Senate Passes 32% Income Tax Hike – Roll Call

Here’s the roll call, which passed 39-14:

Senate 32% income tax vote.  Photo credit Tina Sfondeles via Capitol Fax.

As you can see more clearly below, no local State Senator voted for the bill:

Senate roll call on the 32% income tax hike bill.

Senator Karen McConnaughay said,

“Senate just passed massive tax hike with concurrence of SB9. Disappointing.”


Senate Passes 32% Income Tax Hike – Roll Call — 5 Comments

  1. Picture on top looks like an old Monopoly picture. (I thought it was a graphic at first.)

  2. I want to say thank you to all the NO votes. we cant tax our way out of this mess.

  3. Rauner Vetoed it, and Illinois Senate will vote to override Rauner’s veto.

    If there was any doubt before that this was deliberate, we gave them a second chance and they screwed us again!

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