Signs of Hanky Panky at the Algonquin Township Road District – Part 2

Yesterday, yard sign wire found sitting in out-of-the-way places in a big poll barn at the Algonquin Township Road District property were published on McHenry County Blog.

Today, let’s look at some signs that were propped against the wall in the southeast corner of the building.

Here’s one for a guy running for Judge, Ray McKoski:

Four by either foot plywood Ray McKoski for Judge.

McKoski was on first on the ballot in 1992 after serving in Lake County as an Associated Judge since 9185. He retired in 2010.

Behind the McKoski sign was one for a slate of Island Lake candidates, headed by Chuck Amrich:

A slate of candidates seeking election to the Island Lake Village Board.headed by Chuck Amrich was left at this Algonquin Township garage.

Other candidates on the slate included a person named Herrman for Village Clerk and Andrew, Buckley, Stiller (and maybe one more candidate) for Village Trustee.  (One could figure out the year by checking municipal election results on the McHenry County Clerk’s web site in April elections of odd-numbered years.)

Next was a sign from one of Rosemary Kurtz’ State Rep. campaigns against me:

Bob Miller obviously supported Rosemary Kurtz in her eventually successful attempt to gain my seat in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Rosemary Kurtz first challenged me in the 1998 Republican Primary Election. It was not until her second time around in the year 2000, however, that she beat me.

A sign for my 1996 Republican primary candidate McHenry County Board member John Brehmer was behind that of Kurtz.

John Brehmer’s 1996 sign for State Representative was found stored in an on of the many Algonquin Township Road District garages.  “Building Bridges” was his slogan.

This was an interesting election. GOP County Chairman Al Jourdan recruited Brehmer after Brehmer figured out that he was not going to be allowed to be County Board Chairman.

Interesting to me was that Jourdan never expressed any dissatisfaction with my Springfield performance.
Jourdan became County Republican Party Chairman two years after I was elected McHenry County Treasurer.

That was the year that State Rep. Al Salvi was running for U.S. Senate. We ran a linked campaign in my State Rep. district.

Salvi and I were getting about 60% of the vote with about 40% of the precincts reporting.

Then, the counting machine went down.

I lost McHenry County narrowly, while Salvi tallied 60%, just as his margin had been before the voting machine “crashed.”

Reading about vote fraud subsequently, I learned that when punch card machines went down a new counting program could be added to ignore or add votes to favored candidates. Before the end of counting, the machine went down a second time. Again, reading about vote fraud in punch card situations with centralized counting, I read that would be when the original counting program would be re-loaded.

One of my supporters, David Fredericks, checked the final canvass and found that Republican Precinct Committeemen, found at the bottom of the ballot, received more total votes in my State Representative District in McHenry County than did Brehmer and I combined, even though we spent a total of upwards of $200,000 on the contest and there being a number of precincts with no candidates for GOP Precinct Committeeman.

My district had about thirteen precincts in Cook County’s Barrington Township at the time.

Counting of the punch cards was in each precinct, rather than centralized counting as was the case in McHenry County.

I won that area handily.

When the Daily Herald called to ask about the closeness of the race I told the reporter and the DH reported something like, “They forgot about Cook County.”

A couple of signs supporting township government were behind Brehmer’s.

These signs in support of retention of township government may have been used in the referendum that Bob Anderson put on the ballot.

And, here is a sign in favor of an advisory referendum on the Northern Bypass, whose path would been across Camp Algonquin and led pretty much to the property owned by the Northwest Herald.

A sign supporting an advisory referendum on the Northern Bypass, which traffic studies indicated was unnneded.

I think that referendum was on the ballot the same time that Brehmer was trying to knock me off.

That’s the end of the big signs.

Little ones tomorrow.


Signs of Hanky Panky at the Algonquin Township Road District – Part 2 — 25 Comments

  1. Those are signs picked up by the highway department over many years, when candidates failed to do so.

  2. Jim:

    Maybe they picked up that nice hand bag and Disney tickets off public property too.

  3. Did they pick up the personal email records showing the no doubt exhaustive negotiations between the Miller family and union?

    Still looking for those public records.

  4. Traveling memory lane back to the future, I also remember the year 9185; the good old rural McHenry county days. We were conservative and fiscally responsible. Too bad liberalism and immigrants came and diversity threw everything out the window, including our tax dollars. Lucky us to have this sunshine blog with its christian libertarianism and corporate Jesus as our only hope for salvation…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Angel’s version of diversity is of size color and shape not thought. No room for dissention on her plantation. She has a tic tic

  6. One thing in common in these pictures, 4×8 plywood.

    Why dispose of something that still can be used to cover a hole as a example?

    Saving $$$$ my ignorant pals.

  7. It’s the Harry Reid glass or because of the Rosemary signs?

    Payback isn’t it?

  8. Kinda like the remains of the dead baby the coroner forgot to dispose of …..

  9. Definitely not all plywood.

    At least some is the lower quality oriented strand board (OSB).

    Would this be the biggest collection of political signs in McHenry County?

  10. Nit pic much?

    Engineering is different as is the cost, but used almost the same way.

    Some oldies, but necessarily goodies.

  11. Eh, I dunno, Cal. This doesn’t seem to pass the “Hanky Panky” test.

    As Nob says, these are signs on durable wood (OSB, plywood, whatever.)

    Heck, if I were the commish I wouldn’t toss that wood, either.

    If I did then some other person would decry how I was wasteful or unnecessarily filling the landfill.

    Ok, so some of that stuff is old.

    Gasser should just put it out for free pick up and move on if he doesn’t have a need for it.

  12. I do not see how this is “Hanky Panky”

    They have a stash of nostalgic signs.

    So what!

  13. If there are multiple unopened boxes there they were most likely delivered there.

    I don’t know of any politicians that leave unopened boxes full of campaign signs on the side of the road.

    So the question is, who’s signs are they, who paid for them and why would they be stored on township property?

    Cal should have said that at the beginning it would have caused less confusion and a better story.

  14. Sweet Sue, Please GROW UP!

    Cal does the real stories the NWrag spikes.

    This County would be like Communist Romania under Ceaușescu if it weren’t for Cal getting out the truth others seek to hide.

  15. Thank you sunshine blogger for keeping our county’s government affairs away from a the style of a brutal former Eastern Europe’s dictatorship supported by the United States (or whatever that nonsense means). According to unnamed but reliable sources, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s ghosts were seen roaming around an undisclosed McHenry county location. Now let’s get rid of the bearded guerrilla leaders from Latin America once and for all…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. Nob…your head is so far up the millers ass it’s funny!!!!!

    Your such a Miller apologist!!

    Get your head out of the sand.

    You really believe what you say?

  17. Does Nicks Kid Still Work as the assistant to the Algonquin Township Clerk?

  18. No Nick’s Kid the patronage worker works for Chuck the Supervisor.

    He helped Chuck toss records, which we aren’t sure yet.

  19. Apparently no one “gets” what Cal is saying in these sign posts.

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