Algonquin Township Meeting Tonight at 7

The monthly meeting of the Algonquin Township Board will be held tonight starting at 7.

Last month the room was packed.

Standing room only.

Andrew Gasser about to give his June report to the Algonquin Township Board.

I emailed Township Clerk Karen Lukasik asking if an agenda packet had been posted or, if not, if she intended to post one in the future.

McHenry County College and the McHenry County Board do that.

That allows ordinary folks to look at what board members are seeing, rather than just sitting in the dark, so to speak.

All I could find was an agenda.

Lukasik replied with the following sent to Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow and Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser:


The creation of the agenda is not part of my job nor are the bills contained in the packet nor is creating the packet.

If you would like the entire packet placed online then you need to let me know so that I can see to it being done.

I placed the agenda online this time since it had not been done at close of business and is on my page.

If you want the entire packets on there you need to make that decision.

I replied,

Sure hope you folks decide to post an agenda packet so that the public can see what the Township Board sees when it makes its decisions.

I would note that McHenry County College and the McHenry County Board does so.


Algonquin Township Meeting Tonight at 7 — 13 Comments

  1. So what big project are you working on, that we may be taking you away from? Facebook postings, new screensaver photo from your last vacation?

    Government workers are laughable!

  2. Good or bad all the want is attention.

    Must have had a rough childhood.

  3. Basic board transparency includes a board agenda packet, that is searchable (allows the use of the find feature in adobe) and allows copy from the agenda packet pdf, and paste to another document.

  4. Any time I had an employee tell me something “was not their job,” I politely referred them to the “performs additional duties as requested” clause in EVERY job description my company maintained.

  5. LOL DJ. If it’s not her job why is she telling Cal to ask for it and she will see to it? (Whateer happend to that Hispanic comedian that said, “S’not my job, mon!”? It does look a little like him, Truth2.

  6. Posted on her page? Shouldn’t it be posted on the township page? Not the Clerk’s job? Whose job would it be? Too many questions, and no answers.

  7. The Supervisor runs the meeting it should be his job.

    If anybody has the link to the meeting share please.

  8. Witchy Poo-Dominique Miller looks like she rethining the whole hate Andrew thing.

    She’s sizing him up and looking like she thinks he’s her next boyfriend (victim)

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