Tribune Puts Target on Steve Andersson’s Back

Mike Madigan thanks Republican Steve Anderson for voting for Madigan’s tax hike bill.

Anyone who thinks that the front page photo of Mike Madigan’s shaking hands with Republican State Rep. Steve Andersson after Andersson provided the deciding vote for the Democrats’ 32% income tax hike is living in la-la land.

It takes 71 votes to override a gubernatorial veto.

The veto was overridden by exactly that margin.

Now Andersson’s vote can be characterized as “the deciding vote.”

So can the vote of every other legislator who voted in favor of the bill, of course, but campaign hit pieces never add such an explanation.

Before Andersson cast his vote, he made it clear which way he would go.

The result was that opposition candidates were being sought before Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto was defeated.

Look for a lively Republican Primary Election in the State Rep. district that has the least amount of population in McHenry County, largely Sun City.


Tribune Puts Target on Steve Andersson’s Back — 35 Comments

  1. Like Questioning said elsewhere, “What do they have on this chump?”

    He doesn’t look very comfortable in this photo.

    I think he is sweating like a pig over what they told him he must do.

  2. No – Steve Andersson put the target on his own back, NOT the Libune.

    Can a state rep. be recalled ?

    He MUST share responsibility for driving more residents and businesses out of Illinois.

  3. I don’t think you’re catching the drift, Honest.

    (And Hastert put the target on his own back, also.)

  4. See that guy looking over his glasses? It’s an undercover agent from this sunshine blog sending information to our privileged McHenry county readers before anyone else finds out. Thank you sunshine blogger for keeping us informed. Any free lunch today? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. From a Republican strategy perspective, the biggest problem with yesterdays vote on the Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) Revenue Bill in the 100the General Assembly, which included the personal state income tax hike, is the House Republicans failed to work together as a team.

    At the very least, the House Republicans should have forced every single House Democrat to vote yes for the bill.

    There are 67 Democrats in the State House.

    71 votes in the House are required for the House to overturn a Governor veto.

    So a maximum of 4 House Republicans should have voted yes.

    Thus a better Republican strategy would have been, any House Republicans wanting to vote yes, go huddle up, and decide which 4 will vote yes (or whatever method one wants to use).

    Instead 10 Republicans voted yes, 6 more than was required to over turn the Governor’s veto.

    That allowed 6 Democrats to vote no, which is exactly what happened.

    It would be interesting to see a video of the roll call to see who voted at the last second and who, if anyone, switched their vote.


    The ten House Republicans who voted Yes:

    Steve Andersson – Geneva office – Kane County

    Terri Bryant – Murphysboro – Jackson County

    Mike Fortner – West Chicago – DuPage County

    Norine Hammond – Macomb – McDonough County

    David Harris – Mt. Prospect – Cook County

    Chad Hays – Danville – Vermilion County

    Sara Wojcocki Jimenez – Springfield – Sangamon County

    Bill Mitchell – Decatur – Macon County

    Reginald Philips – Charleston – Coles County

    Michael Unes – Pekin – Tazewell County


    The six House Democrats who voted no:

    John Connor – Romeoville – Will County

    Jerry Costello II – Red Bud – Randolph County

    Marty Moylan – Des Plaines – Cook County

    Michelle Mussman – Schaumburg – Cook County

    Katie Stuart – Collinsville – Madison County

    Sam Yingling – Hainesville – Lake County

  6. I’m curious to know the amount of republicans who voted no, then 5 minutes later switched to yes, 15 minutes later switched again, 30 minutes later secretly switched to present and are now regretting being in the general assembly after all. 2018, is that you knocking at the door? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. All McHenry County Republicans voted yes.

    If “Republican” Jeffery Lichte had won the March 2016 Republican primary election for the 63rd State House District, a Democrat would currently be representing that District in McHenry County.

  8. I’m just one more tax paying citizen of IL getting closer to fleeing the state for better pastures.

    Could be as early as August… fingers crossed…

  9. Dear compassionate conservative brothers and sisters: For God’s sake (the judeo-christian God, the only real one, not the terrorist one), please do not leave our great land of Lincoln. We need you here more than ever posting ridiculous complaints about how terrible your life is because of democrats, immigrants, and labor unions. McHenry county in general, and this wonderful sunshine blog in particular, would suffer tremendously with such a loss. On the other hand, see that sign over there? It takes you to the interstate highway and from there the sky is the limit. Just saying…2018, over here please…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Another day, another $25 million state pension interest flushed down the toilet.

    The $25 million is daily interest, 365 days a year, on the unfunded liability of the 5 state pension funds (TRS, SERS, SURS, GARS, JRS).

    The 2017 state income tax hike is estimated to bring in $5B annually.

    If every penny of the tax hike went to state pensions, the state would still accrue $4B interest on the state pensions in 2017, since the state is accruing $9B in state pension interest annually.

    Keep your wallets open tax payers for the next Illinois tax hiking revenue scheme.

    The state needs a lot more money.

  11. Okay, this was a bad loss for citizens.

    But done is done, so let’s put on our big boy pants and figure out what we can do now.

    Maybe the decks are cleared for a property tax freeze?

  12. The picture of Andersson and Madigan together reminds me of how Althoff and Barb Wheeler were also ‘joined at the hip’ with the “round mound” when he was in Springfield.

    Now the “round mound” is dictating to the McHenry County Board and Althoff is rumored to ATTEMPT to become ‘joined at the hip’ with him at the County.

    Wake up voters!!

    You created the problem!!

    Now you can either be a total coward and not face up to your responsibility by fleeing the state or you can step forward and help some of us work on a solution to this problem!!

