Family PAC Calls for Republican Floor Leader Steve Andersson’s Resignation from Illinois House

A press release from Family PAC:

Family-PAC calls on Andersson to resign as assistant GOP minority leader and state representative

Freshman State Rep. Steve Andersson took the podium at this press conference during his first-term. He is now in his second term.

Paul Caprio, director of Family-PAC, today called on Steve Andersson​ (district 65) to resign as assistant GOP minority leader and his seat as state representative effective immediately.

Said Caprio,

“Andersson has betrayed not only the negotiating position of the house GOP caucus to achieve needed budget reforms, but has also betrayed the voters of his district who he falsely claims to be representing by supporting a 32 percent tax increase without any needed reform.”

“Steve Andersson is the 21st century Benedict Arnold of the Illinois GOP. “

Family-PAC has been making calls into key GOP legislative districts to support Governor Rauner’s veto of the tax increase.

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Meanwhile, Andersson made the Chicago Tribune story on the 32% income tax hike:

Andersson said he felt the vote was the responsible thing to do, evidenced by the fact that ratings agencies haven’t yet issued a downgrade.

“They have affirmed that this was the right vote to take,” he said.

So even if though (people) are outraged now, the reality is if we had not done what we did, the end game would have been worse and it would have been decades–decades–of recovery.”


Family PAC Calls for Republican Floor Leader Steve Andersson’s Resignation from Illinois House — 34 Comments

  1. Steve stated:: So even if though (people) are outraged now, the reality is if we had not done what we did, the end game would have been worse and it would have been decades–decades–of recovery.”

    Illinois is way past the fixing point Steve.

    Who will be left to pay the taxes one wonders?

    All the TAKERS.

    Good luck with that.

    A zero sum game.

    All you need to do is take a drive up into the Pleasant Prairie – Kenosha area and look at just the tip of what this once great state has lost.

  2. Thank you Family PAC, hold a press conference before the 1:30 Vote time this afternoon.

  3. “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”


    “The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.”

    Albert Einstein

    It’s RINOs boys and girls. It’s the scum on the top of the swamp pretending to be pristine Republican Lilies. They have infected our Republic at every level and must torn from the soil of our State both root and vine alike.

  4. Thanks to Cecile’s post elsewhere.

    Steve Andersson

    Phone: (217) 782-5457

    Tell him to resign now.

    Then go to Cecile’s post and hit the other fourteen nitwits with an email or a call.

  5. LOL – Family PAC.

    They claim to only work on social issues, and now they’re doing budget advocacy?

    Paul Caprio couldn’t tell you one thing about the budget.

  6. Also… I would like to see what specific cuts Caprio would support to get us an additional $5 billion in savings.

    Specifics, please.

  7. Have recently spoken to several docs, nurses, and a dentist (also a UPS driver, who feels like what’s the use of working, better to get a shack somewhere) about this additional tax burden which will be borne by working men and women in order to fund the multi-million dollar present-valued annuity entitlements and free-to-recipient platinum health insurance premiums paid by taxpayers for life of teachers and administrators, and other State employees.

    Medical people are livid with rage and disgust.

    Medical professionals have to fund their own retirements. (Matching funds by employers to 401-k’s are limited).

    For Doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals, Social Security 6% of pay contributions are mandatory, and return a fraction of what the 1% of pay Woodstock Illinois Teachers contribute to TRS (taxpayers contribute another 8%).

    Social Security payments to retired nurses making commensurate pay as teachers are below 25% what teachers get (after nurses have contributed more of pay(6% vs. 1%), for more years (retirement 62 instead of 52), and working roughly twice the hours, and paying for their own health insurance premiums).

    When and if medical professionals can retire…and teachers in McHenry County typically retire in early 50’s, whereas Social Security doesn’t start for nurses doctors dentists and others until above age 62… the present value of an annuity which would pay teachers’ pension-spiked salary+COLA+OPEB health insurance premiums is multi-millions of dollars.

