Local 150 Files FOIA Suit Against Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser

A court date of September 22, 2017, has been set.

The first judicial shot in the conflict between Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers and newly-elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser was fired June 23rd.

The court filing does not mention Gasser by name in its title; it is filed against his Road District.

The union says it filed the following Freedom of Information request:

“All emails to and from Andrew Gasser from April 15, 2017 to present, including personal emails used for Algonquin Township business.”

[The request is somewhat mystifying, because Gasser did not take office until the middle of May.]

The FOIA request was denied on Jun 19th on the grounds that it was “an unduly burdensome request.”

The union disputes the applicability of that exemption from the Freedom of Information Act and complained that Gasser did not give it the opportunity to  restrict its request.

Local 150 also complained that it was not told in writing its appeal rights, characterizing the omissions as “blatant and numerous.”

The union asks for an injunction declaring the Road District violated the FOIA, ordering it to reply to the information request and not to do so again, awarding costs and fees, plus fining it at least $2,500 for each violation.

The case has been assigned to Judge Michael Chmiel.


Local 150 Files FOIA Suit Against Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser — 45 Comments

  1. Wonder if the union appealed the denial to the Attorney General Public Access Counselor, or instead just filed this lawsuit in McHenry County Circuit Court (22nd Judicial Circuit).

  2. Gasser shut these clowns down!

    I’ve never been “anti-Union” but, I sure am headed that direction!

  3. There will be more news on FOIA denials coming from the present Alg Twh Supervisor and Road Commisioner.

    The long time simple verbal requests for public info are no longer honored at times.

    Fill out a FOIA request or email your question, the human touch is no more it seems.

    Delay and or denials is the new norm, and $$$$ keep the lawyers smiling!

    The Team of Transparency apparently isn’t transparent at all.

  4. I Bet Poor Andrew Had No Idea of what he was getting himself into and
    from the looks of his first road project over on Crystal Lake Avenue, It’s Confirmed.

  5. I you Live in Algonquin Township, You Should Be Irate right now.

    Andrew Gasser is running up a Big Bill your going to be paying for.

    Stay Tuned..

  6. I’m Talking about Attorney’s fees at 300+ per hr with Hanlon billing and a retainer of 20,000 already paid for services rendered you will be sorry you ever voted this Clown In once all the fines and attorneys fees are done and the dust settles.

  7. No, Alg Twnshp should be angry where it counts.

    At the Millers and all the crazy $h!t they did, and for ushering the Union upon Miller’s exit just for spite.

    They should also be angry that the township just handed $45K over to Miller with no documentation of proof he was due that sick day pay.

    Yes, the Millers are why all of this is costing Alg Twnshp taxpayers money.


  8. No Union Is ever formed by Management!

    That had and was done by the workers because they were scared of what was to come by Andrew for political reasons.

    Millers can not enter a Union Contract without the Employees asking for It!

    Semper Fi/Karen Tirio, You Should Know this!

    People of Algonquin Twp. Can and Will Blame Gasser for all future Tax Increases To their Litigation Fund.

    Andrew Is In Fact the COCKROACH!! BEWARE!!

  9. Standforlies has no idea what she’s talking about.

    Miller’s orchestrated this entire shitshow starting with the bullcrap “CBA” on his way out the door just to save his family members paychecks.

    Bobby never gave a crap about anything if it didnt benefit Bobby.

    And now he’s gonna make damn sure to stretch out every lawyer bill he can just so he can blame it on Gasser for beating him.

    Hes a selfish and vindictive bitter old man who wants to take everybody down with him.

    Even the taxpayers!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Stand4truth…..your a fool!

    Yeah let’s just let It all go.

    It’s totally fine for a commish to purchase Disney tickets in a hwy dept credit card right.

    Get your head out of the sand!

  11. Poor stand4truth doesn’t get what Andrew is doing is standing for truth.

    If you are irate now you should channel that emotion towards the source of the back room deal executed he his royalness.

  12. Oh, What’s a Matter?

    Got your Righty tidies In a Bundle?, LOL

    Admit It, Andrew Had NO Experience Going In To this and It’s Going to Cost, All Of the Algonquin TWP. People Very Dearly!

    Karen, Joe Is Going To Do The Same on A County Wide Basis and It will be to your Demise When
    He Can’t Get Re Elected so You Can Continue on your Lavish Lifestyle.

