Jack Franks says,”Shenangans;” In Other News, Pot Calls Kettle Black

“Shenanigans” is how the Northwest Herald’s front page describes what’s going on at the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District.

The Northwest Herald, as with all other media took no interest in the 40-year old Lake in the Hills Sanitary District until Jack Franks took umbrage at being being outmaneuvered in a game of government control.

But, before we get to the ins and outs of that story, let’s reflect upon the NWH’s headline,

Jack Franks patronage worker wearing Franks campaign stickers at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.

So far, the daily newspaper of record has allowed Franks’ shenanigans to hire two patronage employees in slots that had been unfilled so long that they could not be legally filled without further approval of the McHenry County Board to grace its front page.

Also ignored is the request from Yvonne Barnes for agenda items to be placed on the Human Resources Committee agenda.

Bridgett Geenen’s McHenry County employee identification card.

And the call for a Special Meeting of the Human Resources Committee by member Craig Wilcox hasn’t merited an article.

What about threatening Public Health Committee Chairman Chuck Wheeler for attending, upon invitation, an Executive Session of the McHenry County Mental Health Board?

And, if we want to go into way back land, how about the dirty tricks phone calls in Crystal Lake saying that 2000 opponent Tom Salvi was pro-gun, while, concurrently, Franks’ campaign was phoning Hebron residents saying he was anti-gun?

Surely readers can remember other shady actions by Franks.

Perhaps they will share them in the comment section.


Jack Franks says,”Shenangans;” In Other News, Pot Calls Kettle Black — 17 Comments

  1. The way that he got rid of the HR Committee at the beginning of his term so that he could sneak in his patronage hires was pretty slimy.

    He also seemed to do all that he could to slow walk getting that committee seated after the Board voted to reestablish it.

    The speech that he gave to the Board about how his patronage hires had found all this money owed to the County was less than forthright.

    I think his worst offense so far is probably the cynical way in which he has abused his authority to create ad hoc committees so that he can let his own patsies decide things rather than the proper standing committee.

    Much of the blame for all of these things can be placed upon spineless Board members who let him get away with it again and again.

  2. Another noteworthy action by Jack Franks was hiring outside counsel for county board chair parliamentarian services, when in the past such services were provided by the County State’s attorney’s office.

    Mr. Franks surprised even the County State’s attorney of that announcement on January 17, 2017 at a County Board meeting, as they were fully prepared to provide parliamentarian services to the County Board Chair at that meeting.

    The lawyer announced by Mr. Franks for Parliamentarian services (interpreting county board rules) was from from the law firm of Storino, Ramello, & Durkin.

    The Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC had reported a $1,000 contribution from Storino, Ramello, & Durkin on November 7, 2016.

    Mr. Franks was elected County Board Chair on November 8, 2016.

    Storino, Ramello, Durkin is located in Rosement in Cook County.

  3. Another questionable incident (among many) was Jack Franks’s campaign mailer “accidentally” describing him as a Republican.

  4. Rachael, That’s because he’s More conservative Than you and all your Little friends put together.

  5. Stand4crap, you’re an idiot and a BSer.

    Why is it any business of his?

    There’s something questionable here.

  6. Moderate – pot calling the kettle black much ?

    With your reputation for posting foolishness here I wouldn’t
    be too proud of myself.

  7. If you consider foolishness a reputation then have at it.

    I’m sure we’ll all be impressed. Or at the very least, amused.

  8. You would lose, Moderate. No one here believes anything you go on about.

  9. Comments such as “That’s because he’s More conservative” can be attributed to the result of teachers in the public ed system.

    So-called teachers who are “cut from the same cloth” as a recent new poster on this blog.

  10. Thanks for correcting me, Mark, about the source of the misleading political mailer.

    Thanks for the laugh, ‘stand4.’

    I’ve been called many unfounded insults, but yours was a first! 🙂

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