Republican Floor Leader Steve Andersson Saying He Will Vote for the 32% Income Tax Veto Override

Steve Andersson

The Daily Herald is reporting that second term State Rep. Steve Andersson is sticking to his decision to support the 32% income tax hike.

Having voted for the bill earlier this week, Andersson says he will support the veto override motion.

Every Republican vote allows Mike Madigan to give permission to a vulnerable Democrat to vote against the override.

That makes it that much harder to peel more votes from House Speaker Madigan’s majority…which is not a supermajority anymore.

Without a supermajority, Madigan needs GOP votes.

In fact, without the fifteen Republican votes, Madigan would not even have had a majority vote of 16 for his income tax hike bill.  Only 57 Democrats were forced to vote for the tax hike measure.


Republican Floor Leader Steve Andersson Saying He Will Vote for the 32% Income Tax Veto Override — 20 Comments

  1. What is the IQ of this rep?

    It doesn’t matter, the financial markets have it right on Illinois, to wit:

    Terrible News For Illinois: Moody’s Puts State On Review For Downgrade To Junk Despite Budget.

    The passage of Illinois’ budget, which is scheduled for tomorrow despite the veto of Gov. Rauner which was duly overriden on July 4, was supposed to be critical catalyst that saved the state from a downgrade to junk status by the rating agencies, a first in US history. Unfortunately, moments ago Moody’s said that the passage of the budget may have been too little too late, and moments ago the rating agency said that it had place the rating of Illinois’s Baa3 general obligation under review for possible downgrade, citing the state’s failure to fully enact timely budget for fiscal year that began July, and its failure to achieve broad political consensus on how to move toward balanced financial operations.

    A downgrade from Baa3, even by just one notch, means that Illinois would become the first US state rated junk, potentially forcing many muni bond managers to dump its bonds, and sending its costs of funding sharply higher despite a relief rally [4]that took place today on hopes the state’s day of reckoning had been pushed indefinitely into the future.

    In short: the scramble to pass a budget may have been for nothing.

    The full note from Moody’s is below:

    Moody’s Investors Service has placed the general obligation rating of the State of Illinois, currently Baa3, under review for possible downgrade following the state’s failure to fully enact a timely budget for the fiscal year that began July 1, and its failure to achieve broad political consensus on how to move toward balanced financial operations.

    The review also applies to several related state debt ratings: the Baa3 assigned to sales-tax backed Build Illinois bonds and the Ba1 ratings assigned to Illinois subject-to-appropriation bonds, the convention center bonds issued by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority and bonds issued under the state’s Civic Center program. Illinois has outstanding debt of about $32 billion, of which 82% is general obligation.

    The state’s government in recent days has made legislative progress towards a fiscal recovery plan based on permanent income tax rate increases, after going through two fiscal years without a complete budget in place. The decision to place the state’s ratings under review for downgrade incorporates our expectation that the legislature will implement revenue increases, overriding the governor’s vetoes. The review will provide a limited amount of time for the Illinois General Assembly to finish voting on the measures, and for assessment of the plan’s credit implications. The review process will also address the likelihood of further deterioration in Illinois’ most pressing credit challenges: its severely underfunded pensions and a backlog of unpaid bills, which has doubled during the past year.

    Despite the progress toward budget balance that the emerging fiscal plan embodies, the plan entails substantial implementation risk. The governor yesterday vetoed the plan’s revenue, spending and implementation legislation, citing a $2 billion current-year deficit and the plan’s failure to incorporate proposals in areas such as workers compensation insurance reform and caps on local property taxes. The plan’s approval relied almost entirely on Democratic party support in the state’s senate, and a vote to override the governor’s vetoes of the measures has been deferred by the state’s house of representatives. The plan therefore appears to lack broad bipartisan support, which may signal shortcomings in its effectiveness once implemented. In addition, the state’s baseline tax collections declined in fiscal 2017, suggesting that any tax increase may yield less revenue than anticipated in coming months.

    So far, the plan appears to lack concrete measures that will materially improve Illinois’ long-term capacity to address its unfunded pension liabilities. A June 30 order from a federal judge that the state accelerate payments owed to Medicaid managed care organizations and service providers cast doubt on the state’s immediate ability to keep up with its statutory pension contribution schedule while also meeting obligations for debt service, payroll and school funding.

    The state anticipates addressing its approximately $15 billion backlog of payments owed partly through a bond offering that probably will rank among the largest in the state’s history. This component of the state’s broader fiscal plan leaves Illinois not only dependent on market access to ease liquidity pressures, but also facing a significant increase in its tax-supported debt burden. Moreover, the effectiveness of the state’s strategy to contain and reduce its deferred bills, once the backlog-financing debt has been issued, remains to be seen.

  2. Give Steve a call, tell him of your displeasure with his voting with the Democrats.

    Or, if your happy to pay more taxes for nothing, tell him.

    Representative Steven A. Andersson (R)
    65th District

    Springfield Office:
    211-N Stratton Office Building
    Springfield, IL 62706
    (217) 782-5457
    District Office:
    127 S. 1st Street
    Suite 204
    Geneva, IL 60134
    (630) 457-5460
    Email: [email protected]

  3. Let the beast die… It will be 100% on the Democrats if it does die without Republicans interjecting their stupidity.

    From a purely partisan point of view all “Republicans” supporting this need to be primaried badly.

    From a pragmatic point of view we can all see how Republican leadership moves their pawns to make certain special interest money still flows to Republican coffers.