  13. Wow, guess we all know who ‘Stand4Truth’ is.

    Whacked out County Clerk so jealous she can’t see straight.

    Obsessed with Joe and his wife.

    Jealous much?

    You showed your cards McClellan.

    ‘Joe S’. you got that right!

    When someone defends people like the former Highway Commissioner they’re also defending themselves.

    I ‘d say she’s just smart enough to know she should be worried.

    Andrew, you sure as Hell are doing a lot of things right.

    Funny how these idiots don’t care what Miller did, how much they spent on the taxpayers dime, they’ll still defend that.

    They don’t see a thing wrong with it.


    They’re either benefactors or they’re doing the same thing.

    ‘the whole truth’ is spot in.

    This whole shitshow was all orchestrated by the Miller klan out of spite and they’re gonna take everyone down with them.

    McClellan is of the same ilk as the Millers.

    Talk about lavish lifestyle! My God.

  14. McHellan?

    Guess who helped pay for her campaign a few years back

    Local 150.

    I bet ahe wants to be judge so she can pull a Chmiel for the Miller’s when his day comes to pay the piper

    Rotten RINO

  15. Gasser’s got this.

    Hanlon’s excellent and the detectives are tops.

    Gasser will prevail in this predictable tale.

    End of story.

    (Spoiler) Some of the ‘characters’ better get used to an 8×8 room.

  16. My name aint Karen and I sure as shit dont1 wear ladies panties so I know your not talking to me

  17. SEMPER, you sure played Stand4Crap like a dumb frickin’ fiddle!

    Some of us have suspected that Stand4Truth is Mary McClusterfluck,
    as she’s often referred as.

    She “can’t handle the truth” much less stand for it!

    Pass the popcorn as Hanlon and co. drain the swamp for good!

  18. Hanlon is lining his pockets.

    Going to court only makes the lawyers rich.

    Andrew will lose his supporters if he doesn’t make nice with both sides including the union.

    You have to eat crow to survive in the political area.

  19. I find it funny that all the Miller supporters are griping about how expensive this will be.

    Do you really think you can keep your boy safe by complaining about the cost?


    Rip his heart out, Andy.

  20. Number 1 you can’t FOIA someone’s personal emails prior to when they were in office.

    Number 2 any complaints for lack of compliance would be handled in the Attorney Generals office.

    Number 3 my guess is that the reason why Gasser and Lutzow are not free wheeling with the FOIAs is that Miller’s Minions are intentionally drowning them in them.

    If Miller’s Minions we’re really concerned about the Township they would leave Andrew and the crew alone to do the work and succeed or fail in their own merits.

  21. I never said I support the millers, I just don’t support Gasser or any other Elected official for that matter who took the oath and isn’t doing his/her job.

    Andrew can’t do this job and that’s why he keeps up with the attacks on the millers.
    At some point the residents will see this.
    I’m Flattered you think I’m your County Clerk Mary McClellan but I’m not.

    As for all those who think elected officials like gasser,tirio,Both(Karen and Joe) are doing a great job, I say This..
    They Haven’t done anything! and likely will never fulfill their commitment to the people of this community, instead attacking past administrations at the expense of taxpayers.

  22. Wow, we have our own little Hitlerys right here in McHenry County. The lying and kvetching will only get worse. You cannot corner rats and expect them not to fight to the death. Stay strong good people. The truth will set us all free.

  23. Cindy you seem to be the Hitlery of this blog and your lies and support of elected officials who use tax payer money for their own political gain is what I find disturbing. Yes the truth will set us free. Thanks Stand 4 for having the guts to stand up.

  24. When I said : Stand4truth, can you be more specific. or are you just blowing smoke?

    I was referring to the quantifiable part of your argument, not your raging bias or opinion.

    If you don’t think the lawyers were called in because of Miller to begin with, you’re lost.

    Be more specific on the road project on Crystal Lake Av.

  25. What the Hell are you talking about, I wouldnot? Where are my lies? Where did I support ANYONE? YOu must have me confused with your own reflection in the mirror.

  26. Cindy, Learn how to type correctly.
    Who Called them in Sweded?
    Enlighten us,LOL
    I think I was pretty clear on the location when I said ”
    his first road project over on Crystal Lake Avenue”
    Thanks Andrew for leaving Oil and sand on the unfinished roadway going into a Holiday weekend not to mention when I was leaving for work at 7:00am he had traffic backed up while he was spraying fresh oil, not very good at planning I see.

