Jack Franks Youths Distribute JB Pritzker Literature in McHenry

Here’s what young people were handing out in McHenry this week:

One side of the JB Pritzker door-to-door piece.

J.B. Pritzker literature being passed out door-to-door by young people wearing Jack Franks’ tee shirts.


Jack Franks Youths Distribute JB Pritzker Literature in McHenry — 12 Comments

  1. Poor Brucie is only a Millionaire.

    JB, isn’t he one ofthe the lefty hated Billionaires?


  2. I like the subtle Hitler Youth reference, Cal. I generally think Jack is a snake, and I generally think you’re not, but come on.

  3. That said, JB certainly eats like an inherited-wealth millionaire.

  4. Let’s hear those FBI JB/Blago tapes again.

    Knowing jackass Illinois voters, JB is elected gov and rewards Franks with whatever he’s scheming about wanting to get, as a faithful Illinois Kleptocrat.

  5. Despite Franks supporting the billionaire rather than Biss I’m sure the brainless Indivisibles and Socialist Democrats will continue to do Franks’ bidding.

  6. Yep, brainwashing the children of low – info voters and their parents.

    Because like Hillary said, “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”.

    A DEMOCRAT village, that is.

  7. Lieutenant Governor or Secretary of State would be an upgrade in salary for current McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks.


    The primary election is to be held March 20, 2018.

  8. I believe Bruce is estimated to be worth just under a billion Yahoo news.

    JB well over a billion.

    Estimates and polling have error of course and plenty of bias.

  9. Any sideways reference to the Hitler youth is 100% correct.

    Lying Jack Franks brainwashed an entire County, what’s a few more kids more or less?

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