The Algonquin Township Road District Storage Units

In the back of the Algonquin Township Road District property is a row of storage units.

You can see them below:

Storage unit labels: Rotary & Cary Chamber, Electronic Recycling and Cary Lions.

Storage unit labels: Scouts, Veterans Network, Neighborhood Life – Sleigh.

Storage unit labels: Am Vets and Lions Club.

Storage unit labels: Historical Society, Alg Twp Garage, Am Vets.


The Algonquin Township Road District Storage Units — 23 Comments

  1. Bob always did help the entire community, what’s your point, Cal?

    Why not talk about 70,000 in legal bills to be approved tonight due to the desire to get even.

  2. Doodie, who is responsible for the legal fees?

    I guess you’ll also blame the victim for wearing a short skirt?

    The former commissioner trying to protect patronage hires by entering into a rushed contract without public or board input is the issue.

    But then again we know you know this unless your freebies were also taken away so your blinded by self interest.

  3. What Doodie means when he says “Bob helps the entire community” is Bobs entire family.

  4. Do all those storage units not take away business from the U-Haul storage center and others?

    Were they designed to garner political patronage?

  5. I didn’t know that providing storage units for community groups was part of a highway commissioner’s job description.

    Aren’t the tax dollars that the road district collects supposed to be used for building and maintaining roads?

  6. Township Santa Claus at work …..

    Why not, it’s somebody else’s money!

    Whemn The McHenry TransGenendered Network Network; Democrats for Global Change; La Raza; and Progressive Lifestyles LLC want their storage space they shan’t be denied ……

    just another ‘service’ provided by townships to justify their existence!

  7. Let’s be very very clear…. “Bob” using Township assets in Trout Valley or for these worhy community groups or removing snow from a handicapped persons drive never once helped anyone….

    The Algonquin Township Taxpayer had THEIR assets fraudulently coopted for private use.

    Well intentioned and public service oriented though it may be, Bob’s intent to serve aside, if the Taxpayer didn’t sign off on all these adventures with Taxpayer assets then they have been defrauded.

  8. This is one of the many great services that has been provided to local organizations over the years.

    It’s great that the township has let these organizations use these storage units so they don’t have to pay for storage.

    It gives them less overhead so they can continue to support the local community.

    The people in these organizations are also taxpayers…

    I hope Andrew keeps this going.

  9. Here’s the problem with that line of logic.:

    ALL Local ‘organizations’ then should be able to access the same free amenities, without a single politically motivated source choosing which organization is meritorious.

    Every single NFP org. in the Township, plus all business groups, civic groups, and anybody else who wants one, should have equal access to free storage at Township expense.

    Then, no for-profit businesses’ models make sense; all future economic endeavors will only be formed as ‘Not-For-Profits’ (see Lakewood Sportsplex history as an example).

    Then, no for-profit business model makes sense to provide self-storage, because they cannot compete with ‘free’ government provided services.

    Then, citizens start to notice property tax bills going up, and if they complain, they are attacked as being “Anti-(whatever “Charity”).

    Meanwhile, soft-dollar benefits accrues, politically and economically, to the titular “Lady Bountiful’ who is passing out the free goodies…in this case, a Township Department Supervisor.
    Love, votes, free lunches, business steered to recommended ‘friends’, contributions to recommended recipients…

    If Rose can solve this conundrum I am ready to listen.

  10. Amazing how all of you became pro’s within the past couple months.

    Perhaps that why you guys brought in Andrew.

    None of this had been an issue for the past X amount of years, yet all of this was sitting there in front of you all.

  11. Please do not bring the “free lunch” issue to this post. Our sunshine blogger is in charge of that. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. Isn’t Dave Miller on the board for both the Rotary club and the chamber?

  13. Can I store my boat free there like the several already there?

    Where is my free stuff??

  14. Llavona: Your inane antics only prove your gross stupidity and reconfirm everybody’d belief that most public school teachers are dolts.

  15. Remember, here in the sunshine blog we persevere in our journey to a day with universal privatization, no taxes, and balance budgets; in the meantime, we value education and express our full support for our public school teachers…sort of…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. BorninCG , it’s been a bone of contention for taxpayers for some time.

    Now we hopefully have someone in there who sees the error of charity on the taxpayers and buying votes using tax dollars.

    You and Rose should both realize that this is stealing.

  17. It’s funny how often “it’s been going on for so long” is wielded as a defense instead of the accusation it should be.

    Wrong is wrong.

    I can’t believe in this time of austerity, so many shrug their shoulders at these exprnses!!

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