The Smallest Signs Found in an Algonquin Township Garage

The four by eight signs for candidates and referendums found in an Algonquin Township garage have been published previously.

Below you can see the yard signs stored there:

Don’t know what village election this aldermanic yard sign was for, but it was found storied in an Algonquin Township garage.

Here’s a yard sign for former Algonquin Village Trustee Joe Powalowski:

This sign wasn’t for the last time Joe Powalowski ran for Township Trustee because he had a running mate on it.

Next found were three signs for outgoing Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

A second Bob Miller yard sign.

The oldest Bob Miller yard sign.

src=”” alt=”” width=”656″ height=”382″ class=”size-full wp-image-106529″ /> A Bob Miller yard sign.[/caption]
Why do I suggest that the above sign is the oldest Bob Miller yard sign?

The reason is that his first name was pasted over his father’s, as you can see below:

Presumably, the last Del Miller for Road Commissioner yard sign.


The Smallest Signs Found in an Algonquin Township Garage — 19 Comments

  1. McHenry County Blog archives list Tom Quamme as being from McHenry Township in McHenry.

  2. Could some of these sings just be ‘un-pulled’ ones left over from decades of elections.

    A person might store them away for a number of non-nefarious reasons.

    Hmmm, I seem to recall someone else who collects old campaign signs!

  3. Gary? You are probably the LAST person that anyone would think of as silly.

  4. McHenry County is infamous for pulling down election signs of one’s opponent by your supporters.

    Sheriff’s supporters have done it for decades.

    All is fair in love and war I guess.

  5. Good to know Bob was frugal when it came to HIS money.

    Taxpayer money, not so much.

  6. Did you miss taking pictures of the Chuck L. signs or were they conveniently removed before the camera was used?

  7. I saw a pile of tires at AT next to a building that contained a lot of salt.

    Was Miller laundering rubber and salt?

    How has this not been investigated.

  8. I took photos of all the signs that were there during my tour.

  9. The tires and salt, take those pics.

    You’re about to break this wide open.

  10. Tires in the recyle pile?

    Salt dom that is used by IDOT, McDOT, AT, Cary, and FRG?

  11. Dumping old tires is big money in corrupt areas.

    I wouldn’t leave it out of the discussion regarding the apparent corruption at the Township.

    The Millers are bought and paid by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in Chicago.

  12. Campaigning from the elected office is nothing new to crooked politicians.

    They feel it’s their right.

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