Records Delivered to Algonquin Township Clerk — 11 Comments

  1. …OHHHH you meant THOSE records…

    (Is it too late to blame the Russians?)

  2. I’m sure Ann May would. BE more then happy to help sort through what they have created

  3. I wondering how long it will take for them to mysteriously “disappear” ?

  4. The word around the block is what she really wanted was access to all the different offices.

    Instead, she got all the records delivered.

    Pretty damn smart.

    Id believe I won the Nigerian lottery before a word outta her mouth.

  5. All records should be accessible to the officials in their new rolls.

    I’m glad she got the files she wanted.

    I hope Andrew gets the files/records he has requested and I hope we can put all questions to rest and move on with the business of the people of Alg. Twnshp.

  6. Michael Caldwell is a DOLT.

    I’m no fan of the Millers, but buffoons who hold the “robe” like Michael Caldwell are a laughingstock to an already corrupt and fraudulent legal justice system.

    Where is Jim Comey when you need his lying fraudulent defense of our legal justice system?

  7. Cal, post the motion. We have have people talking about “word around the block”. We need to know the facts to make an educated decision

  8. We are so sorry for such a tremendous loss for all of the Miller family.

    We are praying for strength and grace to outweigh any sorrow during this time.

    We love you and know that the Lord will keep you in his hands.

    Tara Stacks

    November 07, 2016 | Bismarck, AR

  9. Hey, that quilt in the first picture!!!!

    That’s mine!

    Somebody stole it from my clothes line in 1999.

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