Kids on Bicycles Hit by Landscaping Truck on Lake Avenue Near Crystal Creek

No news has appeared in a press release yet, but neighbors of where Crystal Creek flows from Crystal Lake report that children riding bikes were hit by a landscaping truck.

The Crystal Lake Police Department says no one was killed.

The accident site is just west of the Lakeside Festival being held on the Dole Mansion grounds.

Lake Avenue was blocked by both Crystal Lake and Lakewood Police vehicles sometime after about 4:15 PM.

A WGN News helicopter was fairly stationary over the Main Beach parking lot.

A WGN New helicopter hoovered over the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach parking lot.

A Crystal Lake Fire Engine was also parked by the side of the road.

Lake Avenue at Crystal Creek about 4:30 Friday afternoon.

It was still blocked at 5:50.

The view from Broadway along the bank of Crystal Creek.

At about 7:25, two Sheriff’s vehicles approached from the west.

The view from the corner of Essex and Lake Avenue at ten to six.

Approaching ten PM, traffic still had to detour to Broadway, the road to the south of Lake Avenue.

A reliable source said that a flight for life helicopter took off from the Lundahl Middle School parking lot after the accident.


Kids on Bicycles Hit by Landscaping Truck on Lake Avenue Near Crystal Creek — 8 Comments

  1. Crash didn’t happen till around six.

    Wonder what all the ruckus was from four on?

    Was the crash because of all the commotion going on here?

  2. I guess this matter is not worth any media coverage.

    As of this time and date I can’t find any.

    Perhaps there is something that they don’t want us to know …. just sayin’.

  3. Oh, wait a mintute, Honest.

    I just happened to think of this.

    Last night we were extremely perplexed that there was absolutely no sound of any sirens or emergency vehicles, yet there were all these choppers in the air.

    We puzzled over that for the longest time.

    Then I decided that maybe all the emergency vehicles were already at the scene so that is why we never heard any sirens.

    Still, it is really odd.

    (I mean the sounds from last night.)

  4. Like Rush tells us, “just saying, what my twisted mind thinks, just saying…” tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Hello Angel. Thank you for taking the time to grace our conversation with your pathos.

  6. It’s a good time to make a blog post with a pop quiz safety test for both bicyclists and motorists. I took the test and was still wrong about a few of these. Brush up fellow residents, our kids lives depend on our awareness.

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