    THAT is what medical professionals have to save by early 50’s to have a comparable retirement to those State employees in Illinois who now demand a 32% increase in State tax on doctors, nurses, dentists, and other highly educated fellow citizens of Illinois.

    (And we didn’t even dwell on free Masters degrees courtesy of taxpayers, 180 day-years/8 hour-max-days by contract, stipends…)

    Next time you Illinois legislators and teachers and administrators see a medical professional, ask yourself if they really think as highly of you as you think they do.

    Ask yourself, if you were in their position, would you stick around Illinois for more of the same with worse yet to come?

  8. TO: (Illinois legislators, AARP constituents, etc)

    SUBJECT: Medical professionals enraged at your vote

    Elderly retirees who backed you picked the wrong pony.

    While retirees think they have no dog in the State tax rate fight (given there is no State tax on pension), doctors and nurses are beyond disgusted at this increased burden. Retirees may come to regret having so little regard for their docs, nurses, and dentists.

    Being thrown under the (school) bus, again, to pay for others’ incredible retirement benefits (while needing to fund their own retirements), and incredible health insurance benefits (while required to pay for their own insurance) has medical professionals palpably angry.

    Senior constituents of this “representative “, you care so little about your docs and nurses, what do you suppose they really think of YOU?

    (name, contact info)

  9. They are only about family values…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. The biggest fiscal problem is pensions.

    We need pension reform.

    The pension sentence added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970 doesn’t allow scaling back hiked benefits to current employees and retirees.

    The unions refused to negotiate pension reform.

    So what is the solution.

    Currently, the only solution is to move out of this state.

    This state is completely out of control financially with no end in sight, and has been for decades.

    Currently taxpayers are accruing $25 million per day ($9 billion per year) interest on the unfunded liability for the 5 state pension systems (TRS, SERS, SURS, GARS, JRS).

    That is RIDICULOUS.

    If pensions were 100% funded, there would be zero interest because there would not be an unfunded liability.

    So taxpayers are racking up $9 billion per year in interest and in exchange receiving nothing.

    There are no services provided when one pays interest.

    Just financing decades of benefit hikes and mismanagement.

    The interest is buried in the unfunded liability and amortized to bring the pensions to 90% (not 100%) funded by June 30, 2045 as per PA 88-0593 (Edgar) & PA 94-0004 (Blagojevich).

  11. So where do we cut in the current budget?

    The Rauner solutions is to demand that Madigan pass more reforms in exchange for a tax hike.

    The Madigan solution is endless tax hikes with minimal reforms.

  12. Move out of the state already.

    Many of you keep whining about it, just DO IT!!

  13. Even if the budget is approved, the $25 million per day ($9 billion per year) in pension interest on the 5 state pension funds continues to accrue.

    The unfunded liability and thus the interest owed on the unfunded liability has been growing for a long time and will continue to grow for years to come.

    The FY 2018 (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018) state budget being considered does not address how to stop accruing interest on the unfunded pension liability.

  14. Moving out of Illinois involves surrendering the past two decades’ lost home value to the arsonists who burned them down.

    Another solution is to stay, and strive to generate no State-taxable income, unless it is a State job (teacher, administrator, or government work).

    Boycott local businesses: spend as little money in Illinois as possible while surviving in your homestead.

    If possible, plow under homes and revert land to farmsteads to avoid Illinois’ obscene property taxation rates.

    EVERYONE: Apply for State jobs: in schools especially.

    Keep meticulous records about who is hired instead of you, and whether she who is hired has some personal or economic connection to those within the hiring organization.

    Vigorously civilly prosecute instances of patronage hiring of less qualified applicants.

    Defend yourself the only way you can: stop earning taxable income, and let your taxable property deteriorate in assess-able value.

  15. It is now evident the “temporary” state personal income tax hike from 3% to 5% that was in effect from January 1, 2011 though December 31, 2014 was never meant to be temporary.

