Skillicorn Speaks Against Tax Hike

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Skillicorn Reacts to Springfield Tax Hike

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) says the massive tax hike and last minute budget rammed through the Illinois of House Representatives today fails the citizens of Illinois.

Allen Skillicorn

“Only a few days ago, Speaker Madigan and House Democrats said they were ready to negotiate and pass a budget that reformed Illinois’ broken system, but it’s clear that was merely a distraction,” said Skillicorn.

“Passing a massive tax hike and doing nothing to change the states’ structural problems is going to drive more people and businesses out of Illinois.

“Worst of all, passing this tax hike and ramming this budget through the House shows Speaker Madigan is more interested in keeping lobbyists and special interests happy, even at the expense of this state’s people. The people of Illinois deserve far better.

“An additional 1,211 pages of legislation was filled just a couple hours before debate began.

“Please ask the Democrats and Republicans that voted to hike your taxes if they read the bills.

“If they are honest, they will admit that they did not.”

Watch video of Rep. Skillicorn speaking on the House floor: here:


Skillicorn Speaks Against Tax Hike — 14 Comments

  1. This was a Huge waste of our tax dollars for this special session meeting.

    Nothing’s been accomplished!

    Now You will blame the democrats and not accept responsibility.

    True leadership would find a solution to get us out of this mess.

    Today we have the worst government in my lifetime, Thanks Allen

  2. Thank you goes out to McSweeney, Reick and Skillicorn for speaking out!

    Was the teenie weenie martini on vacation?

  3. True patriot David McSweeney,thank you for defending your fellow taxpayers who are or will be leaving our great state due to high taxation and little representation.

  4. Opps Allan Skillcorn the above comments were meant for you too!

    Both David and you are my patriots in the house.

  5. In the video, looking at Mr. Skillicorn, are the following Republican State Representatives, and how the voted for or against the budget which contains the permanent state income tax hike from 3.75% to 4.95%:

    To his left is Mike Fortner (West Chicago office in DuPage County), voted for tax hike.

    To his right is David Harris (Mount Prospect office in Cook County), voted for tax hike.

    Behind him to his left is Charles Meier (Highland office in Madison County), voted for tax hike.

    To the left of Charles Meier is Daniel Swanson (Woodhull office in Henry County), voted against tax hike.


    Here is the seating chart for the 100th General Assembly.

    The Secretary of State office did not bother to make it searchable.

    The House did not bother to post a seating chart on the Illinois General Assembly website (the Senate did post a seating chart).

  6. Chuck, Hang it up, Your Done.
    Bye, Bye Because we need Better representation On the Board and your not It.
    Get a Clue, Mc sweenie is no Good and neither is skillicorn or reick or rauner for that matter.
    You want Higher taxes, You Got It Pal.

  7. Your Lucky I’m Not In District 4, I would Run Against You Myself!

  8. I would never ever vote for someone that couldn’t tell the difference between your and you’re. Get a clue. You are an idiot.

  9. Cindy, I’m a lot of things but idiot is the furthest thing from what I am.
    You on the other hand are judgmental and Petty.
    If you really understood the issue at hand, you would see your arguments are insignificant at best.

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