    Pass right to work – repeal the Constitutional pension guarantee – eliminate Prevailing wage laws – elect honest conservatives!

    Why did Rauner not DEMAND the support of ALL Republicans in the House?

  13. Each of the general merchandise sales tax hikes were sub-categorized as one of the following types:

    – business district

    – home rule

    – non home rule

    – county school facilities tax (aka county school tax). Permissible uses include bond debt service, life safety building upgrades, and more.

    – county public safety tax


    Won’t see that level of detail on your sales tax receipt.

    In many areas, the local portion of the sales tax has a few sub components.

    Thus as one shops in different business districts, municipalities, and counties, the sales tax varies for a variety of reasons.

  14. Here’s a look at the 6 Democrats that voted no on Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) in the 100th General Assembly.

    That’s the permanent personal income tax hike from 3.75% to 4.95% that became law on July 7, 2017.

    If only 4 Republicans had voted yes, none of these Democrats would have been able to vote no AND pass the bill.


    State Representative – Municipality of District Office – County of District Office

    John Connor – Romeoville – Will County

    He was appointed in June 2017 to replace Emily McAsey.

    As a newly appointed State Representative on June 24, 2017 to replace Emily McAsey, voting to hike state income taxes would have been a key campaign issue during the November 2018 general election.


    Jerry Costello II – Red Bud – Randolph County

    The Illinois Republican Party included Jerry Costello on the Boss Madigan website.

    Mr. Costello was appointed July 19, 2011 to replace Dan Reitz.

    His father, a US Congressman at the time, was in office through January 3, 2013.

  15. Mary Moylan – Des Plaines – Cook County

    The Illinois Republican Party included Marty Moylan on the Boss Madigan website.

    A commenter on the CapitolFax website noted that Mr. Connor and Mr. Moylan voted no after the deciding 71st vote was reached.

    Mr. Moylan was first elected in November 2012, taking office in January 2013.

    He is a former Des Plaines Mayor & alderman, and an IBEW Local 134 union member.

    In a September 7, 2016 article, Chicago political analyst Russ Stewart declared the 55th district leans Republican and carried Bruce Rauner in 2014.

  16. Michelle Mussman – Schaumburg – Cook County

    The Illinois Republican Party included Michelle Mussman on the boss Madigan website.

    Ms. Mussman was first elected November 2010, taking office in January 2011.

    She is a former President and Treasurer of a PTA, and her husband is a teacher.

    The same commenter on CapitolFax noted that Ms. Mussman switched her vote to no before voting ended.

  17. Katie Stuart – Collinsville – Madison County

    The Illinois Republican Party included Katie Stuart on the Boss Madigan website.

    Ms. Stuart was first elected November 2016, taking office in January 2017.

    As a rookie State Representative, similar to Mr. Connor, a vote to hike taxes would have been a significant mark on her record during a 2018 re-election campaign.

    She is a former elementary, high school, and university math teacher.

    Perhaps she can provide a math lesson on percentage increase to Emanuel Chris Welch.

  18. Sam Yingling – Round Lake Beach – Lake County

    The Illinois Republican Party included Sam Yingling on the Boss Madigan website.

    Mr. Yingling was first elected November 2012, taking office in January 2013.

    He is the former Supervisor of Avon Township.

    The 62nd District includes portions of Round Lake Beach, Round Lake, Grayslake, and Wauconda.

  19. Bottom line, the House Republicans allowed five House Democrats to vote no that were featured on the Boss Madigan website, and the sixth House Democrat that voted no was newly appointed and had not yet been in office two weeks.

  20. And you still believe they are not playing games?

    It’s all rigged.

    All the time.

    IT’s bread and circuses to keep you from looking at what they are really doing.

    In the meantime they get to keep robbing you.

  21. Questioning, maybe he thought, as we all thought, ‘what Republican wouldn’t vote in the best interest of its constituents and support their Republican Governor?’

    His first mistake was trusting them as fellow Republicans.

    We know what to expect of Dems (nothing, and/or only the worst).

    It’s hard to be a bonafide Republican because you’re in a battle without being able to recognize your enemy.

  22. How about the Mystery Machine? It is perfectly fit to bus as many compassionate conservative sunshine commenters as possible…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  23. When I see Llavona’s name on posts … I skip them!

    So, in effect, I’m just like so many of his former pupils’ attitudes toward his high school ‘classes’!

  24. Llavona is a professional, narcissistic caitiff.

    The ex-parishioner, Angel Llavona, filed a defamation lawsuit Monday claiming the events at St. Thomas the Apostle Church caused him emotional distress that forced him to leave the Roman Catholic parish.

    The dispute started about a year ago, when Llavona left a message for the Rev. Luis Alfredo Rios complaining about a sermon he had given, the lawsuit said.

    “I attended Mass on Sunday and I have seen poor homilies, but yesterday broke all records,” Llavona said.

    The lawsuit says Llavona, a high school teacher who helped out with the church’s religious education program, tried to meet with Rios

    .But when the meeting fell apart because of Llavona’s hairdresser apointment, he left another, rather queer and disjointed complaint on the priest’s answering machine.

    Llavona said on Oct. 1, 2006, Rios “dared” to play his voice messages for the entire congregation.

    Then, according to the lawsuit, Rios said: “This is the person in charge of religious education here last year. That’s why it is no surprise to me we had the kind of religious education we had. That’s why we didn’t get altar boys. What should we do, should we send him to hell or to another parish?”

    Llavona is seeking at least $50,000 in damages.

  25. Is there a doctor in the room?

    A mental health professional I mean. See a teacher? Thank a teacher! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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