lived on the East or West Coast, now mentioning his bar mitzvah, then talking about his Tel Aviv-born father. Every fact in every article about him, from his getting accepted to Juilliard for ballet to his doing yoga (full disclosure: I once practiced Vinyasa a few mats away from him) gets measured against the fact of his Jewishness.”

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