    The 3.75% from January 1, 2015 to current is not sufficient without reforms, tax hikes, or some combination thereof.

    If the state personal income tax is permanently hiked from 3.75% to 4.95% in SB 9 in the 100th General Assembly, that won’t be nearly enough revenue to solve the state’s problems.

    Bruce Rauner has been the only Governor willing to take on Michael Madigan.

    Michael Madigan has responded with booby traps and land mines.

  16. The House overrode the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 9 in the 100th General Assembly.

    The personal income tax hike from 3.75% to 4.95% will now become law.

  17. The ten House Republicans who voted yes on SB 9 today to override the Governor’s veto, resulting in a permanent hike of the personal income tax rate from 3.75 to 4.95% follow:

    Steve Andersson – Geneva office – Kane County

    Terri Bryant – Murphysboro – Jackson County

    Mike Fortner – West Chicago – DuPage County

    Norine Hammond – Macomb – McDonough County

    David Harris – Mt. Prospect – Cook County

    Chad Hays – Danville – Vermilion County

    Sara Wojcicki Jimenez – Springfield – Sangamon County

    Bill Mitchell – Decatur – Macon County

    Reginald Philips – Charleston – Coles County

    Michael Unes – Pekin – Tazewell County


    If one of those ten House Republicans had voted no, the tax hike would have failed.

    The roll call was 71 Yeas, 42 Nays, 0 Present, and 5 Excused Absences.


    The five House Republicans who voted yes on July 2nd to pass SB 9, but did not vote yes today, are:

    John Caveletto – Salem – Marion County – voted no today

    CD Davidsmeyer – Jacksonville – Morgan County – voted no today

    Charles Meier – Highland – Madison County – voted no today

    Robert Pritchard – Sycamore – DeKalb County – excused absence today

    David Reis – Olney – Richland County – voted no today.


    The House currently has 67 Democrats and 51 Republicans.


    The 10 Republicans voting yes allowed 6 Democrats to vote no.


    The six Democrats voting no:

    John Connor – Romeoville – Will County (recently appointed to appointed to replace Emily McAsey).

    Jerry Costello II – Red Bud – Randolph County

    Marty Moylan – Des Plaines – Cook County

    Michelle Mussman – Schaumburg – Cook County

    Katie Stuart – Collinsville – Madison County

    Sam Yingling – Hainesville – Lake County


    Not sure if any of those six waited until the last minute to vote, or switched their vote.

    That would be evident if there’s a video of the roll call.


    So many big Madigan victories today:

    1) Tax hike passed.

    2) Some Democrats were able to vote against the tax hike, providing political cover to get re-elected.

    3) Some Republicans voted for the tax hike, so Republicans will spend time and money fighting among themselves that would otherwise be spent focusing on Democrats.

  18. Susan, I am SO GLAD that you and your ludicrous brand of politics/economics was rejected by my fellow voters and you’re not sitting on the school board.

    You and your fellow anti-taxers should move to Kansas where it’s working out really well…

  19. We must do everything we can to convince my McHenry county compassionate conservative brothers and sisters to stay in our great state, the “Land of Lincoln.” Losing these brilliant minds and golden hearts is a luxury we cannot afford. How about emulating Arkansas and Oklahoma and placing a monument of the Ten Commandments in front of our State Capitol? Obviously, written in ancient Hebrew to make it more authentic. Beware of crazy dudes losing control of their cars though…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  20. If only this state had done the right thing and elected our sunshine blogger our governor back in 2002. The fundamental question remains: What were we thinking? Our license plates would read: “Illinois, the land of free lunch.” 2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. I think it will be – Illinois, land of totally free Healthcare and benefits for undocumented workers.

  22. Thank a taxpayer and a payer of super high health premiums today. Tic to that.

  23. If “Family PAC” were more than one guy who also runs a for-profit campaign management firm, then maybe Steve Andersson should worry.


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