  27. stand4truth, you never said the words “I support the Millers”, but your responses make it very obvious.

    Your position can’t be anything more then personal, as you attack Gasser, and the Tirio’s only.

    Your argument doesn’t hold water, as a complaint against policy.

    “Haven’t done anything”?

    Who do you think you’re fooling?

    It’s clear you don’t have the best interest of our community in mind.

    You wouldn’t be defending alleged corruption if you did.

    Your statements are those of a bitter loser, whoever you are.

    Same old rant over, and over again, but nothing positive.

    If the only accomplishment Mr. Gasser can attribute to his elected term, is to unveil the *alleged* misuse of taxpayer monies?

    I say, “Well Done”.

    I know he won’t stop there though.

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen his style of commitment from our local elected officials.

    Same for the Tirio’s.

    Do you pay attention to our county government?

    What they’ve accomplished just so far, is so much more than others that have held seats for years.

    We all benefit from their diligence, and community commitment.


    ha ha, more like squat2lie.

  28. Wait until the latest news breaks open about Tomasello landscaping company and Miller!

    Apparently they landscaped Millers house and billed the township.

  29. Wasn’t talking to you stand4. There are NO typos in that post. What the Hell are you talking about!

  30. I think going directly to court with a Freedom of Information complaint is an alternative of appealing to the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor.

  31. Cal: Could you please indentify the attorney or firm the Union is using.

    This could provide some useful information.

  32. Oh, this is only the beginning of the rap on Millers and their complicit wanna-be crooks.

    This is out of Andrew Gasser’s hands now.

    Millers are probably kicking themselves for getting Union 150 in.

    That’s exactly what got lawyers & investigators involved.

    Miller and Crew screwed themselves at the last minute!

    MILLER-GATE should have every crook and elected wrong-doer in the county running for the hills and I don’t mean Lake in the __.

    If any complicit minions want immunity they better think about singing for a deal.

  33. Remember the death rattle of the miler apologists will increase as the graft and corruption evidence piles up.

    I have a feeling these apologists are looking to keep
    Themselves out of the storm that a federal investigation will no doubt bring.

    The detailed 150 negotiations and private email records of the millers will need to come out as 150 escalates against the taxpayers.

    Andrew is clearly a fighter and the corruption will be exposed.

    Eventually even the NW Herald will be forced to cover as 150 overplays their hand.

  34. Both Landon and Froggy are right.

    Too bad the culprits are morons and don’t understand any of what you said.

    They will go down big time just like all the liars and corrupt degenerates that are being exposed by truth.

  35. Gotta love that Stupid Criminals are…Stupid!

    Funny how things that seemed horrible at first, worked out for the best:

    *Union 150 involvement, brought forth Legal, then investigators.

    Great findings too!

    And they’re in no way done exposing Millers.

    *A lot of people were livid with Sheriff Prim for endorsing Miller.

    Now it’s all good!

    Our county sheriff can’t touch this.

    The big dogs needed to be called in and they’ll have no conflict in conviction.

    Stand4, those were the specifics I was asking for.


  36. MurmuringMutton, you’re right – Stand4Truth is more like Squat2Lie.

    Only Mary E. McClusterfnck herself would have the balls to say ‘Im flattered you think I’m her”.

    Anyone else would be grossly insulted by the association.

    Never assume these people read. They’re too busy spewing hate-filled Bullshit from their keyboards in a violent automatic reflex for self-preservation, after witnessing Millers empire beginning to fall.

    “Bad Boys Bad Girls, whatchya gonna do, whatchya gonna do when they come for you!”

    Gonna go watch some COPS bust some punks!!

  37. Shaw Media is less than stellar when it comes to local news.

    That’s why their distribution is so pitiful.

    They’re at the point where one more discount and they’ll be offering to pay us to take it!

  38. What press?

    Do you mean to tell me that you still trust your mainstream media?

    Do you not already know that everything and I do mean everything they have ever told you was a lie?

    Are you waiting for CNN or Fox to have this story on?

    You are dumber than a box of hammers if you still think anyone is going to “cover” this corruption.

    It is up to the common people to take their country back from the swamp.

    Get on board, Joek.

  39. Also why are non of the last Batch of trustees not being called out for not doing any of the home work
    Larry Melissa dan Russ
    I’m sure

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