The Algonquin Township Road District’s Sign Shop — 6 Comments

  1. For what possible purpose does this serve?

    Is it common for highway departments to have sign shops? Mind blowing waste!

  2. Yes it is common for many Public works to have sign machines, it speeds up replacement and saves money in the long run.

    Cary and FRG use AT machines also, sharing saves us all.

  3. Looks like a couple of “desks”, a wastbacket, a file cabinet, a printer, and a chair.

    What is really going on here?

  4. Just the facts Herb.

    It’s kind of said how ignorant people are of what they ask for to do the job.

    When Cal, Bob Anderson, or any of the anti townships crew that states numbers and related fact about abolishing them I’ll be listening.

    Till then have fun blowing hot air.

  5. Actually there is a vinyl cutter in the back left of the picture and in the front left there is a vinyl roller used to apply vinyl to different types of materials.

    Buying pre made signs is very expensive much cheaper to make your own.

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