Brettman Brings District 6 County Board Campaign to Facebook

The Republican Primary Election is not until March, but McHenry County Board candidate Orville Brettman is already advertising on Facebook.

The ad follows:

Orville Brettman’s Facebook ad features photos of the two incumbents whose terms expire next year–Michele Aavang and Larry Smith.


Brettman Brings District 6 County Board Campaign to Facebook — 31 Comments

  1. This literature is confusing.

    It makes it seem like he is against Republicans.

  2. Another No Good Joe Walsh Brainwashed Clone.

    We Deserve better choices people.

    Wake Up!

  3. Says who? the ‘no good’ County Clerk, Mary McClellan?

    RINO extraordinaire?

    Where do I send my donations to Brettman?

  4. So first he a spy and then a turncoat when he get’s caught.

    Then he is a Ross Perot supporter.

    And now a Rhino hunter.

    The only thing he has been since 1963 is loon.

    Who are you crapping.

  5. There’s RINOs everywhere in this County,too bad Brettman can only take out one.

  6. Good luck, Mr. Brettman.

    It’s tough to beat RINOs in District 6 — ask Ersel Schuster and Kelly Liebmann.

  7. Is he bringing back the Legion of Justice?

    Asking for a friend at the FBI.

  8. If Mark Twain and John Wayne could’ve reproduced….They’d have ended up with Orv!

    Experienced & Wise, Extremely level headed, humorous, easy going but tough, not afraid of hard work and willing to make tough decisions and works well with others.

    And he’s retired!!

    We need people on the board who will have the time to invest in delving into the board packets, solutions and
    out-of-the-box critical thinkers.

  9. The fact that first commenter’s venom is displayed loud and proud is precisely why we need Orv Brettman!!!!


    Whats wrong with Joe Walsh?

    He calls out Dems, Republicans, anyone and everyone who is doing wrong by the citizens.

    I think it’s commendable!

  10. I don’t know it all seems fishy.

    I question joe Walsh and anyone who is affiliated with a political packing any kind.

    Where are all the regular people.

  11. I just do not care what side of the plate anyone running for office sits on.

    If I think you are there for ME, you get my vote.

    If I think you are there for YOU, Then you do not.

    It is about that simple.

    Do Not drag your opponents through the mud to show how great you are.

    Respect them and then respect me.

    Just tell me what it is you want to do or change.

    If your campaign BEGINS with mud slinging, I feel You have nothing real to offer.

    Tell me WHY YOU deserve the position and NOT WHY the opposition does not! And I do live in district 6

  12. Um,thanks cindy for clearing that up, LOL!
    Love that Name “Orvilleisaloon” Good One!
    That Campaign is already in the Toilet and it hasn’t even Started!

  13. With regards to a toilet campaign, it all depends on who gets the sunshine blogger’s endorsement. This will be the decisive factor…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. Orv is a good person and he’s willing to call out his predecessors not doing their jobs.

    Rumor has it the farmer chick is running for Althoff’s position.

    Larry Smith, I suspect doesn’t even read the material required to be on the board.

    He doesn’t offer anything, he lays low and votes the wrong way.

    We have enough of those.


  15. Lots of good mudslinging here, but not one single word in defense of the two RINOs mentioned in the ad.

    The reason is..

    It’s true and every mother’s son knows it.

    Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  16. StandForTruth commented on the two RINOs.

    “Rumor has it the farmer chick is running for Althoff’s position. Larry Smith, I suspect doesn’t even read the material required to be on the board. He doesn’t offer anything, he lays low and votes the wrong way.”

  17. I Like the stand for truth comment at the top better.
    What Pig would steal someone else’s name and start commenting on their behalf.
    Typical of you Inbred Locals who post here.

  18. BTW, Your Orv doesn’t stand a chance at district 6 and here’s why..

    Nobody but the walsh tea party knows who he is and they wont even support him.

    Hey Orv, I heard burger king is hiring.

  19. For what it’s worth Orv can count on my vote and my support…..

    I will urge everyone in district 6 to vote for him…..

    Lets help Orv put RINO’S on the endangered species list

  20. The brain dead libtards don’t get it yet.

    That’s what they said about Trump.

  21. I’m a lot of things but no idiot and especially when it comes to McHenry County Politicians.
    And Yes This County Carried Trump Most already Know This However The reason Your husband got elected is because he ran against a Drunk and a Dumbass I guess most thought he was the better choice(NOT!)
    Did You find a Job Yet Karen?? It seems you have a lot of spare time on your hands lately, talk to Jack I hear he’s looking for people.
    He Might Hire you Since your husband can’t because he ran on “Wont Hire My Wife”!!

  22. In all due respect, you are an idiot; and you don’t know the language. Maybe you should not be so vociferous. It clearly shows your shortcomings.

  23. Orv you should not let the right wings tell you just because your retired you should throw you name in the hat.

    We need better people representing us that understand the county board
    Is there to set policy not micromanage.

    Most people do not understand the role the. Oars plays and think they are there to run the dpartments.

    So all this talk is about really nothing because of you don’t have the ability or forth sight to lead or the ability to do so.

    Stay home and save the agrivation when you really have nothing to offer.

  24. OMG look at what the cat dragged out!

    The Dems & RINO’s – and the really useless insecure ones at that!

    Orv, your record was stellar in Carpentersville.

    You saved the Fox Valley from becoming polluted at the hands of crooked politicians.

    McClellan/Millers/Dems/RINOS/Crooks will get on here and try to badmouth you but everyone knows who these people are and what they stand for.

    You’re the epitome of a Leader, and no one tells you what to do.

    We certainly CAN do better and we WILL once you’re on the board!

    If I weren’t in Alg. I’d vote for you, but I will help your campaign any way I can!

    Read this if you want to know what Brettman will be willing to do!

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