    The HRO and SRO have already committed to funding these pawns against their primary competitors.

    It was the payment for them falling on their sword for the Party bosses.

    We can only hope Moody’s won’t be bought off, as all Illinois politicians have been, and they will downgrade Illinois to save The People from the predators.

  4. Here are the 15 State House Republicans who voted yes for Senate Bill 9 on July 2, 2017.

    SB 9 contains the proposed State Income Tax Hike from 3.75% to 4.95%.

    State Representative – District Office – County of District Office

    Steve Andersson – Geneva – Kane County

    Terri Bryant – Murphysboro – Jackson County

    John Caveletto – Salem – Marion County

    CD Davidsmeyer – Jacksonville – Morgan County

    Mike Fortner – West Chicago – DuPage County

    Norine Hammond – Macomb – McDonough County

    David Harris – Mt. Prospect – Cook County

    Chad Hays – Danville – Vermilion County

    Sara Wojcicki Jimenez – Springfield – Sangamon County

    Charles Meier – Highland – Madison County

    Bill Mitchell – Decatur – Macon County

    Reginald Philips – Charleston – Coles County

    Robert Pritchard – Sycamore – DeKalb County

    David Reis – Olney – Richland County

    Michael Unes – Pekin – Tazewell County


    The Senate passed the bill on a concurrent vote on July 4th, approving the changes made by the House.

    Governor Rauner vetoed the bill on July 4th.

    The Senate over rode Governor Rauner’s veto on July 4th.

    Now the House is scheduled to vote on Thursday, July 6th in an attempt to over ride the Governors veto.

    If successful, the bill becomes law.

  5. Oh well, the stated tossed another $25 million in interest down the toilet today in pension interest.

    And a proposed method of dealing with $15 billion bill backlog is to issue bonds which means more bond interest down the toilet.

    The bond interest would be partially offset by not continuing to pay 9% – 12% interest (rate varies depending upon bill type) on past due bills, at interest rates largely self imposed by the state.

    Glaringly evident is the lack of serious spending reforms.

    How about some furloughs?

    Scale back benefits?

    Salary freezes?

    Convert pensions to 401K’s like the Federal Government did for most civil service workers in the early 1990’s?

    Reign in retiree healthcare?

    Little wonder Moody’s is concerned even if we pass a budget bill.

  6. At the very least, he should have kept his mouth shut about how he was going to vote on the override in order to force Madigan to lean on vulnerable Dems.

    He needs to lose his floor leader position now, and he needs to be taken out in the next primary.

  7. If he represents Sun City, those retirees backed the wrong pony.

    While those retirees have no dog in the State tax rate fight (given there is no State tax on pension), doctors and nurses are beyond disgusted at this increased exploitation.

    Being thrown under the bus again to pay for others’ incredible retirement benefits (while needing to fund their own retirements), and incredible health insurance benefits (while forced to pay for their own insurance) has medfical professionals palpably angry.

    Hey Sun City people, you care so little about your docs and nurses, what do you supposed they really think of YOU?

  8. You may telephone Mr Andersson at 630-457-5460 to voice your displeasure.

    Andersson has announced that he intends to vote against Gov Rauners veto thus supporting Speaker Madigan and the Democrats.

  9. He can also be reached at his law office, but he won’t answer….630-801-9699 x105, then you can leave a message for his legal assistant at the same # but x109.

  10. It’s all about the primaries.

    So who will stand up?

  11. I will do EVERYTHING I can do defeat this turncoat.

    He likely struck a deal with Madigan, the Devil in Springfield, that had to do with re-election.

    What a scumbag.

    He’s worse than that.

    He sold out to protect NIU…..a university situated near his district.

    NIU is in a dead crime-ridden rotting city that has had the university president resign in disgrace and the city going down the economic toilet.

    This Senator is going to end up like DeKalb… the TOILET of failure and disgrace.

    Flush, senator.

    Your career is similarly finished.

  12. CLM you are right.

    See if you can find out how much money the Educational Establishment and IEA donated to his run, he could be bought and paid for?

  13. Here are the names of the 15 Illinois Republicans who voted to raise your taxes. Contact them and tell them not to raise our taxes and not to override the Governor’s veto! We can defeat this Steve Andersson clown if we can get the others NOT TO OVERRIDE THE GOV’s VETO. Thank you!

    Steve Andersson
    [email protected]
    Phone: (217) 782-5457

    Terri Bryant
    [email protected]
    Phone: (217) 782-0387

    John Cavaletto
    Phone: (217) 782-0066

    CD Davidsmeyer
    [email protected]
    Phone: (217) 782-1840

    Mike Fortner
    Phone: (217) 782-1653
    [email protected]

    Phone: (217) 782-0416
    [email protected]

    David Harris
    Phone: (217) 782-3739
    [email protected]

    Chad Hays
    Phone: (217) 782-4811

    Sara Jimenez
    Phone: (217) 782-0044
    [email protected]

    Charles Meier
    Phone: (217) 782-6401
    [email protected]

    Christian Mitchell
    Phone: (217) 782-2023
    [email protected]

    Reginald Phillips
    Phone: (217) 558-1040

    Robert Pritchard
    Phone: (217) 782-0425
    [email protected]

    David Reis
    Phone: (217) 782-2087

    Michael Unes
    Phone: (217) 782-8152
    [email protected]

  14. Sellout.

    Get out of politics if you don’t have the “stones” to do the right thing.

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